June 3, 2008


Again, all roads lead to Dipolog

At the onset of summer at the early part of April up to now that summer is about to be gone, all roads lead to Dipolog City, capital of the province of Zamboanga del Norte because of the somewhat never-ending activities taking place here.

Early part of last April was the start of the annual P’gsalabuk Festival which this year is on its 10th that culminated last Saturday, May 24 with the observance of the City Fiesta.

Though P’gsalabuk Festival is over but activities in the city will go on up to the “Adlaw sa Dipolog” on July 1 which includes the Hudyaka ZaNorte Festival that will culminate on June 7, 2008.

Though P’gsalabuk is over but activities in the city will go on up to the “Adlaw sa Dipolog” on July 1. Even at the moment, the provincial weeklong celebration opened Friday afternoon, May 30 participated in by delegations from municipalities and the two cities of Dapitan and Dipolog.

This will culminate on June 6, the founding anniversary of the Province of Zamboanga del Norte. In connection with the 95th anniversary celebration of the founding of Dipolog on July 1, preparations are now in place as agreed by the Executive Committee headed by Mayor Evelyn T. Uy.

Initially, a series of activities good for one week has been set to start on June 23 up to Adlaw sa Dipolog on July 1. Among those lined-up are Agro-Trade and Food Fair, Visual and Photo Art Exhibit, Sports Activities, Video Presentations, Live Band Contest, Inter-Office and Market Vendor’s Association Ballroom Dancing Competition, Inter-School Quiz Bee, Dance Mania, Karambola sa Manok, Shooting Competition, Concert at the Boulevard, Anniversary Program and Parade.

There will also be awarding ceremonies for retirees/special awards and posthumous award. And the prestigious citation which is the “Pangadlaw Awards” will be given by the local government to Dipolognons who have made big contributions and honor to the city especially toward its over-all development.

This year’s celebration theme is: “DIPOLOG: NAGKAHIUSA SA KALINAW UG KAUSWAGAN.” (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.VII No.49)


 Villar graces HuDyaka

Clad in glittering Subanen blazer and denim pants, Senate President Manuel Villar joined the costume parade on May 30 which started at 4 p.m. and ended at the Hudyaka Village at the ZaNorte Sports Complex.

The parade marked the opening of the Hudyaka festival which would culminate on June 6, 2008 which is the 56th Founding Anniversary of Zamboanga del Norte. It was attended by the local officials of the 25 municipalities of the province and the two cities of Dipolog and Dapitan.

Senate President Manny Villar with Cong. Cesar Jalosjos and Gov. Rolando Yebes during the Hudyaka opening parade. Many were asking: Where’s Manny Pacquiao?

Many believed that the recent parade was participated in by the biggest contingents from each municipality and witnessed by the biggest crowd since its beginning in 2005. Hudyaka will run for seven days where each day has its own activity designed to attract tourist, be they local or not.

The festival culminates on June 6, the Araw ng Zamboanga del Norte which was recently declared a special non-working holiday. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)



Villar, Gen. Yano, Amb. Kenney to grace Hudyaka

The Provincial Tourism Office recently disclosed that Senate President Manuel Villar will be the guest of honor who will open the ZaNorte Festival 2008 on May 30 this year.

HUDYAKA GUESTS & SIGHTSEERS. (L-R) Senate President Manuel Villar, US Ambassador Anne Kenney, AFP Chief of Staff General Alexander Yano and former Pinoy Big Brother housemates and Trip na Trip cast Uma, Jayson and Franzen hosted by vice presidential daughter Catherine de Castro and a whole lot more others to grace Hudyaka Festival 2008.

PTOfficer Atty. Ivan Patrick Ang also confirmed the coming of AFP Chief of Staff General Alexander Yano and US Ambassador Anne Kenney. Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia and the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan were also invited to come.

It was learned that Gov. Rolando Yebes wanted to establish a good connection with the province of Cebu so that tourists who will be there could possibly come to the province since it is part of the Central Philippines Tourism Complex. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


 Unless they ask permission
Dipolog PNP forbids crime victims to be interviewed by media

The victims of robbery, hold-up, budol-budol and other crimes could not easily disclose their stories to the media unless the Dipolog PNP gave them the go ahead signal. Or they get a good scolding from them. Ryan Kim Ramos of Makati City recently disclosed he went to the Dipolog PNP station to report his sad experience in the city.  However, there was a local reporter in the area at that time and so he allowed himself to be interviewed.

The victim was not a local resident of the city but claimed to be a tourist who wished to reach Rizal Park at Dapitan City. Ramos narrated that he arrived Dipolog last Sunday night after a short stay in Zamboanga City. He decided to walk from the bus terminal to Top Penssione, where he wanted to spend the night. However, when he arrived near the Miputak Central School area, he was accosted by two men who poked a sharp knife into him, declaring hold-up at the same time snatching his bag away which contained personal valuables including his cellphone and camera.

He went to the Dipolog PNP office to report the crime but he was dismayed to receive scolding from the office instead. The PNP personnel reasoned that if such case could reach media, the reporters would apparently blubber all about it as “rampant” although it was just an isolated case considering that the city fiesta is coming. Victimized, scolded and penniless, the victim caught the pity of a businessman here who offered him his fare in going back to Makati City. Although the Provincial tourism Office through Atty. Ivan Patrick Ang offered Ramos a free tour to the Rizal Shrine at Dapitan, the victim refused but opted to head for home.

On the other hand, another victim fell into the hand of a hold upper on May 15 this year at the taboan area at Galas Satellite market. Police identified the victim as Leonardo Sabino, a meat vendor who claimed he was held up by an unidentified person. It was learned that Sabino fought against the hold upper despite the gun that the suspect was holding. The suspect was reportedly stronger than the victim causing the latter to scamper away.

