November 15, 2007


Bye bye plastic bags, welcome bayong, paper bags!

Yes Virginia, one of these days, plastic grocery bags will no longer be seen being carried by shoppers. Imagine the shoppers carrying the indigenous bayong and paper bags, instead. It will be back to the days when Grandmother and Mother were going to the market or groceries using the bayong bag or the basket made out of the local grasses. It will also be back to the days when brown bags were used in the groceries and in sari-sari stores. In restaurants, dog bags will again be using the paper bags instead of the Styrofoam. In short, the in thing will be the biodegradable, recyclable indigenous materials, and the non-biodegradable plastics and Styrofoam will bow and take the exit door.

One of these days, plastic grocery bags will no longer be seen being carried by shoppers, instead they may carry the plastic or indigenous bayong and paper bags.

When the day comes, ours will be a more environment friendly community. That day will be soon because as part of the government's efforts to promote and protect the environment from the negative effects of global warming, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources will soon implement its massive advocacy campaign on the use of natural and indigenous materials in commercial establishments. DENR Secretary Jose Atienza revealed that in compliance with the President" directives, DENR is now pushing for the use of indigenous bayong and the brown paper bags in all shopping malls, groceries, restaurants, among others, in lieu of the plastic bags and Styrofoam which are non biodegradable and are contributory to the climate change that the world is now experiencing.

Already, the local government units have pledged their support for the advocacy. It is hoped that the necessary legislations will be passed at all levels of governance so that the advocacy will have teeth, sanctions and penalties determined to be imposed on violators.  More so, it is hoped that Congress will do its part of passing a law regarding the matter. But even with the absence of a law, it is all up to the Filipino people really to implement measures that will ensure the promotion and protection of the environment from the serious effects of global warming. This way, this generation will be able to ensure that God's gift of rich and beautiful bounties of nature will also be enjoyed by the generations to come. (Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.41)


 Zamnai News
Hospital equipment to be shipped anew

More medical equipments donated by the Naperville Medical Center through the auspices of the Renewed Life Philippine Mission, sits in the garage of ZaNorteans, Claude and Suzy Adriatico at their Oak Brook, Illinois residence awaiting shipment to its final recipient, the Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center. A couple with a big heart who are still actively contributing to the projects of ZAMNAI even if they now reside in Ohio, Claude and Suzy sacrificed parking their vehicles out of the garage to allow the organization to use the space, thus saving on the storage cost. Next task for ZAMNAI is to come up with the necessary fund to defray the shipment, costing no less than $4,000.00.

Ultrasound Machines, Mammogram, Weighing Scale, and other hospital equipments will soon be shipped to the ZaNorte Medical Center.

Considering the lives saved through early detection of life threatening ailments, ZAMNAI is urging the help and generosity of ZaNorteans & Non-ZaNorteans in the US and from those emphatic on the medical needs of the less fortunate to bring over the much needed medical equipment to the Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center located in Dipolog City, Philippines. Also, the Philippine National Red Cross, Zamboanga del Norte Chapter is appealing for generosity to help complete the three- story building to house its Blood Bank and provide functional center for Red Cross volunteers. ZAMNAI President Remchile Sienes recently sent a substantial amount rose from the Poker Tournament to the Renewed Life Philippine Mission so that the hospital equipment previously donated can be shipped.

The coming fund raising event, Miss ZaNorte Illinois 2007, is expected to generate the much needed financial assistance to support the on-going ZAMNAI projects benefiting the people of Zamboanga del Norte. Final canvassing is on November 10,2007 at the residence of Claude and Suzy where the candidates are also having a promotional pictorial with the donated medical equipment as the backdrop. The culminating event will be held on December 15, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare. For update, please log on also to and or call Remchile Sienes at 847-962-5174. (www.Dipolognon.Com News) (Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.41)

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Pat M. Tubungbanua

Thanks to singer Eddie Peregrina for the many times we hear him sing “what am I living for…if not for you….what am I living for” and so on and so forth. But forgive us Eddie, if we will give more meaning to your song. Let’s get a book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. This is one book that everyone must read. And by everyone we mean all of us. Young and old, man, woman, child. This book teaches us to consider this: ordinarily, man has a life span of 70 years. Or more specifically 25, 550 days… And what have we done with these God-given days. Do we know why God is allowing us 25, 550 or more days to walk, sleep, and roam on this confused world called earth.. Day in, day out we repeat the same routine. And for what purpose? To “eat, to drink, and be merry” as the popular lifestyle goes..? And we know many are adhering to this kind of life.

Thanks to Filipino singer Eddie Peregrina for the many times we hear him sing “what am I living for…if not for you….what am I living for” and so on and so forth.

