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 As president of ZAMNAI and over-all Chairman of this year’s Miss ZaNorte-Illinois beauty pageant and fund raising campaign, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to all who contributed to ensure the success of the year’s very special and meaningful event. To the advertisers, sponsors, donors, contributors, pageant production staff, and editorial staff of this souvenir program my sincere thanks to you. May ZAMNAI continue to receive your support and blessings in the future public service projects.

 Special thanks to following individuals and businesses for their commendable contributions worthy of emulation:

Eddie Artajo – Editor-in-chief for Souvenir Program (CEO - The Daily Dipolognon)
Armand Frasco – Technical Director and Publisher (Ambibo.com and Pinoycentric.com)
Kesa Bajamunde – Program Director (Miss Zanorte-Illinois 2007)
Des Lee – Director for Sales and Ethnic Competition (Miss Zanorte-Illinois 2007)
Cyd Adriatico-Fernandez and Hector Fernandez – Director Publication (Miss Zanorte-Illinois 2007)
Sol Anderson and Suzette Ancheta - ZAMNAI Past Presidents
Dr. and Mrs. Claude Adriatico
Luz Bajamunde-Watters – ZAMNAI Past President
Ivan Ang – Director of Tourism (ZaNorte Tourism Office, Philippines)
Mayumi Gassman – Miss ZamboNorth 2003
Leo Cagbabanua and Victor Villan – Awards and Presentors Comm. (Miss Zanorte-Illinois 2007)
Vernie Morales – Tourism Director (Philippine Consulate Chicago)
Harry Mueco – President (ZAMNAC)
Emil and Alpha Nicolasin – Organizers (Kambayoka)
Bill and Ghing Farace – Mission Organizers (Renewed Life Philippine Mission of Vermont)
Flor and David Day
Procopio and Reggie Tiu
Jim and Evelyn Boulton
Geraldine Adasa and family
Nida Simborio and family
Carmen Frias – President (Sindanganon Association of Illinois)
Ted Hisula – President (Manukan Association of Illinois)
Elvira Rudas – President (Circulo de Dapitanon USA)
Terry Refugio – President (Polasil)
Ermie Repaja – Incoming President (Polasil)

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