December 29, 2005



Water, water, water everywhere. The rivers of Dipolog, Dapitan, Polanco and Katipunan were reportedly spilling over as they flooded Bolicon, Minaog, Punta, Diwan, Olingan and Sangkol of Dipolog City; and some areas in Polanco; Malugas, Taga, San Antonio of Katipunan; and Burgos of Dapitan City.

Dipolog City Mayor Roberto Uy reported that a house in Diwan owned by a certain Renacia was hit by a landslide causing it to be carried away by the surging flood waters. Meanwhile, SPO4 Orlando Villavito, City Executive Senior Police Officer was reportedly presumed dead as he tried to save Julian Sortes and his two children in Punta.

City Official observes as flood waters from the Dipolog river continue to rise uncontrollably amidst the calming weather condition.

Sortes’s wife narrated that Villavito tried to rescue Julian and the two children by himself but was thrown away into the surging flood waters. Punta barangay captain Armando Drilon disclosed that Villavito attempted to get Julian and his two children out of the sweeping flood waters but unfortunately he was washed away and all of a sudden disappeared.

Dipolog businessman Raymond Saguin, however, arrived with his jet ski and rescued the father and his two sons. Moreover, Drilon said that the flood started to flow into his barangay at 4:00 a.m. yet early dawn of December 23. He estimated that about 5,000 person were affected who are now relocated in different evacuation centers assigned by DILG, Dipolog City.

Mayor Uy is presently giving orders to City Social Welfare (CSW) and Development and the City Disaster Coordinating council (CDCC) to give help to all those who are affected by the flood. Meanwhile, the waters in Polanco have also risen since 2 p.m. yet of Friday and continued rising as it flooded the lower areas of the municipality.

On the other hand, the highway in Burgos, Dapitan City was found unpassable as flood waters from the river continued to rise uncontrollably in Katipunan, Barangay San Antonio, Taga and Malugas were also affected as the waters from Dicayo river swelled into the areas. It was estimated that about 2,000 residents were affected.

OIC Rudy Regencia of Dipolog PAG-ASA office disclosed that rains in the area was due to inter tropical convergence zone which affected the whole Mindanao. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)


Robbers run away P251,700.00;
SP to investigate holdup incident

Ciano Onas Jr. and Jeffrey Jorca were recently released from the Dipolog City Correction and Rehabilitation Center (DCCRC) after they have been detained for allegedly snatching P211,000.00 from a Novo Jeans employee last October.

Six days after their release, they have been identified again to have robbed Mrs. Jane Ortega Granuelas of P251,700.00.  the victim was held up in the presence of her brother, Atty. Jose Rex Ortega, Third Assistance Prosecutor of Dipolog City and two children. Initial investigation of Theft and Robbery Section of Dipolog Police Office (DCPO) showed that the victim who was carrying P251,700.00 which she was about to deposit at the Cooperative Bank was walking along Lacaya St., near Tri-Star Paint Center when Onas declared hold-up.

Councilor Ricky Mejorada, Chairman of the Committee on Peace and Order and who headed the investigation disclosed that he is now waiting for the complete report from the DCPD for the initial investigation to begin.

Granuelas narrated that the suspect poked a gun into her, at the same time grabbed her bag away.

Granuelas, it was learned, withdraw her savings from Allied Bank to be deposited at the Cooperative Bank which was located at Lacaya St., corner Gen. Luna Street. In her affidavit, the victim said that she was fetched by her brother, Atty. Ortega in his service vehicle from Allied Bank at 9:30 in the morning.

Moreover, she told investigators that she asked her brother to take her to the Cooperative Bank but she was unaware that she had been followed. Granuelas described the suspect as wearing a hat, violet polo shirt, rubber shoes and about 5’10”.

The said incident was witnessed by her brother himself, Granuelas disclosed. Police reports revealed that Atty. Ortega wanted to help his sister but the suspect also pointed a gun at him.

“I cannot possibly help my sister since the suspect had his gun pointed at me all the time,” Atty. Ortega said. He disclosed further that the driver of the getaway blue motorcycle was always smiling at him and vowed that he could positively identify both suspects.

Atty. Ortega who was with the Public Attorney’s Office before he became a fiscal went with the operation of the Intelligence Division of the DCPO to identify the holduppers. City Prosecutor Chandler Ruiz, Asst. Prosecutor Aleth Hamoy-Velasco and Herminia Enero went with the DCPO operation as well.

