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Alumni and mentors of the Zamboanga del Norte National High School (formerly Zamboanga del Norte Provincial High School} in Dipolog City, Philippines converged at the Lone Tree Manor Banquet Hall, February 13, 2009 for their annual get together party and fund raising campaign. The pre Valentine event was attended by more than 300 alumni and guests. The most prominent  are of course Dr. Marrieta Luayon-Pacana who organized and spearheaded the event, Evelyn Barrera the overall coordinator, Bernie Azcuna, and Wilma Darcera. Mr. Hamjan Usman who did the tickets and invitations artistic and graphic designs.  Also present were Dr. Claude Adriatico, Soling Kwan Anderson, Cyd Adriatico Fernandez, The Darcera Bros, Desiree Ladera-Lee etc. . To sum it all the event was a very successful and  dancing lasted through the night accompanied by the Ladies Choice Band. Proceeds of the event will be donated to their beloved alma mater.


Dr. Marrieta Luayon-Pacana

The organizational group at the reception

Atty. Rolliette Eguia-Aves

Egui and Bebot Cunanan

Karla and Mom Vivian Celicious Lumanta

Mr. & Mrs Mike Yraola

Elvie Cagbabanua-Rudas

ZNNHS former faculties


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