Marilou Pellerin Tate

It was just months ago a tragedy fell into the Tate family, the death of Wayne Tate. As the saying goes 'life goes on..' Marilou then made an extreme makeover to their house on Medill Ave., Chicago, and the  housewarming follows of the newly renovated home sweet home. The occasion was also  Marilou Tate and Sergs  Pelliren birthday. Sergs as he is fondly called is Marilou's father. Sergs was a sign painter artist way back in Dipolog in which he owned and operated SERGS SIGN. He used to paint billboard sign for Rose Theatre and other customer.


Sergs Pellerin

The housewarming  mass was concelebrated by Fr. Manny Duterte and Fr. Tony Pizzaro.

Choir headed by Dodong Calimutan and Desiree Lee

 Mass officiated by Fr. Manny and Fr. Tony

Mercedes (Marilou's daughter) Marilou, and Paping (Marilou's mother)

Soling Kwan, Terry Refugio and Raquel Adaza
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