However, the suspect pulled the trigger of the gun but the victim had already run far enough before the bullet could hit him. Witnesses claimed that the suspect boarded the motorcycle as fast as he could and drove towards the national highway. Meanwhile, the Dipolog PNP assured Dipolognons that they have done all they could do t protect them, as well as visitors from the hands of lawless elements. Police Inspector Timothy Aniway recently urged all victims and witnesses to the crime to come out and file the case so that they could possibly arrest the suspected criminals. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)



President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo underscored this week the importance of the empowered workplace in the country’s goal of achieving a First World status in the next two decades. In her message at the 29th National Conference of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) at the Centennial Hall of the Manila Hotel Thursday morning, the President also noted that ECOP’s vision of the empowered workplace embraces Thomas Friedman’s notion that the world is flat.

“Your theme this year, “The Empowered Workplace,” recognizes that today in order to create an empowered workplace, management’s role must change from a command-and-control mindset to a responsibility-oriented and supportive environment in which all employees have the opportunity to do their best,” the President said. “ECOP’s theme underscores the substantial elements that make up the new and thriving face of the Filipino employer in the flat world, where office zones are defined by borderless business, and enterprise competitiveness is driven by labor creativity and technological innovation,” she added.

The President noted that more companies have realized that by developing and supporting an empowered workplace “results in a return on investment for all stakeholders in the enterprise.” “Yes, the world is flat!” the President said, adding that the flatter or the more the process of globalization gives an equal opportunity to all competitors, the more companies have to adapt and innovate to survive.

The ECOP, she said, has long realized the importance of an empowered workplace. “You have become a cornerstone of our country’s development…your message is clear- an empowered workplace is good for business, good for the economy, and good for the country,” the President said.

“To ECOP, ‘flat worlders,’ you have been a major partner in helping the Filipino nation move into the first world in 20 years,” she said. The 29th national conference of ECOP addressed the basic issues affecting stakeholders on the radically changed workplace brought about by globalization, trade liberalization, coupled with information and communication technology.

The ECOP noted that the new workplace needs new approaches to foster industrial peace, improve productivity and resolve disputes. (pia-zn)


Food industry investors ask about investments, What now?


As new mango processing plant at the ZaNorte Agro-industrial Center starts operation soon, many investors in the past were asking about the capital they had put in during the administration of former Gov. Isagani Amatong.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Carmencita Icao disclosed that she was one of those who invested at the ZDN Food Industries at the Provincial Agri-Industrial Center at Upper Irasan, Roxas, Z.N. Dr. Icao moved before the Provincial Development Council recently that the investors should be informed about the capital they have invested into the processing plant.

On the other hand, the Private Oil Mills Venture Corporation (POMS Venture) recently disclosed to launch their mango processing operation by July this year. Ma. Theresa De Jesus, Manager of DDPKRM Growth Corridor Project spoke before the Provincial Development Council and urged all the mayors to inform their mango farmers that a big market for their produce is coming to the province.

She disclosed that Businessman Eduardo “Dan-ding” Cojuangco who owns the industry had initially put in P15M for the processing plant to be constructed inside the Provincial Agri-Complex at Irasan, Roxas, Z.N. The plant needs a great supply of mango which shall be dried, pureed and exported to all the different parts of the world.

During mango off-season, the company shall go into processing papaya, pineapple, mangosteen and calamansi. Since the plant has the capacity of processing mangoes at 10 tons per day, it needs 210 tons of green mangoes every month, and 20 tons of ripe mangoes. It was learned that the company had already established a processing plant at Ponteverda, Negros Occidental where Cojuangco’s mango plantation is.

However, due to the wide plantation of mango in the province, the management decided to come to the province considering the good source of materials here. Meanwhile, Gov. Rolando Yebes disclosed that the province has already been attractive to the investors after they have amended some of the provisions of the Provincial Investment Code of Zamboanga del Norte. The governor disclosed the company will enjoy non-payment of mayor’s permit fees for two years including business taxes, and other fees imposed by the municipalities and provinces. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


DMC College Foundation hosted the Mindanaowide Orientation



The said Mindanaowide Orientation was attended by the TECHNICAL PANEL FOR IT EDUCATION (TPITE), all CHED Regional directors, School heads, IT program heads, Deans, faculties and staff all over Mindanao. The guests of the said orientation were Dr. Heracleo Lagrada, Director, Office of Policies and Standards CHED Central Office, Dr. Caslon Chua, Chairman, TPITE IT Ladderization Program, Mr. Rene Villegas, IT Unit Head, CHED Central Office and Dr. Emmylou Yanga, Director, CHED Regional Office IX.

“Hosting the said event is one of the many contributions of DMC to the IT Education in Mindanao. As one of the frontliners in IT education is this part of Mindanao, it is our duty and responsibility to help enhance the level of IT education not just in Mindanao but all over the country”  according to Dr. Gerald T. Concha, AVP Administration, DMC College of Computer Studies. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)



The Arroyo administration promises a national human rights roadmap that will be based on wide ranging consultations with various stake-holders throughout the country.

This was assured on Thursday by Executive Secretary Eduardo R. Ermita; Chairman of the Presidential Human Rights Committee (PHRC) after civil society groups and supporters of the National Human rights Action Plan and Program emphasized the need for consultation, participation and international standards, and expressed concern about changes happening at key human rights offices. Ermita said, “The First National Action Plan for Human Rights for 1995-1999 was cited as a model of participatory process by the U.N.  We have begun a similar, refined process this week and intend to continue in this consultative path for the second plan.”

The PHRC convened about 200 participants at the Preparatory Workshop towards a Consultative Process for the Formulation of The 2nd National Human Rights Action Plan and Program, Philippines, on May 19, at the Manila Hotel. In his taped keynote address, Ermita emphasized the need for all sectors to hold “continuing dialogue amongst ourselves – as we formulate and implement a national human rights action plan and program for the Filipino people by Filipinos.”  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo instructed the PHRC to begin formulating the National HR Action Plan last December 12 during the celebration of Human Rights Week.

The Preparatory Workshop brought together 40 groups from civil society and 20 government agencies involved in human rights promotion and protection. After a plenary opening session, they convened in breakout groups to discuss priorities related to each of the core human rights treaties, such as the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights, and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Conventions on Rights of Child and of Migrant Workers. The main objective of the workshop was to present to the various stakeholders a draft framework for the formulation process and to brainstorm on their views for human rights priorities and recommendations in breakout groups.