And to think that this adherence to such a life is proven by our preoccupation: To amass material wealth while we are still breathing and existing. We strive and struggle to acquire much more money to show that we are rich or getting richer and richer. We acquire mansions, cars, lands shoes, clothes, bags, and yes-privileges and power. We want to be carried on the shoulders of other earthly beings-to be tossed up and be given toast, applause. Do we find such a life fulfilling? Are we satisfied with what we got? Really? … Before we forget, All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day came and have gone. Thousands trooped to the cemeteries to lay flowers, light candles, or offer prayers to loved ones who have gone ahead to the Great Beyond. And there we stared at the white tombs freshly painted. They stared back at us without any response. Blank. How bleak. If we were alone standing by, and no other people around, the bleakness turns to sadness.

The emotions are mixed. There we realize that we are all the same: No rich, no poor. Only the big flowers and the big candles show the apparent wealth. There we realize that all of us, sooner or later, will have a common socio-economic status in the grave. And the grave, our grave, is the only thing we can call our own-complete with a title and a lofty epitaph. Nov. 1 & 2 should not be called holidays. They are holy days. And for them, we must think holy thoughts and do holy acts. So, what are we living for? (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 4)

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Mindanao Star Editorial
The truth of the matter

What matters is the truth, is an essentially different meaning compared when you reverse them just like the title of this piece. The former emphasizes the truth as the center and the latter the matter. But even how we construct the same, these could be wrapped in one vital point, the truth should matter, and so it would.

The just recently concluded barangay and SK polls displayed one matter, and one single truth. The other is money and the truth is voters are for sale. What matters is the money and the truth is the people participated in the buy out. That would somehow ease up some degree of confusion to some well- meaning and decent voters, as to the outcome of those electoral exercises.

That what matters really is money and that single truth is money can buy everything including the sanctity of the votes. This has become very evident reality in Dipolog politics, and yet not a single holy voice were raised against this creeping monster in the midst of us, not even the revered Jose Manguiran and his cahoots at the Dipolog Cathedral, have they themselves fallen victim of this matter? Or truth?

Have they become active participants of that buy out? Or have they succumbed to the power of that matter, money? Well, you should no longer dig piles of files, one certain truth is that priests like any other ordinary lay receive money from these disguised philanthropists, such as these dirty traditional politicians who are fun of donating large amount of money for the church, but is laced with deadly hooks, so that in return they could have the support of these unholy men of the church, in their quest for power and fame. What a shame.

Another thing that matters are the COMELEC officials, like Jossel Macute, are suspiciously silent on the accusations of fraud being directly committed by his office to disenfranchise, again, voters who are identified with opposition candidates, and the truth is, again, money has been the truth of that matter.

When these two combinations mixed, it has become very lethargic to the real will of the voting public, the outcome should suppose to be outrageous when moral authorities, recognized their power to play catalyst to correct what is morally wrong. But that is not the case, what is moral does not matter at all as if there  are no moral giants in existence in this rotten society of Dipolog. The truth of the matter then is… you know what, money.

Fraud and money is very common in gambling, the stake is money and the system is fraud, have we become a prey to this form of gambling? Certainly the answer is positive, as the candidates gamble, the machination is fraud, and the winning is morally questionable and then so their mandate. The cycle would not end when what matters is the truth, because the truth of the matter is money and fraud, and so we gamble. (Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.41)


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Kay nang-blackmail sa iyang amo
Dipolognon gisilotan mabilanggo 20 ka bulan sa Hongkong

USA ka Filipino domestic helper nga taga dakbayan sa Dipolog nga mihimo sa pag-blackmail o pagdaot sa iyang employer niadtong Agosto sa mi-aging tuig ang gisilutan sa miaging semana (Nov. 8, 2007) sa korte sa Hongkong nga mabilanggo sulod sa 20 ka bulan. Sa balita nga migawas sa Daily Tribune ang maong domestic helper giila nga usa ka Elma Elumbaring, 35 anyos taga dakbayan sa Dipolog. Si Elumbaring ang mi-angkon atubangan sa korte nga siya nangayo ug 50,000 Hongkong Dollars ngadto sa iyang amo nga babaye bugti


Poverty has been defined as that state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing. It is a deficiency or lack of something. Such word originates from an Old French word “poverte”. In Latin, it comes from the word “paupertas” which in today’s English means pauper or poor. Poverty is a resultant product of various interplaying factors. Governmental neglect is one factor and culture is another.