Atty. Ortega positively identified Onas as responsible for running away his sister’s money.  Ms. Granuelas is presently a health counselor of Caritas Health Shield based in Quezon City, Metro Manila. In this connection, Vice Mayor Senen Angeles moved to investigate the incident immediately especially that the suspect was found to be living with a police officer.

Angeles stressed that it is not a good image of a police officer who have cuddled a holdup suspect. It could be remembered, the SP is currently investigating the Dipolog Police for the jailbreak incident at the Dipolog Police Station detention cell. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)


Mayor’s multi-million loan ‘killed’

Labason Mayor Wilfredo Balais could have only sighed in vain as Sangguniang Bayan did not come up with the required number of votes in favor of its resolution to seek loan with the Development Bank of thePhilippines.

Councilor Franco C. Buctuan disclosed that Resolution No. 236 empowered Balais to obtain a multi-million loan with the DBP. However, only four SB members voted in favor, two were not in favor and three abstained.

Labason Mayor Wilfredo Balais didn’t properly define the exact amount of loan and where the loan was intended for.

Councilor Buctuan added that Rule 9, Section 1H of the House of Rules on Legislative Process provides that the resolution needed seven votes for its approval. The councilor, however, could not define the amount of loan since it was not included in the draft of the resolution and where the loan was intended for.

Although the borrowing capacity of Labason was placed at P51M, Buctuan could not really make out how much the mayor will borrow and if there is an intended project, he didn’t know how it will be run. “I have nothing against the water system project, all I wanted to know is the exact amount of the loan,” Buctuan said.

The councilor also questioned the presence of Sultan’s General Consultancy through Franklin Realiza. “If the loan is granted, Realiza will ask P4M from feasibility study kono,” Buctuan added.

But Realiza justified the P4M consultancy fee which is consistent with the guideline issued by the national Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). Furthermore, he claimed that the multi-million loan of Labason was already approved by DBP and soon to be released. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)


 Zanorte Anglers has new officers

The Zanorte Sports Fishing Association, a group of anglers based in Dipolog City, recently elected their new set of officers for 2006.

A photo of one of the activities of the Zanorte Sports Fishing Association.

Leading the group this time is Ike Gamalinda as its president. Other officers are: Central Bgy. Captain Kenny Ong as vice president, Engr. Edward Realiza as secretary and Romeo Dagpin as treasurer.

The Board of Directors is composed of Rodel Albano, Rolando Lim, Pat Sumalpong, Neil ‘Toto’ Gil, Garvo Atillo and Nick Anticristo (past president). (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.V No.26)


Dipolog PNP warns public

For the nth time, the members of the Dipolog Police warn the public to take necessary measures against crimes.

Intelligence division Chief SPO4 Manuel Acabal cautioned Dipolognons to be extra careful since this month has been the best time for pickpocketers, holduppers and budol-budol to strike. They also pleaded against the carrying of big amount of cash but if such cannot be avoided, they asked the public to be very careful.

This warning stemmed from the very recent hold up staged during broad daylight involving more than P200T. SPO4 Acabal claimed they have tried to bust these groups but some of them succeeded in doing the criminal acts.

Recently, Acabal disclosed, they had presented to Mayor Uy four crime suspects who are all from Zamboanga del Sur. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)


‘NOEL’ gets varied reactions
from local political leaders


No election for 2007 as recommended by the Constitutional Commission recently reaps varied opinions from political leaders in Zanorte. Congressman Roseller Barinaga, 2nd district of Zamboanga del Norte made it clear that he cold not yet disclosed his stand since he will still be listening to what his constituents in the second district will have to say, about the no election issue.

But during early interviews, he already said that he was against any move to amend the 1987 constitution. The congressman pointed out that to change the constitution is not the answer to the present problems the country is facing today.

He added that even if we change our charter today but we do not change the leaders running the country, it is still useless. When asked if congress will approve the recommendation of the ConCom, Cong. Barinaga disclosed that said question will be answered during their session on January 15, 2006.

On the other hand, Gov. Rolando Yebes proposed that the issue should have been debated upon first by the lawmakers of this country to come up with what is best for her. Meanwhile the members of the minority bloc of the Sangguniang Panlungsod noted that the proposed suspension of the 2007 elections is very beneficial to all those incumbent officials.