All these will be inputs to the Steering Committee for the National Human Rights Action Plan and Program (HRAPP) which will finalize the framework and the work plan. Joan Carling, of the Indigenous People’s  Human Rights Monitor called on the government to make the second National Action Plan more than a mere document but one where human rights standards are truly implemented. Dr. Purificacion C.V. Quisumbing, member of the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee and former CHR Chairperson, advised that not only should government implement these international standards on the ground but it should also feed information on this implementation into its obligation to report to UN bodies. (PIA-ZN)



Ethnic culture identifies the place and its people

The Philippines, though of varied customs and traditions, has stood as one. The different areas are distinctly known by their cultural identities.

One big influence in Philippine society is religion, the majority of which is Christian Catholics. Thus one important observance is the annual celebration of fiestas in the towns and barrios in honor of their Patron Saints.

Dipolog, just as the other communities of the country, has St. Vincent Ferrer as one of its Patron Saints said to have been brought here by the first Boholanos (immigrants from the province of Bohol in the Visayas).

Cultural practices, on the other hand, have become the identifications of the different regions, cities, towns and barrios of the country. Dipolog, derived from the native term “Dipag” which when translated literally means “on the other side” of the river, is located at the “other side” of the river that runs through the city.

Dipolog, as are the other towns of Zamboanga del Norte, was first inhabited by the Subano tribesmen who were said to be the “lumads” of the place. So that it is but proper and fitting to look back and honor them with something of their own. Thus, Dipolog has started to be known for the festival the original “Dipagnons” used to have in celebration of anything good the community has had. And thus “P’gsalabuk” was born and is now on its 10th year of observance, purely Subano in essence and meaning and tribute to the first people who started the development of the place into what it is now. It is “community merry-making” and “street dancing.”

The “Dipagnons” merit this honor as “P’gsalabuk” speaks truly of first Dipolognons. So, too are the other later groups who contributed just as much later on, like the Muslim and Christian immigrants as rightly and symbolically represented by the fountain at the junction, entrance to the city. (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.VII No.49)


ASEAN to sign common air ties with China, India, Japan, Korea


Member-countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is expected to sign a multilateral air agreement among themselves together with China, India, Japan and Korea in December this year, Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Leandro Mendoza said.

Mendoza, together with Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Alfonso Cusi, was interviewed last week by Malacañang-based reporters at the Bohol Beach Club on the eve of the arrival to the province of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the groundbreaking of the proposed Panglao International Airport and preside over the Cabinet meeting here.

Mendoza said the Philippines and other ASEAN countries have agreed in principle to liberalize their skies with the possible signing of a “common air agreement” in December this year. He said ASEAN countries also discussed with China, India, Japan and Korea the possibility of their joining in the regional air services grouping. Cusi said ASEAN’s adoption of an open skies policy would ultimately lead to the creation of a single aviation market in the region by 2015, wherein the Philippines needs to further develop its air transport policy as well as upgrade existing facilities.

Mendoza and Cusi said that member-countries that include Malaysia and Thailand have already been developing airports with multiple runways to accommodate bigger traffic while the Philippines still has to develop one. The two said one of the best options is to develop Clark International Airport as the country’s international gateway considering it has a bigger land area to accommodate the construction of additional runways.

The liberalized air services grouping is expected to strengthen linkages within the regional air cargo industry, improve ASEAN economies and boost the integration of ASEAN as a single and caring community by 2015 which was strongly pushed by the President during the Philippines’ ASEAN chairmanship in Cebu. (PIA-ZN)


Critic’s Corner
By: Dilly Gl. Cuneta

Happy Fiesta

Seeing the participants zealously practicing for a contest in the culmination of P’gsalabuk Festival elicited smiles from onlookers as well as clapping of hands too.

Or maybe the smiles were also in anticipation of the Dipolog fiesta coming on top of all activities. Forgotten, in the meantime, are the crises of rice, oil, typhoons & flooding in our country, earthquakes & other tragedies in other places too.

With perspiration gleaning on the faces and bodies of participants, they seem to be oblivious of all except the rhythm of the drum… Te, dum dum! Te dum dum! sway…glide…bow… swing…on and on they go, back and forth with unmistakable dreams of winning 1st and being the best!

Speaking of the resiliency of the Filipinos, it might be because of our will to live. We may be one of the poorest because of the corrupt practice of our headman, but we manage to still line up and buy NFA rice at P18.25 per kilo.

We may be one of the poorest; still we manage to go to manampalay and partake of a birthday bash and eat apples. We may be one of the poorest, yet we can build a white elephant. Elephant on a hill for posterity sake.

Yeah, we may be the poorest yet we continue to be the most hospitable people in the world and celebrate fiestas. And to each and everyone – we wish you all a Happy Fiesta!


Reports have reached us about some pre-school teachers from the Dipolog City Division who were not paid their salaries because the division supt.-head opted not to sign their checks.

If these reports are true, these pre-school teachers are said to have been at their post for three-four years now. 

It is also said that a certain Pastor was the one in charge of hiring new teachers and it was in their favor that the division supt.-head issued checks instead of issuing those to the former pre-school teachers who were hired and had already worked.

So, city division, please clarify your stand.


According to reports, NFA which is mandated to sell rice at a cheaper price is now in dire need of funds because of the current rice crisis the country is facing.

The finance dept. estimates that NFA’s losses will reach P43-billion this year if price of rice will reach above $1000 per metric ton.

NFA incurred losses in 2006 and last year because it is mandated to sell rice at cheaper price only.

It is also reported that NFA’s debt has reached P52-billion even as the gov’t owned Land Bank of the Philippines had already given P12-billion to help NFA cope with the rice crisis. (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.VII No.49)


My Best Foot
By: Engr. Ric Tenorio

For not being wise

The Philippines is still No. 8 most corrupt country in world says Transparency International. Malacañang is saying that they are trying hard to curb corruption in the government.