Dr. James Strongwood of the Minnesota State University in the United State of America postulated that good governance is one potent weapon in the war against poverty. He observed that fast delivery of much needed goods and social services by any government to its own people has a direct effect on the latter’s lives and social stratification. But such delivery must not be coupled with corruption as it would shrink the worth, lessen the efficacy and reduce the effectiveness of the goods and social services being delivered.

It is quite lamentable that a lot of our politicians, both national and local, are culturing corruptions in themselves, to our people and to our youths. Last barangay and SK elections showcased such kind of corruption. Our youths were being taught how to cheat — the tricks, magic, and filth of political manipulation were taught just to win. Money was given by our politicians to their “manok” to buy the votes of our electors.  Taking hold of money is direly irresistible among our poor people. They need it to buy their needs, especially food for their hungry stomachs and that of their children. Thanks or no thanks to their corruptors who give them the “panandaliang sagot sa kahirapan”. They are forced to sell their votes because of dire poverty. Not that they do not really care for their future and the future of their children under their corrupt leaders. They just direly need money to keep them alive.

There is only handful few political leaders who really care for their people’s welfare. This, we can see in their own actuations. They deliver much needed projects and social services honestly without thinking of any monetary gains they get out of the projects and social services they delivered to their people. They always crave to see their people poor no more. They know that moving their people out from the cauldron of awful poverty would lead them to their political maturity where they would pick and choose their political leaders not because of money but because that is what their conscience tell them.

As aptly summed up by Dr. Brendon McCormick, a political professor of Harvard University in England: “Poverty and political immaturity are Siamese twins. Where there exists poverty, political immaturity also subsists!”. (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.19)


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Director Parawan formally turns over the check to Gov. Yebes for the livelihood programs in the province of Zamboanga del Norte (ZaNorte).

Gov. Yebes together with Vice Gov. Olvis, Ms. Sabal and Ms. Carreon takes a break with the participants of the Provincial Convention of Senior Citizens.

Rotary Youth Provincial Officials take a pose with Gov. Yebes, Vice Gov. Olvis, BM Mejorada II, school principals and their parents.

Mayor Tablezo of Leon B. Postigo happily recieve springklers for his local farmers in his municipality.



Good day Philippines and Hello ZaNorte! This idiom “Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magalit” is perfectly made to all the employees of the provincial government. If Ms. Blayn Item reveals the real truth about your negative performances, don’t get mad but try to correct yourself instead. What I did is a constructive criticism that will help transform your repulsive doings as public servants. (Mao nga kinahanglan mong Chuchakon!) Handa na ba ako? Meal or no meal?

Ø Sino ba itech? Ingon ako BUTTERFLY AGENT naa daw super taray diha sa Provincial Tourism Office? Ayyy naa diay? Be friendly folks!!!

Ø Kumusta si Dr. L? Wala ra moandar imong kabuhi doc? Daghan na kaayong pasyente nga ni-reklamo nimo. Ano ba talaga ateh? Unsa kaha moy dapat i-inject nimo aron mahimong humok imong HEART? Holy water? Bwahahahaha.

Ø Naunsa pod diay ni si Mr. Ger (kana bang sinaw ug buna nga always wearing white (dili pod siya white lady ha) Asa na diay imong loyalty sa nagpahimo nimong BABAYE? Aww!!! Hehehehe… Ano ba sister, natubuan man dayon ka ug sungay sa “DEER” !!!! Juice ko, santol juice!!…

Ø Back to Madam Charing (nailad ko sa buing) Naana daw kay idea kinsay writer ani nga COLUMN. Dayon to? Imo siyang ipa-KULAM? Bwahahahaha. Ug nag-tinarong pa ka Madam, dili ka ma-korehian. Ana ra siya ka simple. Imong mga J.Os mura man siguro ug nangawala na di ba? Kay sa tinuod lang wala man pod to sila gahago. (O, angal?) Madam, GIVE and TAKE ra man siguro if naa ta sa government. Dili lang ta magpataas ug sungay ba. Kung mataas ang lipad mo, mataas din ang bagsak mo!  Ayy. In other words MAPIANGAN ka!!!! jejejejejjejejeje

Ø Ang mga taga PIC nangabut-an na kay sige na ug attend ug Flag Ceremony. Dapat lang no?. (Daghan bya pod mga opisina diha nga dili magpakabana anang Flag Ceremony). Baka HATE kayo ng Administrator? Heheheheh. Hala mo, mobalik na ra ba mi ug America kay mag Care Giver mi ug mga GUR.. Mas dako ug kita didto no? Bisan naa ko’y dakong yuta nga kabilin sa akong LOLA kulang pa jud sa akong mga anak. Hahay Buhay, parang LIFE.