Councilor Peter Co stressed that the government can save a big sum of money if elections will be called off.  However, if the incumbent officials are bad or inactive he pointed out, NOEL is disadvantageous to the people. Vice Mayor Senen Angeles refused to comment on the issue since he said he has not received yet any justification for its suspension. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)


Baha mi-ataki sa duha ka syudad ug tulo ka lungsod

Samtang kamulong nangandam ang tanan alang sa Pasko, wala damha ang kalit nga pagdaku sa tubig hinungdan sa pag-awas sa mga nag-unang suba sa mga dakbayan sa Dipolog, Dapitan ingon man sa mga lungsod sa Polanco, Katipunan ug Roxas.

Biernes sa buntag Disyembre 23, 2005, nabulabog ang tanan tapos nadawat ang mga reports labut na sa kalit nga pagtubo sa tubig sa suba sa Layawan sakop sa  lungsod sa Polanco. Sumala pa sa

Pulso Sa KatilinBan
Cicer M. Binghay
50 years ago today

What’s 50 years ago?  To the attending alumni, 50 years is not too long of their Homecoming Golden Jubilee Saint Vincent’s High School Alumni, Batch ’55, to see familiar faces of yesterdays.  To them it was a great and rare day for letting their minds reach the farthest stars to refresh once again when their hearts were young and gay.  I heard all of them say: “Now we have one thing in common.  We’re both aging and one thing is certain that they could still move slowly through their ages with grace, dignity and even enjoyment, to feel young and dandy.

The attending alumni were Mrs. Florinda Agnis, Engr. Guido Alonso, Mr. Ernesto Aves, Atty. Adolfo Azcuna (now Associate Justice of the S.C.) awardee alumni, Col. Rogaciano Bael, Mrs. Jesusa Cabrera Loredo (connected with DepEd Central Office, Atty. Iluminado Cainta, Mr. Jovenal Camahalan, Atty. Alberto Concha (DMCCF, Inc. Pres.), Mr. Evaristo Dangcalan, Mrs. Carmelita Sy Dominguez Binghay (my commander), Mr. Enon Artemio, Mr. Gimmy Geronilla, Engr. Dario Lacaya, Mr. Apolinario Ladera, Mrs. Consesa Laput Luage, Mr. Susano Lauc, Engr. Cresencio Omamalin (Validictorian), Mr. Jose Opendo, Mrs. Cita Orbecido Bajamunde, Mr. Rafael Regańon, Mrs. Emerita Regencia Robles, Mr. Nonito Regino (Still a bachelor), one of the laser mover of the 50th year Homecoming Golden Jubilee), Mr. Teofilo Velasco, Engr. Absalon Zamoras, Mr. Rogelio Saldariega, Mr. Reynaldo Galeza, and Mr. Ranulfo Barrera.

Confirmed by Engr. Dario Lacaya to have departed to the Great Beyond were Joseph Adraincem, Jovencio Adriatico, Tiburcio Agnis, Nestor Aragon, Alfeo Barrera, Pedro Barrera, Pablito Baytion, Antonio Binosa, Aracili Binosa, Jose Bueno, Teofilo Cardenas Jr., Severino Cordero, Carol Cruz, Edmundo Cruz, Jose Cruz, Abraham Dalmacio, Teodoro Dampayla, Vicente Darcera, Narito Jalosjos, Romana Jamila, Antonio Ortega, Eustaquio Pasculado, Porfirio Romero, Necasio Velasco and Martino Quiamjot.

On Dec. 20, 2005 a mass was held in Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral for the deceased Classmates and Instructors. At 11:00 A.M. Atty. Iluminado Cainta and family sponsored a sumptuous lunch at their fishpond camp in Dapitan City. December 21, a thanksgiving mass was held in Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral; followed by a motorcade around the city, proceeded to the airport to meet Associate Justice Hon. Adolfo Azcuna. A picnic launch at Montańo Beach Resort at Gampis, Sicayab, Dipolog City. A fellowship Dinner and Ball at the Top Plaza Francesca Ballroom.

Atty. Bert Concha Chairman of the homecoming Golden Jubilee, mentioned the names of Mr. Nonito Regino, Mrs. Jesusa Cabrera Loredo, Engr. Dario Lacaya, Mrs. Cita Orbecido Bajamunde, Mrs. Crispiniana Patangan, Col. Rogaciano Bael, Engr. Guido Alonso, Engr. Absalon Zamoras, Mr. Leo Pepa and Justice Adolfo Azcuna, to be the people behind him in spearheading the affair, in his welcome address.