Good! Maybe President Arroyo should not start cleaning the palace first. As the saying goes “charity always begins at home”


For being a crusader against government corruption, Archbishop Oscar Cruz was not spared from harassment. He posted bail to avoid arrest after the libel case filed against him some 4 years ago and was dropped by Manila Prosecutor’s Office was again revived.

Thanks to DOJ Sec. Raul Gonzales for having affirmed that Gloria’s administration is indeed vindictive.


Some Presidentiables are starting to circulate this early.

Early birds, eh? Sorry, worms don’t wake up that early anymore. Hehehe..


Leading the bandwagon is Senate President Manuel Villar who is coming to town to grace the ZANORTE HUDYAKA. I was told that he will join the parade from start to finish just to show his love for Zanorteans.

Wow pare…sikat! Pag sure bah diha oy!


Anakpawis Rep. Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran 75 last Tuesday, finally died not on the streets crying for justice, as he wanted it to be, but of poverty. He can’t afford to pay a carpenter to fix his leaking roof, so he did it alone and fell, causing his untimely death.

Sad to tell but it’s true. He is the poorest of all the Congressman around. For not using his head, he died a poor man. Ngiii…


Why does Meralco quick to disconnect costumers unable to pay electric bills within 3 days from final notice? Asked Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

“Credit is good but we need cash” says a sign on the wall.


The Supreme Court has ordered Meralco to pay back the consumers some P20 billion Tax Refund, but until now the order just went on Meralco’s deaf ears.

Suckers thrive where willing victims abound.


If PGMA fails to subdue Meralco to tow the line, then Gloria will meet the same fate as his father, the later Pres. Diosdado Macapagal.

But Gloria is not her father’s keeper.  She maybe a woman but no man can ever match her heart, her mouth and her character.  What’s in a gender anyway?


Upon my doctor’s advice, I walked almost everyday at the boulevard, yes the full length of it and back.  It’s only now that I came to realize how beautiful Dipolog is.  And rightly said, it’s only the Uys that made a dream come true.  MABUHAY Dipolog on its P’gsalabuk Presentation.

Yebaaaaaa!!! (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


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Andam ug plantsado na ang mga kalihukan nga magdala ug kasadya sa pagsaulog sa Hudyaka ZaNorte Festival 2008 nga dungan sa ika-56 nga kasumaran sa pagkahimugso sa lalawigan sa Zamboanga del Norte. Sa unang semana sa dili pa pormal nga pagabuksan ang maong kalihukan sugdan na ang Motocross Challenge nga diin himoon kini karong umaabot Mayo 24 hangtud na sa Mayo 25 diha sa Zamboanga del Norte Sports Complex grounds.

Atol sa pormal nga pagbukas sa Hudyaka ZaNorte Festival 2008 diin mabulokong gipahigayon ang colorful nga Costume parade nga miapil sa parada ang pinasidunggang bisita nga si Senate President Manny Villar.

Gituyo pagtanyag ni Governor Rolando Yebes kauban ang buhatan sa Turismo ning lalawigan ug Provincial Tourism Council ang maong talan-awon sa katawhan isip paghatag ug yukbo usab sa kapistahan ni Sr. San Vicente sa dakbayan sa Dipolog. Atol sa pormal nga

Power consumers ‘electricuted’ by woeful system losses bills

If you – you now reading this space! – Think you are much smarter than jelly fish (that bolbog hydrozoan watery species); this feature article bares facts truly sending you Pacquito TKO half dead.

According to the other week’s National Geographic channel’s footages, the ocean waters world-wide harbor more or less 200,000 jelly fish species and their overall population is ten times plentier than today’s earth’s six billion human habitants.

These marine bluish creatures are now multiplying rapidly by leaps and bounds, posing survival threats not only to other numerous marine fellow fish species but to us human beings as well. Marine scientists and oceanographers have now alarming solid data that the sudden upsurge of jelly fish population in just within the continuum time frame of two decades – based on their deep sea and laboratory researches covering various sampled seas in the world – has been dramatically triggered by the following factors:

Global warming, reportedly making even more worsened by pollutants, such as oils, sewers, plastic debris, dirts, chemicals, fertilizer residues, soil erosions and other unbiogradable materials dumped into ocean waters. These pollutants disturb the otherwise sound and congenial ecological life-balance in the entire marine kingdom, thereby prompting the jelly fish creatures to multiply rapidly in epic proportions (in order) to preserve their species in the face of such environmental threats.

Even though only then percent of these protozoan (jelly fish) species are armed with millions of deadly needle-sharp stingers releasing venom (which until now no effective antidote serum is discovered yet), virtually all other seemingly harmless species have their own built-in biological mechanisms safeguarding their survival from all kinds of sea water temperatures and conditions since their earth’s existence 75 million years ago.

Laboratory research using high-powered microscopes and other state-of-the-art technology uncovered these facts: jelly fish have compound microscopic eyes, also equipped with sonar and radar signals to identify the right sizes of fish they can gobble with ease, in determining the deepness of sea waters and distance of shorelines, plus their biological-clock-minds guiding their mass attacks on small marine creatures, planktons, most of all, which are their main diets. For all we know, the water world food-chain system starts right in the shallow coastal zones being these are the breading habitats of planktons. Whenever these habitats are completely destroyed the food-chain pyramidal order of bigger fish eating small fish, so-forth-and-so, down to virtual depopulation of plankton species, the entire cycles of food-chain-systems turn upside down.

The marine biologists foresee this scenario a possible reality with human beings at the bottom line of survival against jelly fish species by then already dominating the world’s coastal habitats.

The shallow waters in California, the Caribbean, South America, India, Australia, Africa, Japan, the two Koreas, China, just to mention a few coastal zones, are now ‘invaded’ by these hydrozoan (watery) species. Countries where pollutants are increasingly mounting due to industrial wastes let loose abandon totaled. So before you kinilawais those rather harmless jelly fish species flapping towards you, think it again back to the advisory warnings of marine scientists: Most of these jelly species are bi-sexual. Once you have detached their watery innards back to sea water, millions of practically invisible eggs will continue their geometrical population growth by epic proportions. To continue their march to finish us all No. 1 polluters if these somewhat freak wastes of nature - akin to asteroids – are given chances to do so.

