Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

 Host: Erwin & Haley Patangan, Logie Jalandoni, Monina Ricafort
1427 Good Ave.
Park Ridge, Il
224 388 1875
773 742 1679


Cita Bajamunde as usual with her inspirational talk

Madeline Santillana Seacrest with her husband giving thanks to the parishioner
In February she had a 3rd level cancer. But now after several chemotheraphy she now grade 13 in her cancer which is considered cured.

Dondon Remolano also immotionally thanks the parishioner and ZAMNAI for the help afforded to him.. He was in jail for immigration problem with $20,000.00 bail. His wife is still in jail and Dondon  need $20,000.00 to bail her out. To our readers who want to help Dondon please contact Desiree Lee at telephone no.: 773 875 8338

Father Bustaleno with the Host

In the picture with Desiree and Bicbic Adasa

Blessing of the food
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