Post Script: Cita Orbecido Bajamunde

My dearest friends, relatives, and family,

The Gospel of John
Chapter 3: 15-17
“Everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life.”

Praised be Jesus and Mary!!!

My heartfelt thanks for your most sincere support during my most difficult times. I can not express enough how fortunate and blessed I am for the endless and unconditional gestures of love, support and kindness you bestowed upon me and to my entire family. You have made our struggles easy to bear through the endless prayers you offered for me and my family. All of these I will forever treasure.

On Thursday, October 29, two thousand and nine, at nine forty five in the evening, God has carried me to an everlasting resting place.

It is a miracle that during my last moments, I was surrounded with all of my loving family at Zamboanga del Norte Cooperative Hospital, Turno, Dipolog City. Our heavenly Father has guided and safely gathered all of my family together to be with me and on my bedside during the last few days God has blessed me with. I have peacefully departed praying the holy rosary which coincides the celebration of the month of the Holy Rosary.

I have lived my life fully in Jesus name, with no regrets, no remorse, no guilt, and no sorrow. In fact, I am so blessed to be surrounded with a beautiful family, and wonderful friends, and although it was cut short, in God’s plan, it was a mission accomplished. My courage and my strong will have made me overcome any adversities, and my positive outlook in life has brought me places that I could only used to dream of. Indeed, I have fully lived a very simple life, yet rich with joy, full of love, abundance of blessings, and a gift of life that I can truly be proud of.

In life all good things must come to an end. But my loving friends and family, this is not the end. Among the countless awards that I have reaped during my existence here on earth, it is the award of eternal peace and a place in heaven that I will take with me. My life continues for me in heaven where I will be with God’s grace and I will continue my fellowship with you until we meet here in heaven.

My family and I are truly blessed to have known you and have considered us as your friends and that God has made us a family. I will forever cherish all of our memories.

Let’s continue to pray the Holy Rosary and let there be peace on earth!

Thank you and God bless!

Mommie, Ma’am Cit, Lola Cita, Auntie Cita, Tia Cita, Manang Cit.



1st day   Oct. 30    Friday       Novena over the phone
2nd day  Oct. 31     Saturday   novena over the phone
3rd day   Nov. 1     Sunday
                       VENUE: Park Ridge Community Center
                                    1515 W. Touhy – Western Ave.
                                     Park Ridge, IL. 60068
             6:00 P.M. – novena for the late Cita O. Bajamunde
                         novena leaders, Neria, Hayley, Mary Ann,  Elsie & Des
             6:45 P.M. – Mass for all our dearly departed
                         Fr. Alan Lastimosa – Officiating
             7:30 P.M. – POTLUCK dinner

4th day Nov. 2       Monday
                      VENUE: Jimmy & Daisy Villarino’s Res.
                                    8820 Oketo Ave.
                                    Morton Grove, IL. 60053
             8:00 P.M. – Novena (leaders: Des & partner)
                       Snacks sponsors: Adriatico – Lacaya Family

5th day Nov. 3     Tuesday (same venue)
            8:00 P.M. – Novena (leaders: May Ann & partner)
                        Snacks sponsors: DPDS Alumni of Chicago

6th day  Nov. 4 – Wednesday (same venue)
              8:00 P.M. – Novena (leader: Hayley & partner)
                         Snacks sponsors: BCBP

7th day  Nov. 5 – Thursday (same venue)
           7:00 P.M. – Novena (leaders: Neria & partner)
           7:30 P.M. – Mass – Fr. Maning Recera – officiating
                           Dinner sponsors: DIPOLOGNON.COM,  Watters/ Bajamunde
                                                      family (Luz, Kesa, Coie, etc,)                   
                                                      Calimutan/Fortugaleza family (Ramie, Tata,
                                                      Dodoy etc.), Rachel and Douglas Adaza
                                                       & family, Jingle Acaylar

8th day Nov. 6 – Friday (same venue)
            8:00 P.M. – Novena (leaders: Elsie & Neria)
                  Snacks sponsors: Couples for Christ Dipolog in Chicago & Acas family

9th day Nov. 7 – Saturday (last day)
            5:00 P.M. – Novena (leaders: Neria & partner)
            5:45 P.M. – Mass – Fr. Alan Lastimosa – officiating
            7:00 P.M. – POTLUCK dinner Sponsored by the Our Lady of the Most
                 Holy  Rosary Parishioner in Illinois & Friends
                                    2600 W Carmen St., Chicago, Il

If you wish to send financial assistance, the family will greatly appreciates. Please send check to:
KESA BAJAMUNDE – 5300 River Rd. Rosemont, IL. 60018  Tel.: 312 607 3552
   Or DESIREE LEE – 929 S. Aldine Ave. Park Ridge, IL. 60068, Tel.: 773 875 8338