(Erratum corrected: The ozone layer is located somewhere up sky above earth lands only about 15-20 kms. Not 40,000 kms. as wrongly run in this space’s May 17, 2008 issue on global warming episode features. Thanks to Nandau Editor Nick for keeping that article almost perfectly proof-read.)


The biggest joke – I mean jerk – of the day is, of course, the current congressional  fact-finding hearing on MERALCO’s perceived highly anomalous bad habit of passing to millions of power consumers its systems losses reportedly all of which have now accumulated to over P260 billion – not just millions – but billions.

Whatever be the outcome of this probe, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, for one, has early this month raised his ala-Rambo RPG against such power distribution entity on issue of Systems Losses which, in his own ballistic words, are absolutely none existing or considered already ‘lost’ by simple logic of corporate laws and business fact. It means such charges passed on to power consumers is absolutely unlawful and immoral.

Korek baya ka tood, Senator! Kay nawala o wala (none existing) man diay nang powera (somewhat ghost or phantom) kinahanglan gayod re-imbursohan ang konsumante sa power charges nga wala mohatod nilag aktong serbisyo.


Maayo pa nang mananagat klarex kaayog business logic. Kadtong isdang bolinao ba wala maapili og toong sa pokot kay daghan nig buho wala man tawon nilag lakip og patong diha sa presyo sa mga isdang ilang aktong gibaligya ngadto sa konsumanteng manlab-asay.


Almost the same thing with Electric Cooperatives nationwide also feeling deceived and ‘electrocuted’ by power systems losses passed on to them by power management which, back to Sen. Enrile’s Committee hearing statements, are but the management’s faults or failures to make the power distribution service uncorrupted by both inside and outside current robbers.

Anyway, there is now a Power Reform bill being hatched up in Senate (and in Congress, too?) that looks after the interest of power consumers and the need of improving the power management’s capability to deliver power services at cheaper cost possible. No longer brown-outed by their own incompetence themselves.

Bahala nag unsay pay ilang justifications or alibi anang power systems losses, basta kitang konsomantes repanan gayod nila. Period. By what means satisfactorily ‘win-win’ to both consumers and power givers. Period again.


Poor folks will possible troop in by hordes for the two-week long Zanorte Hudyaka festivals if the cheap NFA rice be also included in the hudyaka farm product sales feast. This idea comes from a number of motor cabbers and barangay folks over their complaints in buying the NFA rice up there in Gulayon warehouse costing them at least P20 per round trip just for six kilos of rice, not to mention their long hours of pila wait for their turns.

This grain supply crisis brings back to mind Egypt’s seven-year long famine (due to drought) 3000? years ago which prompted Farm Grains Governor Joseph to order the instant unlocking of granaries probably most of which were owned by well-connected businessmen.

Pronto, everyone starving in that wake had their good fills. Much to the joys of hubag sweet-scented angels well impressed of Joseph’s macho actions  . . . Opps . . that HUBAG thing in your naughty mind is not what I do mean. I mean that HUBAG stands for the angels’ great Hails Unto happy poor folks Being  Awashed of the governor’s Grains. Clear? (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.47)


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Machiavellian Theory

By Tyrone Jay V. Samson

Salug – Zanorte’s Ghost Town!

Salugnons now have another huge reason to stay away from our hometown! A recent article printed by this paper reported of the growing number of extortionists present in the municipality of Salug, as announced personally by Salug Mayor Jesus Lim before the Provincial Peace and Order Council during its recent meeting.

The mayor disclosed that these lawless elements went as far as the municipality of Godod and Leon Postigo, where citizens were asked certain amounts according to a set of category for this so-called “rebel tax”. According to Mayor Lim, nipa huts were asked P500 every month while those living in concrete houses were demanded to shell out P1000.

I believe this is a long-time coming for such a development-free town of Salug. The people are becoming poorer and poorer each day. Even before such horrible news broke out, investors are long scared to invest their money to Salug considering the reputation of drugs and violence the town has. And if we look at it closely, it all comes down to the fact that the people are impoverished. Poverty – that’s the biggest reason why people resort to extreme measures such as terroristic activities to extort money from innocent civilians.

And it seems everybody from Salug have gone bankrupt except for a few people especially close or related to the first family! And those who managed to improve their lives are either banking on their daughters getting hitched with a foreign dude or resort to Salug’s number one business venture, drug trafficking; and number two business activities, illegal gambling! When I go home, I see a town craving for change. I see people needing more life, more energy from its leaders. I see our natural resources in need of legal and proper utilization, and protection. I see the need for fisher folks plying the seashores to be given assurance that their government is, indeed, capable and willing to protect them. I see a stagnant administration bent on hindering further improvement for the town to protect their business interests. I see lawmakers who are either too young to make some actual changes or are just plain too old that they can no longer see the degradation of morality in the two-centuries-old administration. I see some young talents wasted because the government cannot, or will not, provide them the opportunity to exercise or employ their talents and skills in Salug which led to a number of young, talented and bright individuals seeking to explore jobs elsewhere. I see business owners not getting their good nights sleep, having nightmares of lawless elements breaking in their backyards to terrorize and strip them off their hard-earned finances and belongings. I see all kinds of negativity and one cannot help but feel pessimistic of the municipality’s current direction. Salug is definitely on the fast track in becoming the biggest barangay of Liloy in the future!

But, one thing’s for sure and if there’s one consolation for the town’s dilemma, then this is it, from this lowest of low points of the town’s history, there’s no other way but up for the town of Salug. Mister Mayor is currently the president of the League of Municipalities, ZaNorte Chapter; I think it’s high time for us to make considerable steps in making this town reach its potential. It’s never too late to make things right. Maulaw bya pud siguro ta ug kitay President sa Liga ng mga Mayors then our own municipality is currently considered a ghost town.

