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San Isidro Labrador

Polanco Association in Illinois (POLASIL) sponsored the annual fiesta celebration of San Isidro Labrador the patron saint of the Municipality of Polanco in the Philippines in Illinois a parallel celebration.

Polanqueños trek to Golf Mill Park, in Des Plaines, Illinois  Sunday May 17, 2009 to celebrate just that. The event started with mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Alan Lastimosa of Cebu, followed by a serving of lechon and other Filipino foods and delights reminiscing to a fiesta atmosphere as it is celebrated in Polanco, Philippines.

Thanks to the intiative of POLASIL President Ermie Repaja Nalzaro and other officials, to Alan and Marivic Carreon and the generous donation of Aida & Leo Teaño (knee Ombalino) to make the event a success.

Ermie Naslzaro mread the fisrt gospel
Ted Regencia reads the petitions and second reading

Rev. Fr. Alan Lastimosa

Rev. Fr. Alan Lastimosa

Vivian Agias and Bernadette Lariosa

Ted Regencia
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