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Des Plaines city mayor Tony Arenda

The early spectators

Parades, parades...everybody loves parades, kids, adults what have you love parades. The City of Destiny just do that year after year. People reserve their space along the parade route 3 days in advance with chair, blankets etc just to see the parade at a vantage point.  The Des Plaines parade was spearheaded by the City Mayor himself.. In Des Plaines its either you're in the parade or your watching the parade. Its a typical small budget hometown parade, where you are watching your neighbor in the parade. If you're are watching the parade just be ready with a goody bag because people in the parade are giving out candies, flyers, toothbrushes, toys, water bottles or anything, its some sort of Halloween in July.

Along the parade route the streets are painted with red, blue and white stars

The beginning of the parade

The parade marshall

City Clerk, second in command of the city

Guys handling out goodies
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