I believe that the good mayor should start by making the right choice in tapping a competent police chief. And the list goes on and on for the revival of Salug’s hope of climbing out of this economic difficulty and political ineptitude. I am no economist, nor am I an expert in political science, what I am is a concerned citizen at the outside looking in. I can speak in behalf of every single Salugnon I know, “sa sitwasyon sa lungsod karun, wala gyud tawun bisan usa ganahan mupuyo or mubalik sa Salug! Napugos na lang gyud pud nang uban kay wala na gyud tawun puy laing kapadulngan.”


I would like to wish a good friend of mine, Mr. Edgar Tanggaro, a Physical Education teacher, good luck in his continuing battle for a spot in the ZNNHS campus here in Dipolog City. With your ranking and vast teaching experience, I believe it is very hard, even for some shady officials, to ignore you for long. Keep up the good fight, and as Bob Marley said, stand up for you right.


Finally, I would like to greet my nephew Mark Kevin Samson, my brother Auburn Patrick “Rikki” Samson, and my father, Dr. Aurelio T. Samson Jr, who has already joined our Lord Jesus Christ, a happy birthday. The four of us all celebrate our birthdays in May. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


Media blackout for crime victims in Dipolog?

The Press Freedom headline last week reads, “Dipolog PNP forbids crime victims to be interviewed by media!” As soon as I finished reading the said headline, I immediately felt the Stone Cold Stunner! I was shell-shocked, I was flabbergasted, I was amazed, hell, you can print all the synonyms of these words at how ignorant, egocentric and insensitive the PNP is if they truly believe such action is necessary.

Where in the world did they get this ridiculous idea of shutting out the media in a so-called democratic country? In ani na gyud diay kabulok ni ato mga pulis? Na kung naa mabiktima ug hold up dayun mulekramo sa police station, imbis tabangan, kasab an na nuon kay gapa interview sa media?

It was reported last week that a certain Ryan Kim Ramos of Makati City, a tourist who wanted to visit Rizal Park in Dapitan City, was treated by two Dipolognons with their brand of a very warm welcome, using a sharp knife to rob and confiscate Ramos’ bag. Mister Ramos, like any other victim hoping to get some help, went to the supposedly best place one goes to when you need security assistance – the police station! While narrating his experience to the desk officer, a reporter was there to record such sad plight of Mr. Ramos. And what did the victim get from all these? A thorough scolding from a police officer, that is! Wow!

I really wanted to print the name of the officer in my headline. I was just so impressed (pun intended) of the police officer, who was so enlightened, so helpful, so cooperative and accommodating to a victim, to have the heart to discipline Mr. Ramos when he had the courtesy to answer questions from a media man! However, I have to say sorry to my dear readers, I just can’t get my friends (I hate to use the word informants, because it sounds too big-time journalism for me) to mouth off the good police officer’s name.

To you Mister Police Officer, whoever you are, you know who you are. And I sincerely hope you get to reread, and this time understand, your college notes, that is if you ever went to college. Check on the 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article III, Bill of Rights, specifically Section 4 which states that, “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.”

That means Mister Policeman, the media has all the right to question the victim! The victim, in turn, has all the right to answer the reporter’s questions. And you Mister Policeman, has no right whatsoever to say otherwise. You have no right to scold a victim when all he did was answer questions regarding a crime that was committed. What you did just shows how ignorant you are of your profession.

My fellow concerned Dipolognons, what we need is for the media and the PNP joining hands for the betterment of this society. The media is there to serve as the government’s (the PNP highlighted) watchdog. To the PNP personnel, you should not feel threatened of the media’s voice. Instead, look at the bright side and use media to erase the PNP’s already tarnished image by increasing your competence in combating crime in the city.

And for media people, I say this as bluntly as I can, let us give kudos to some really praise-worthy acts of police officers (which is as rare as a red mouse, if ever there’s one - LOL). At least, you’ll have a feel-good story, for a change. I’m out like your last intelligent, honest, hard-working and dedicated policeman in the whole Philippines. Peace. (For your comments and suggestions, send a word to tyrone_shakur2001@yahoo.com) (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com



Dipolog receives book donations from Rotary

The city this week was the recipient of books donated by Rotary Club of Dipolog. Mayor Evelyn T. Uy (right) as she expressed her gratitude to the donor after she formally receives the 17,000 different books (left). These were endorsed to the DepEd City Division as reference for the estimated 16,888 elementary pupils throughout the division. (CIO)


Who will be crowned Miss ZaNorte 2008? Be there as it happens on June 6, 2008.




 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
What sort of treasure should we store up?

Billy Graham tells the story of a man who went to a doctor for help with his depression. The doctor, who had never met the man before, said, “I’ll suggest something better than anti-depressants. Go and see the clown at the circus which has just, arrived in town. He is sending people into hysterics.  Sir, responded the depressed man, “I am that clown”.

If laughter cannot give lasting satisfaction then perhaps alcoholic drinks might help. But clearly, according to Solomon, that does not solve matters either. He then tells how he threw himself into ceaseless activity, building houses for himself, planting vineyards, creating reservoirs, buying male and female slaves, purchasing large flocks and herds, amassing silver and gold, and so on. Yet none of these activities helped him make sense of life.

If we read in Matthew 6:24-25, says, “so I tell you, don’t worry about everyday life, whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn’t life consist of more than food and clothing? What these verses mean is that, we are provided a list of ways in which pleasure can be experienced. But all of them are not acceptable. The first is laughter. But as everyone knows, those who bring laughter to others are often the most miserable themselves.

We read in Ephesians 5:15-20, says, so be careful how you live, not as fools but as those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity for doing good in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but try to understand what the lord wants you to do. Don’t be drunk with wine because that will ruin your life. Instead, let the holy spirit fill and control you. Then you will sing Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, making music to the lord in your hearts. And you will always give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

When our life is out of control, family tensions and conflict are common. Paul, tells us that the home should be a place where love and mutual respect are shown. Husbands and wives should love each other’s and be sensitive to each other’s needs, showing the same love Christ showed the Church.