Ø Hiring Office is now very keen to check the LOYALTY of the employees particularly JOB ORDERS. Mas maayo nuon, aron matagam ng mga empleyado nga igo ra dawat ug sweldo pero dili diay molaban ug amo. This situation is common in a government. Frankly speaking, daghan man gud pong mga HEPE nga pataka ra ug dawat ug mga empleyado bisan dili kaparehas nila ug COLOR. (Yellow green?)

Ø The new ZN Medical Center is about to operate. Is the personnel and medical scheme ready? Who will be the Chief of Hospital? Who will be the Hospital Administrator? Let’s find out very soon. Pero, ayoko sa mga TARAY na Doctor tulad ni Dr. L ug Dr. C ha? Mabuti sa inyo, hindi kayo dapat dito maghasik ng lagim. Makadaot sa image sa ZaNorte Provincial Government.

Ø The provincial Governor Atty. Rolando Yebes is allocating funds for the 10K-capacity Cultural and Sports Center next year. WOW!!!! He is truly dedicated to his constituents and worth to be given a prestigious award. Good plan Gov.  People of ZaNorte are longing to have a cultural center. Bida gyud ni si Gani nga ako friend, iya man pod tawon giguba ‘tong old cultural center oi.. Merry Christmas my friend. Pahuway na lang diha oi kay gur na pod ka. Hehehehe

Ø I will stop punching my computer’s keyboard now and go shopping at Dipolog Central Market. Hahahaha (Dah, mangumpra ko ug bulad ug ginamos oi.) I’ll see you around. Sige BYE! (Mindanao Star, Vol.III No.41)


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“RATED PG” Thursday, 15 November 2007
By Ike Señeres

Considering the large volume of goods that the Philippines is now importing, can you imagine what it could do for local business and industry if some if not most of the imports could be substituted with local products? Believe it or not, it is not only the issue of quality that is causing local buyers to depend more on imports; it is also the lack of information about the local alternatives that are available.


When I was Director of the UNDP Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN) Program, I sent a market intelligence expert to Davao City, to study the problems and potentials of the local cut flower industry there. To my surprise, the expert told me during his debriefing that Mindanao as a whole could supply practically the same quality and variety of cut flowers that Amsterdam and Singapore are supplying to the five star hotels of Metro Manila, except for the fact that these hotels hardly know that they do have local alternatives.


Mr. Alan Hicks, an American expatriate here in Metro Manila tells me that the large volume of first class American pork that the five star hotels are importing now could also be produced locally, with exactly the same quality. The secret is in the feeds he says, because there is not much difference in the air and sunshine of America and the Philippines. Can you imagine how much is the value of this import substitution potential that is going to waste?


Several participants of the Sama-Kabuhayan and Agro Amigo programs of the Inter-Charity Network (ICN) are now ready to graduate into becoming micro-entrepreneurs. I am now organizing them to become the core group of the Association of Philippine Rural and Urban Businesses (APRUB). This new group will mobilize and assist other micro-entrepreneurs so that they could jointly market their products locally and globally.


As initial projects, APRUB has tied up with a Hong Kong company to open a trading center in a Pasay City shopping center. It has also tied up with an American company to operate an e-commerce portal in the web, a la eBay.


“RATED PG” Tuesday, 13 November 2007
By Ike Señeres

We have been through this before. We have seen the mobs of EDSA III, we recognized them as the faces of poverty, and then we vowed to combat poverty no matter what. We are shocked by scenes that awaken our nation. Will we wake up one day to see the nightmare gone?


Now we are shocked by stories of people committing suicide because of poverty. Just like EDSA III, we are now vowing to do something about it, but will we ever get around to it? As I see it, “ningas cogon” is a terrible tandem to a short national memory.


How can we win against an enemy that we do not really know? What I mean by knowing the enemy is being able to know the numbers. The government says the poverty rate is only 30%, I say it is about 70%. Assuming that the government is telling the truth, this is already indirectly admitting that there are at least 24 million individuals in this country living in poverty.


Comes now the report of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) that there are 11 million Filipinos living in extreme poverty, meaning that they are just trying to survive for less than 1 dollar (less than 50 pesos) a day. Does this mean that the balance of the government estimate (13 million) is surviving on more than 1 dollar a day?


Good governance means having measurable targets, but these should be attainable in the first place. The government says it will cut poverty by half in eight years, in time for the deadline set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). How is it going to do that?


On the practical side, each province should set its own poverty reduction target. By this, I do not mean poverty alleviation, just making sure because the distinction seems to escape many government people. Putting their money where their mouth is, the provincial Governors should tell us how they are going to achieve these targets, at the same time tell us how they are going to fund these massive undertakings.


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