Mike and Beth Yraola infront of their Mercedes Benz ML 500 SUV

Mike and Beth recently celebrated their silver wedding anniversary with a bang and now they did it again. This time its Mike's 50th birthday celebrated with a blast. On to Little Quiapo Restaurant located at north suburban Lincolnwood, Illinois. Filipino cuisine was served to include Filipino style egg roll, the ever popular pancit bijon etc. For desert, one of them is binignit (its a contraption of plantain, taro root, cassava, etc cook in a brine of coconut milk and sugar - I tell you its lami kaayo.) Sweet wine was also served at each table. A video of their silver wedding anniversary was shown at the plasma screen of the hall.  As usual old friends and dipolognons was in attendance dancing to their hearts delight.

Ellor and Rollette together with Letty Rodriguez

Thats Rollette and Ellor and the old Filipino favorite dish -Lechon


Ellor with Hazel and Mabel Sanchez - granddaughters of Mike and Beth

Ruding Bonjoc with Mike
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