Bible Bites!

You can but many things with money but you cannot buy meaning. You either have it or you don’t. And these who have it will have found it because they have found their way to God. Nothing makes sense outside of God. In life, we may not always get what we want, we may not always get what we need but we get what we deserve because God always give us what is best. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com



The hallmarks of a true leader

  “ To be an inspiring leader you do not have to be the smartest, or even the hardest -working person in the group. What is does require is that you be firm-firm in your dedication to excellence, even if it makes you temporarily unpopular. Leadership doesn’t mean winning a popularity contest.”  - Alan Loy McGinnis

It took me a while to come back to this field of writing. The field, which is my first passion. In the newsweekly “The Mindanao Star, I used to write my opinions in the column “Points of View”. There were several attempts to come back, but my schedule did not cooperate and honestly, my marital obligations got in the way. However, I have decided to come back to the writing arena since I actually missed it and I needed an outlet to record the events of our times especially in our province.

What prompted me also to write is to share the opportunity that I had when I personally talked with the provincial governor last April 1 when he was the guest speaker of the DCIT 20th Commencement Exercises. The opportunity was so rare because the governor was in good mood and even gamely and patiently distributed the diplomas to the graduates. It was indeed a lifetime opportunity for the young graduates who had a souvenir picture of our provincial governor on their graduation day. Honestly, his presence in that event made our day.

I had several occasion of speaking with the governor, but indeed it was the first time that I had an actual glimpse of this political leader’s inner self, not as a political leader only, but as a person. Several times, I had heard that Governor Yebes is an approachable man, but in that occasion I saw in him the signs of sensitivity as a person. He casually talked about the youth and the dreams of improving their lives through education. He supported the educational sector’s objective of training the youth with short term courses. We talked about his dreams of helping the needy and even with his opponents’ views. He gave opinions about crucial topics like mining and even his political foes. Some comments, of course are too sensitive to be shared to public.

Indeed, his foresight of this province is overwhelming. He is persistent and consistent in his ideals. His focus is incredible. His optimism and sharpness as a leader is contagious as well as exemplary. He talked about going on his dreams headlong despite the criticisms of his political opponents. In a capsule, we were impressed. Yes, this province has experienced all sorts of leaders. I personally met some of them. The late Governor Alberto Q. Ubay, my first boss was an admirable political figure, the former governor Isagani Amatong with his ideals and flaws, which sometimes are amusing to listen, the former governor, Roldan Dalman, I should say, so composed and brilliant in his own way. But, our incumbent governor is a rare political specie. The charm of this leader is incredible, gifted with a peculiar ability to get what he aims. I listen to him talk about his ideals for ZANORTE. Deep inside, I wonder how this province will achieve in the next five  years to come under his leadership, should he be given a third term. Maybe, just maybe, life then for ZANORTEANs will be easier.

Today, I couldn’t help but sigh at what we experience. The moment you wake in the morning, as you tune the radio, you listen at the events around the province, from petty criminal acts to heinous crimes, from the people lining up just to buy three kilos of NFA rice, to young ladies talking about getting foreigners as husbands from the internet just to have financial progress or help her family. Or simply, ponder about the oil price hike, but life has to go on….

We still laugh, and continue on the façade, but indeed, behind all these, we still hope that maybe someday, we can still have a leader gifted with the ability to help us in our everyday lives. Rather than living in a world of hopelessness, we look up at prospective leaders around to save ZANORTE from any predicament. Governor Yebes, as I listen to him is one chance at hope for this province. He has initiated programs for us, and did his best to unite people. I do not say he is the best leader we had, or the best there is. But I see in the man, a unique sincerity to do something different and good for this province. Oppositionists criticize him, but so be it…. That’s politics in function. IN the common lingo, “just give the man a break”

I still say that he has the hallmarks of  a true leader. And when you see some flaws in him, just remember that leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the heart of others. It is an attitude, not a routine. When leadership is right and the time is right, the people can always be counted upon to follow. (Southpoint, Vol.1No.22)


Credits: The Southpoint is the latest weekly news publication circulated in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and Misamis Occidental. It is registered under DTI Permit No. 00282924. The Southpoint can be reached through the following contact info: Sindangan, ZN; Landline: 212 – 4019; Mobile No.: +63 921 458 3830. Email: southpoint8@yahoo.com



Battered Husband

DOJ goes after Lozada for P15-M PFC procurements but never goes after Chairman Abalos for $329-M NBN deal. Only in the Philippines.


Sen. Enrile questions Senate for providing Lozada 2 security escorts. Probably he wants the escorts to be transferred to his San Jose Timber Corp. to beef up the existing PNP platoon. Only in the Philippines.


Villafuerte proposes measures to lower cost of electricity. I move to abolish the P70M pork barrel each congressman received to subsidize our power cost.


Joker opposes removal of EVAT on electricity charges. Is he joking?


Senate Pres. Manuel Villar will be the main Hudyaka guest this week. Vote Villar for president according to Lando.


Beltran falls from ladder, dies of head injuries. I want to see them fall but not Beltran.


Senate passes resolution condoling with China earthquake victims. Don’t say Kung Hi Fat Choy.


‘Hot meat seized in Q.C.’ They were frozen when seized. First time to come across frozen hot meat.


Access cards for poor families readied.  I heard that 2 months ago but none has been released yet.


GSIS Graft case on Luna, Amorsolo art dropped.  Good it was not broken.


Palace earmarked P40B for food program. More billions to steal.


44 dead, 13 hurt as Cosme leaves nation. Von Voyage.


Villar’s wife is richest in House. She must have kept her money at home.


A concerned citizen wants Mayora Belen to flex her muscle against unabated rising criminality in Dipolog. She should first enroll at ‘Flexigem’.


Cong. Dodoy was fuming mad at DPWH. Accordingly, the Sinaman-Sangkol road of 2.4 km will cost Juan dela Cruz P40 million or P10 million for every 600 meters of concrete road.


