Lone Tree Manor, Niles, Illinois, December 18, 2009


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The Liloy Association of USA was established on September 5, 2009, at the lovely residence of Jorinda and Ronnie Bonjoc in Skokie, Illinois. Election was held on that day and the following officers are as follows:

President - Ber "Nonoy" Refugio
Vice President - Pedrito "Dodong" Bulanon
Secretary - Jeanne Villalon
Treasurer - Corazon " Cora" Pelegrino
Auditor - Rodridgo " Roding" Talledo

Standing Committees Director:

Jorinda Greenberg - Director of Membership and Registration Committee
Rollie Gaughrin - Director of Social and Religious Committee
Estrella Daymiel - Director of Communication and Press Releases Committee
Antonio Daymiel - Director of Sports and Amusement Committee
Mahlyn Kagan - Director of Programs and Awards Committee
Beverly Ramos - Director of 'Finance and Fund Raising Committee
Rosalind Carcellar - Director of Travel and Tourism Committee
Marceliana Maramo - Director of Medical and Legal Committee
Suezette Tiu - Director of Catastropic Events and Help Committee
Bonna Leiva - Director of Youth and Education Committee

About the Association:

.  Getting together as Liloyans in USA.
. Sharing our experiences as immigrants and improving our lives.

Objectives and Goals of the Liloy Association of USA:
.  To build a community where all are welcomed, needed and appreciated.
.  To promote solidarity and the general well-being of each member.

Thus far, the Liloy Association of U.S.A. has  52 registered members

Christmas Party and Induction of Officers:

  . Welcome Address - Ber Refugio, President, Liloy Association of USA  

  . Mass Celebrant - Rev. Fr. Alan Lastimosa

  . Inducting Officer - Greg Trabanca,  ZAMNAI - Past President and Lifetime  
                                                                            Ambassador of Goodwill
  . Inspirational Speaker - Jemela Agraviador Nettles, Immigration Lawyer,
                                                                            California, USA

Emcee - Elsie Pelregrino
Co-Emcee - Mahlyn Kagan


Ber B. Refugio
President: Liloy Association USA


Pedrito G. Bulanon
Vice President


 Prodencia G. Talledo
1st Auditor


Rodrigo Talledo
2nd Auditor

Luz Bajamunde Watters, Greg Trababca (ZAMNAI'S Ambassador of Goodwill) Inducting Officer, & Pedrito Bulanon

Guest Speaker Mrs. Jemela Agraviador-Nesttles
Immigration Lawyer
California, USA
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