Zamboanga del Norteans gathered at Proesel Park, Lincolnwood, Illinois, USA as they celebrated the fiesta of St. Vincent Ferrer, patron saint of Dipolog City parish on Sunday, May 27, 2007. Earlier it was cloudy with showers but as the clock struck eleven , nimbus clouds disappeared; the sun partly appeared and the procession and Holy Rosary started with Frs. Manny Duterte, Manny Recera and Anthony Pizzaro shepherding the flock of devotees. This was followed by the adoration of the Blessed Mother with floral offering by parishioners and visitors, garland offered by Karina Ashley Cruz and coronation of the Blessed Mother by Kayla Annie M. Villahermosa.

 Rev Fr. Manny Duterte with Rev. Fr. Manning Recera and Rev. Fr. Thony Pizzaro as con-celebrants.

Holy Mass celebrant was Rev Fr. Manny Duterte with Rev. Fr. Manning Recera and Rev. Fr. Thony Pizzaro as con-celebrants. Homily was given by Fr. Manning who reminded the assemblage that it was a Pentecost Sunday ; the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles. That in today's shrinking world with its scope and speed of communication , we need the Spirit of God to have a share in our life, that the Holy Spirit is our source of strength and we should live beyond our strength; that the Holy Spirit is the consoling source of inspiration knowing that our home is just temporary and that St. Vincent  Ferrer is at home on  top of the world. Therefore, we need his intercession.

Liturgical Readers were: first reading, Atty. Cyril Ruiz, responsorial psalm, Joy Ramirez Yumul, second reading,Cris Tan and prayers; Nida Simborio, Felipe "Boy" Agias, Joy Javier, Penny Saldariega, Hector Fernandez, Maria Cyd Adriatico. The Non-tiring Choir Group were: Guitarists, Emilio "Jun" Ramirez and Maryann Lim. The singers, Desiree L. Lee, Haley Patangan, BCBP Dipolog (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals) and couples for Christ-Dipolog Group.

Floral offering to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Raffle donors: ZUGBU - Linda Mendez, Dr. Renee Else, Dr. Maryann Nazario, Dr. & Mrs. Claude Adriatico, Ely Labja of Skillpower Network, Prestige Nursing Incorporated, Cyndrell Carreon Palencia of RCKR Management and Edgar Pelegrino. The Novena Sponsors: BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals), Winnemac Family, Claude & Suzy Adriatico, Hector & Cyd Fernandez, Paul & Rita Daarol, Douglas and  Rachel Adaza & Family, Jimmy and Daisy Villarino and Family, Juste and Cita Bajamunde and Family, Sid and Aida (Cagbabanua) Aquino and Family, Salvic Ramirez Saavedra and Family and Dipolog Couple for Christ in Illinois.

Atty. Cyril Ruiz first reading

There were fifteen lechon according to the Coordinator. The picnic tables were laden with oriental favorites as well as western specialties. No hard liquors but soft drinks and bottled waters.

When the stomachs were filled up, the mouth spoke.  Remchile Sienes, President of ZAMNAI gave the inspirational message, followed by a duet from the singing couple Edmund and Cathy (Dalida) Nalzaro, dance number by Emilio and friends then the chorus by the San Vicente Devotees in Illinois led by Kenneth M. Bengua.

The Non-tiring Choir Group
Guitarist: Emilio "Jun" Ramirez
Maryann Lim
Desiree L. Lee
Haley Patangan
BCBP Dipolog
Couples for Christ-Dipolog Group


Cita Bajamunde coordinated all the activities

Proesel Park was a  beehive of activities . Games were played by the young and the able. Meanwhile, the seniors and the ambitious contented themselves to dancing, eating, talking and laughing. The raffle drawing by Edmund and Cathy Nalzaro culminated the day-long celebration. Erwin and Hayline Patangan were the masters of ceremony and the music was provided by Alberto "Nonoy" Bajamunde of the Nonoy-Kimo Sound.  (GREG TRABANCA..please visit  www.grezamb-mindanao.blogspot.com and www.santoninoonline.com

Greg Trabanca

Rachel and Helen


Nonoy Bajamunde and his one man band

Ludy Morgia
The procession

The adoration dance to San Vicente led by Desiree Lee

Susette Ancheta and Soling Anderson et al

BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals)
Winnemac Family
Claude & Suzy Adriatico, Hector & Cyd Fernandez, Paul & Rita Daarol
Douglas & Rachel Adaza and Family
Jimmy and Daisy Villarino and Family
Juste and Cita Bajamunde & Family
Sid and Aida (Cagbabanua) Aquino and Family
Salvic Ramirez Saavedra and Family
Dipolog Couples for Christ in Illinois


Wow foods...............
The singer not the song

Ligaya Javier and Rolliete Eguia Aves

Felinor and Rachel

Linda Yu et al
Remchile Sienes pres of ZAMNAI giving an inspirational speech

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