A one and a half hour inspirational talk of Hon. Azcuna highlighted the affair recalling vividly the frolickings, enjoyments and his confession before the living alumni and guests that Cresencio Omamalin was the real valedcitorian in their graduating class. Another vivid reflections and inspiration talk was made by Mr. Nonito Regino who still have the 50 year ago album with him, reading the quotations of his/her classmates. Atty. Iluminado Cainta confessed also that he does not want to be asked to close a program because since in memorial in any public or private affairs he is always accounted missing in the middle of a program. Engrs. Adriatico, Gonzales Board Members & their Pres. Atty. Bernardo Concha of the SVC Alumni Association give the certificate of outstanding alumni to Hon. Azcuna & Mr, Nonito Regino of the Distinguished High Class of SVC. Mr. Santi Bajamunde a versatile Basketball Player of SVC just arrived from U.S.A. just to attend the Homecoming Golden Jubilee of her wife Mrs. Cita Orbecido Bajamunde.

Congratulations to the Homecoming Golden Jubilee of SVC batch ’55. May your genuine happiness of your 50th anniversary may not be your last while our lifestyle enable us to feel younger at a very old age. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)

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PRESS FREEDOM: Machiavellian Theory
By Tyrone Jay V. Samson
SEAG success Credit should go to the athletes

We’re now celebrating Christmas day and Filipinos can’t be happier this Yuletide Season, thanks to the exceptionally encouraging result of the recent 23rd South East Asian Games.

Early this month, host Philippines secured gold crown in the SEA Games for the first time in our sports history after an impressive nine-day medal tally of 114 golds, 82 silvers and 91 bronzes. This marks a remarkable improvement from the 49-53-76 we scored in 2003 Vietnam SEAG. It is the best result we had ever achieved at the largest sports event in the region since we first joined the event in 1977. In the 1991 SEA Games in Manila, we missed the overall crown by a single gold to Indonesia.

Everybody, from President GMA to Philippine Olympic Committee President Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, Jr. and PhilSOC Chairman Robert Aventajado to First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, has been hugging the headlines with our success. For the last two weeks, all I see in the papers are these names talking about the victory, brotherhood and friendship among participating countries and more preparations. Lost in the glory are the people who actually shed sweat, blood and tears for our SEA Games success – the athletes themselves.

So I decided to put in work and research for the names of all the Filipino gold medal winners in the recent SEA Games. Here is my salute to the Pinoy athletes. As the PBA would have it, “Pinoy Astig”! In billiards, our gold medallists include Ronato Alcano (15 Ball Singles - Men’s Finals); Alex Pagulayan, Joven Alba, and Leonardo Andam (Snooker Team  - Men’s Finals); Rubilen Amit (Women’s 8 Ball Pool Singles); Lee Van Corteza, Antonio Gabica, (Men’s 8 Ball Pool Doubles); Ronato Alcano, Adam Marqueses and Leonardo Bagares (Men’s 15 Ball Pool Doubles); Rubilen Amit (Women’s 9 Ball Pool Singles); and Pagulayan and Dennis Orcullo (men’s 9-ball pool doubles).

In our favorite sport of boxing, our women gold winners are Alice Kate Aparri (Pinweight); Anne Albana (Flyweight); Jouveliet Chilem (Bantamweight); and Mitchel Martinez (Lightweight). Our men pugilists who got the gold are Joan Tipon (Bantamweight); Genebert Basadre (Lightweight); Harry Tańamor (Light flyweight); and Juanito Magliquin (Pinweight).

In swimming, we have the most be medalled athlete in the person of California-based Filipino Miguel Molina who captured gold in the 200- and 400-meter individual medleys and the 200-meter breaststroke. Also taking the gold is Miguel Mendoza in the 1500m Freestyle event. In Arnis, taking gold are Peter Kelvin Celis, Glenn Llamador, Nathan Ben Dom (Men’s Synchronized Anyo); Rochelle Quirol, Catherine Ballenas, Aireen Parong (Women’s Synchronized Anyo); and Anna Joy Fernandez (Up to 52 kg. Full Contact).