‘Sayang nasakpan’ a DPWH employee lamented. As Lozada put it: ‘Nabubukol kasi’.


Bangus with formalin down 200 persons in Pangasinan. Dipolognons must have stronger and healthier body resistance. We have been eating fish with formalin from Zamboanga City since time immemorial.


Candy buyer shoots, kills businessman – Headline. The story continues, a gunman, who pretended to buy candy, drew a hand gun instead of bills as payment, and shot point blank a prominent businessman in Koronadal City.

Moral lesson:  Never sell candy.


Definition of Battered Husband:  One who is afraid to tell his pregnant wife that he is sterile. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


Useless waiting sheds

“City Hall to organize GUN CLUB”, says Atty. Cyril O. Ruiz

Good now we can sleep soundly.


JDV says “GMA’s administration will fall if he testifies now”

What the hell is he waiting for?


Our ASEAN neighbor, Thailand is not selling rice to Philippines unless it is true that it’s suffering from the rice shortage.

My God! Nobody believes us anymore. Remember the story of the “Boy who cried wolf-


Nograles urges solons of rice producing districts to share 5P million of their Pork barrel to the farmers to boost rice production.

Yebaaa!!!! No more of those useless waiting sheds where only the goats patronized.


Senators with presidential ambition has turned to Product Endorsement as the most effective Media mileage for election campaign.

Getting away with election laws, Eh? Mga pare, wala pang 90 days before election!


The Lopez’s still keep control of Meralco after the smoke has cleared in the most energetic battle over waged..

The victory goes to the most energized group. He heh…


This year’s JUDYAKA ZANORTE is an indication that the province is an up and coming tourist destination in the country.

Wow na wow bai, Tara na Mag Hudyaka ta.


I like what I have seen at the HUDYAKA Village, Dipolog City has its booth that showcased Dipolog’s best and finest.

Who ever said that Belen and Lando is up against each others throat should start eating his words.


If the PNP is inutil in keeping Dipolog safe, I’m sure Madam Belen will insist in having Maj. Maclang back.

It’s not blackmail, but a sad reality. Maclang to her is the only guy whom she can trust. Why not give her that prerogative? Why oh why?


WELCOME TO WOW ZANORTE!!!!! (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)



Love versus Marriage

I passed by NFA warehouse last Friday at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon at Barangay Gulayon, and I saw a long queue of people lining up for a very valuable commodity - rice.

Most of them were barefooted with tattered clothing and I presumed they must be hungry.  I was told that they were there as early as 6:00 in the morning and these are daily occurrences. As I approached towards the downtown, my vehicle could hardly sneak in the heavy traffic because of “Hudyaka.”

Salaried people were colourfully dressed, appeared to be well fed and in a jovial mood as they entered the site.  My lone passenger was my son and he commented to me: “Pa, we have just witnessed two living contrast in life separated by a barangay.” My conscience struck me that evening and the image of long queue and Hudyaka could hardly be erased from my mind and it is no surprise to me why some people go to the hill.


5 Manila cops in extort face shift to Mindanao.  We now become the dumping ground of scalawags.  Imperial Manila finds it alright for the cops to extort us.


A Hillary Clinton fan says Obama could not make it to the White House because White House is reserved for the white.


Ampatuan files candidacy in ARMM polls.  He was fully armed.


Love versus Marriage

1. Love - holding hands in the street.

            Marriage - holding arguments in the street.

2. Love - dinner for two in your favorite restaurant.

            Marriage - fast food take-out.

3. Love - cuddling on a sofa.

            Marriage - elbowing each other on a sofa.

4. Love - going to bed early.

            Marriage - going to sleep early. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


Credits: The New Nandau is a member of the Publishers Association of the Philippines (PAPI). Editorial office is located at 076 Quezon Avenue, Dipolog City with Tel. No. (065) 212-3794; Cell No. +639205201041. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com



Press Freedom Editorial
No way

A passer-by has been devastated after being divested of his personal things while walking along a seemingly crowded area in Dipolog City.

The more he was desolate when he got a good scolding from the Dipolog PNP, the best office a stranger would likely hope to get help.

The reason: The victim answered questions from a local reporter who happened to be at the office when he reported the crime.

The reason: The police believed media would be blubbering all about it although the case was isolated one.

What is there to be afraid of? Since the victim is just a passer-by, a stranger to the city, a tourist as claimed, his disclosures to the media could not have been scripted to harm the Dipolog PNP leadership.

Media have already been disclosing the unabated crimes in the city for so long. They have constantly criticized their surge.  Does Dipolog PNP fear that another crime incident and another, could be reflective of their inefficiency and incompetence? If the PNP fears that it will be a blow to their leadership, perhaps it’s time for them to spur themselves up and get to real action. This is a better move than declaring a media blackout.

If they are afraid media could get into the story and blow up the crime scenario, they could always offer a disclaimer and show their records. No, there was no way of holding back media from reporting these crimes. If that happened, it could be a sad end of democracy in this country. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


After Hudyaka, what?

Many believed that this year’s Hudyaka festival is the most colorful, well-attended by local officials even from the far south (not to mention the presence of Senate President Manny Villar and other prominent national personalities) and most lavish compared to the earlier celebrations.

No doubt about that.

With the millions extended by the Provincial Government to local government units, one could see glamour and glitter and glitz. Congratulations!

However, as the frivolities culminate on June 6, we hope our officials resume their battle against rice hoarders and errant rice retailers who have managed to spin us around.

. . .to be in constant watch against lawless persons like hold uppers, carnappers, budol-budol, etc.;

. . .to keep an eye on transport groups who may have hiked their fares already;

. . .to check local colleges of tuition fee increase, even public high schools which have possibly asked contributions during enrolment;

. . .to visit school supply stores and monitor prices of notebooks, etc.;

. . .to check if what are bought at the market are accurately weighed and fit for consumption;

. . .to prepare the people for any natural disasters which could possibly come without warning;

. . .and more.

Then we can be truly in Hudyaka mood not only for a week but for the entire year of our life. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 33)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com





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