rhiann calimutan is one year old october 13, 2007
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I don't know how to blow the candle yet because im  too little yet but anyway here's my birthday cake.. that's tempting ha?

You know I know a pig as a pet but not as a food

These are my folks you know...

I also love my Lola ....my mom and grandma look like sisters


Hey guys what going in the kitchen

Off course that kid is my cousin, my lola and my aunt Rain

One of our guest is Rachel Adaza...she did not attend the party because she thought it would be the following day

And Arlene was busy decorating for the Halloween

My Aunt Tata supposed to come on time but was very late cause she have to put her face make up on and thought that my party would in a big hotel. Maybe Aunt Tata when I get married it will be in a big hotel.
Till then see you next year on my 2nd birthday
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