In athletics, gold winners include Marestella Torres (Long Jump, women); Danilo Fresnido (Javelin Throw, men); Henry Dagmil (Long Jump, men) Rene Herrera (3000 Meter Steeplechase, men); Mercedita Manipol (10000 Meter, women); Arniel Ferrera (Hammer Throw, men); Jimar Aing (400 Meter, men); and Christabel Martes (Marathon, women).

In body building, they are Michael O. Borenaga (Bantam 65KG); and Alfredo G. Trazona (Welter 75KG). In bowling, they are Markwin Tee (men’s master finals) Ma. Cecilia Averion Yap (women’s singles); and Christian Jan Raquepo Suarez and Ernesto Bugasto Gatchalian Jr (men’s doubles).

In the Equestrian event, bagging gold are Juan Ramon Lanza, Mikaela “Mikee” C. Jaworski, Joker Arroyo and Toni Leviste (Individual Show Jumping). In fencing, they are Melly Joyce Angeles (Women’s Epee Individual); Walbert Mendoza (Men’s Sabre Individual); Veena Tessa Nuestro (Women’s Foil Individual);

In rowing, the men’s pair of Benjamin Tolentino Jr and Jose Turingan Rodriguez got the gold. In the shooting event, the gold medal winners are Juanito Angeles (practical shotgun event); Paul Brian Rosario (Shooting-Skeet Men); and Rosario, Darius Alexis Hizon and Patricio Bernardo (Team Skeet Event).

In wrestling, gold medal winners include Gemma Silverio (Up to 55kg Free); Francis Villanueva (Freestyle Men’s 120KG); and Jimmy Angana (Freestyle Men’s 66KG). In Wushu, getting the gold are Pedro Quina (Male Nanquan); Arvin Ting (Male Daoshu); Willy Wang (Male Jianshu and Male Qiangshu); Aida Yang and Vicky Ting (Female Duilian); Lester Pimentel and Richard Ng (Male Duilian); Eduard Folayang (Male Sanshou 70kg); Rene Catalan (Male Sanshou 48kg); Rhea May Rifani (Female Sanshou 52kg); Vicky Ting (Female Jianshu); and Aida Yang (Female Daoshu).

In diving, our gold medallists are Zardo Domenios and Nino Carog. In Golf, they are Juvic Pagunsan, Michael Eric Bibat, Jay Bayron, and Marvin Dumandan (Golf – Men’s Team); and Pagunsan (Men’s Individual). In cycling - mountain bike event, our winners are Umbac Joey Barba (Mountain Bike - Downhill Men’s Finals); and Baby Marites Bitbit Sotto (Mountain Bike - Cross Country Women’s Finals).

In the Dancesport event, they are Rico Rosima and Filomena Salvador (Dance Standard); and Michael Mendoza and Belinda Adora (Latin American Dance). In Judo, our winners are Gilbert Ramirez (-73 KG men); and Karol Karen Solomon (70KG women).

In Karatedo, they are Gretchen Manalad (Individual Kumite +60kgs, women); Mama Pabillore (Individual Kumite -53kgs,women); and N. Pacalso (Individual Kumite -65kgs, men). Other winners include Alfie Catalan (4KM Individual Pursuit, men’s cycling); our RP baseball team, and RP softball team. In the Pencak Silat event, our lone gold winner is Marniel Dimla (Class F: 70-75 KG, men). Taking our lone gold in taekwondo is Finweight John Paul Lizardo. Also getting a gold for the tennis event is Cecil Mamiit. We have our lone gold medallist in gymnastics in the person of Roel Ramirez. Moreover, team Philippines also got five gold medals from Team RP in the Traditional Boat Race. We also have a gold in lawn bowl courtesy of Ronald Lising. The same with archery, which got a huge lift from Amaya Paz (Women’s Compound).

— oo000oo —

Speaking of winners, I would like to congratulate the winners of the 1st ever Game Haven Playstation 2 NBA Live ’06 Tournament winners. The Champion Gamer, Roy Enrico Eroy, won the tournament using the Detroit Pistons team. Placing second is Mark Kevin S. Samson (Phoenix Suns), while Dexter Zamoras (Miami Heat) and John Opulentisima (Philadelphia 76ers) placed third and fourth, respectively. Tournament sponsors include Dr. Joy Marie Labog of Demonteverde Dental Clinic, 24/7 In & In Convenience Store, Wyt Flora Flower Shop and SK Chairman Kryza Mae G. Bastasa. Game Haven is located at Padre Ramon Street, Dipolog City. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)

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Neighbors along Gonzalez Street united and organized a Sugat sa Tuig 2006 activity where games and comraderie among families is annually observed to mark a more meaningful New Year celebration. Joji Paloma organized the said event and she would like to thank the families as well as the sponsors who supported this annual activity, indeed it wouldn’t be a complete success with them. Happy New Year to all!

