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My NAME is:  Jacqueline Mirasol Te

I am KNOWN TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY as: Jackie or Inday

My DATE OF BIRTH: June 02, 1982

My PLACE OF BIRTH: Dipolog City, Philippines  

My PARENTS are:  James Boulton and Evangeline Boulton.  My biological dad is Robert Te

My parents have 5 CHILDREN 4 brothers and  myself.  I am second to the youngest

I am current RESIDING in:  Lake Forest, IL.  USA                       

I am presently EMPLOYED:   As an ICU nurse, fresh open-heart surgery nurse, but will probably pursue masters in anesthesiology

My CHILDHOOD DREAMS:  To become a doctor; a pediatrician

My FAMILY’S HERITAGE is:  Chinese - Filipino

My LEISURE ACTIVITIES:  I am actively involved in a Filipino-American church

    word of grace youth activities,  singing; acting,  work-out;  read the bible         

My FAVORITES: Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, Leonardo di Carpio, Matt Damon, Andelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon

PEOPLE’S PERCEPTION of me: Outgoing but shy to strangers, compassionate

I consider MYSELF TO BE Very driven, ambitious, focused, sincere, honest, straightforward

My MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE/S:  My love for acting and performing has been realized when I played the role of Mary Magdalene during a church drama entitled

     “The Last 7 Words of Jesus”. I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity. It was a wonderful experience.  I also felt good when I was chosen as the Vice President of the youth in my church.  I can also remember those days when I was bitten by dogs and had 56 stitches.  I still love  dogs even then, no matter what.

What I hope to ACCOMPLISH IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS Be married and start a family, be stable financially; drive my dream car, help the poor and the needy, travel abroad with family for quality time with them.

TOWN OR CITY I am representing for “Miss ZaNorte-Illinois 07 Pageant:   Dipolog City

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