PAGE 1 held their awarding ceremony on Saturday January 26, 2008 at Coolidge Ave, Oak Brook, Il., to confer on Dr. Claude Adriatico as Man of the Year 2007

Armand Frasco, Founder of  personally awarded the Yugo to Dr. Adriatico.

Mr. Frasco award Carabao Yugo to Dr. Adriatico man of the year.  Mr. Frasco cited that Dr. Adriatico exemplified the best of a Zanortean, and he exemplifies the Ambibo spirit.  Yugo is a symbol hard work and perseverance.

Dr. Claude Adriatico was flanked by his wife Suzy and his daughter Aeia Sue and son Benedict Adrian, during his acceptance speech.
The ceremony was attended by several friends of and prominent ZaNorteans in Illinois.

Rem Sienes President of Zamnai with his Welcome Address

Goldie and Desiree Lee sings for Claude  and Dodong Calimutan the guitarist
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