Even in the midst of a little rain, this man didn’t mind lighting his firecrackers.

Scenes from the New Year celebration along the Dipolog City Boulevard

The band continued playing as the New Year countdown started and alas, greeted everyone a verry happy New Year, in 2006!


More firework scenes along the Dipolog Foreshore Development Project.

As 2005 turned 2006, everyone jumped for joy as we welcome the New Year with much vigor and enthusiasm.



  Press Freedom Editorial
Merry Christmas!

It has been said many times that the true essence of Christmas is giving.  And it is. In fact, the first gift that Christians all over the world consider is Jesus Christ himself who has come to redeem the world.

As floods shivered and shriveled thousands all over the province during the pre-Christmas celebration, the act of giving may as well be a beautiful way of celebrating Christmas the true Christian way. One may not be in white robe or sport a white beard and grow an oversized body to be fit to give.

Give -As many children wish for the precious time the parents have so that they may even just rub elbows with them or tell them the story behind the scratch on the knee.

Give -As many languish in poverty, be they blinds, crippled or runaway children who rattle their cans for the needed coins to help them able along.

Give -As women and children seek for justice because they are cruelly molested, their souls desiccated.

Give - As many wanted love: a smile, a pat on the shoulder, a warm handclasp, a friendly poke on the side make people feel the warmth of existence.

Even a simple Merry Christmas said in an undertone spells a difference.

Merry Christmas! (Press Freedom, Vol. XVIII No. 26)

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Dipolog Chronicle : Critic’s Corner
By: Dilly Gl. Cuneta
Extra Bonus!

Citadel people will be receiving extra bonus this week. All systems are on the go, except if fatsay will again come along and create CHAOS just because SHE WAS NOT PART of the preparation and the pinpointing of the source of FUNDING for the additional monetary gift. Gatpuno never consulted her and whenever she has no say even if there’s no problem, she will rock the boat just to stamp her mark, and insist on her SAYOP OPINION, and then DILL DALLY ON THE WORKS.

Why doesn’t she run for gobernadorcillo or gobernadorsilya so that she can do what she thinks and waddles in what she believes in – for surely, an in-law will be there to lend her support – financially and all. If she thinks a wrong acct. opis is better than the gatpuno office, then she should tell Dipag she’s better than the other officials and declare her candidacy for the next election instead of devoting time on the pong table! By the way, there’s such a thing as CHARACTER FLAW or attitudinal problem in some pipol.

And to the edoy asses, this time they may have learned their lessons! Silence is golden and a boon, while noise is a bane! Without creating any noise, extra bonus comes their way even if some of them DO NOT DESERVE it!

When Clitor was leading the MAD PACK down the precipice, the more demands they shouted resulted in ZERO BALANCE! Without CLITOR inciting others to support his own ulterior motives, everything just fell in place.

That’s why the selection of a leader is very crucial. One who is not fitted for the job - like Clitor - should never be anointed. But then, those who chose the leader might be of the same Caliber also, cause birds of the same feather VOTE together. If an organization wants to be CRE-DIBLE, they should change their leaders – why stick to SELFISH PIPOL? Why stick to PIPOL who just wanted to be PROMOTED WITHOUT PERFORMANCE and at the expense of his subordinates?

And when bypassed, becomes disgruntled and incite others to support their selfish cause in the guise of this and that! What kind of governance will Dipag have if these people will have their way and be appointed to high positions when what they only know is ALL PAY NO WORK?

With the release of extra bonus, people like Alimanski finds business not brisk anymore thru Juan Luna. Employees don’t have to go to them for Moolah. Imagine ten percent interest for just a few days of loan, NOT ANNUALLY. That’s not only loan sharking, but LOAN PIRANHing already! Paging the Treas…why are LOAN SHARKS and PIRANHA allowed to swim in your opis? Any consideration attached also?

Oh, there’s a way to let the loan sharks and piranhas survive – just let MATSAY throw her TANTRUMS so as to delay the release and PRESTO! KWARTA na naman! What say you Alimanski? And to you all – a very Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year! (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.V No.26)

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