May 5, 2005


2 Gani loyalists resign, more are seen to follow

Although both Engr. Dioscoro Endab and Wilma Palpagan outlined in their resignation letters personal reasons for leaving the capitol, political observes believed that there were other reasons for such action. Engr. Endab opted to go to private practice and reasoned that he was too far away from his family who need his care since he was assigned in the far south.

Ms. Wilma Palpagan, on the other hand, left the capitol and decided to be with the private sector for good. Although there were ‘just two who gave their resignation letters at the moment but it was rumored that a mass resignation among the Amatong loyalists will soon follow.

Sources said that the said action among the Amatong followers will precede the recall petition that the Amatong camp is readying against Gov. Rolando Yebes. However, Gov. Rolando Yebes only saw this as a good opportunity for others to work in the Provincial Capitol. He disclosed that those who have the proper qualifications can now be appointed to the vacant positions if it is true that they will tender their mass resignations.

The provincial governor disclosed that there are people at present who cannot be appointed to positions since former governor Isagani Amatong made mass appointments which are now pending at the Civil Service Commission. These appointments are seen by the present administration as a ‘sabotage’ to prevent it from appointing its own people. Unless the CSC will give its verdict on the said mass appointments, Gov. Yebes cannot appoint people for the positions now being occupied by the Amatong appointees. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)


Morality at stake

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye.”

It is moral norm everyone is under obligation to abide with for him to live in a descent life. A life that is full of respect. A life that is full of virtue. A life that is full of love and goodwill to everyone. It is a moral norm that is profitable for reproof. But it intensely cautioned everyone, that is, to submit in an indispensable obligation that before prying into the life of others we should have a moral ascendancy to assert with.

Failure to abide under this obligation, such moral standard will not be rendered nugatory but what is put at stake is the credibility of the one who asserts its compliance.

The recent “scandal” that rocked the alleged adulterous cohabitation involving one “media personality” who reportedly subjected the moral affairs of some employee in the Provincial Government in his radio program in almost all the time he resumes his commentaries should not be left as an exemption to the rule .

It is not his claim that he is a legitimate member of the press that will clothe him with an immunity to be off the hook with this moral scrutiny that he relentlessly clamors on the air neither his assertion that it is bereft of public interest. Desperately casting mud into the privacy of a local celebrity through false and tittle-tattle insinuations in order to divert public’s attention is nothing but another suicidal move that finally strangle his own credibility down to its eternal repose.

Logic will tell us that by shifting into another subject leaving the issue at bar unsettled, there is a strong indication of an implied admission on the part of the one who made the pretext. By snooping into the privacy of others, he is also putting his private life into the bar of public scrutiny. Now who’s to blame with this public disappointment? With this scenario, no one can riposte on this, only him who continually saddled on the river of caprices.

Whatever defenses he may now feel available to cover the mess, be that as it may. But the fact remains; that his morality is at stake. (Mindanao Star, Vol. I No.20)


17 pass 2005 S&T scholarship exam

Seventeen (17) high school graduates from Region IX qualified for the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarships and the RA 7687 Scholarships, after passing the S&T Scholarship Examination given last 09 January 2005. Six (6) will be awarded scholarships for BS Degree Courses under the DOST-SEI Merit Program while eleven (11) will be given scholarships for BS Degree Courses under the RA 7687 Program. The scholarship privileges for both programs include school fees, book and transportation allowances and monthly stipend, among others.

Qualifiers from the respective areas will be sent a notice and will be advised to report, together with his/her parent or guardian (bringing a notarized affidavit of guardianship or special power of attorney) at a schedule and venue to be announce later for the three-hour scholarship orientation and signing of scholarship agreement. The documents required for the contract signing are: original and clear photocopy of Birth Certificate; 2005 Residence Certificate of the parent or guardian; a copy of the 2004 Income tax Return of the parent or guardian; P50 notarization fee for the Scholarship Agreement; P15 worth of Documentary Stamps, and 2 copies of the qualifier’s latest 2X2 photo.

The following are qualifiers of the 2005 S&T Scholarships:

1. Aking, Reichel Jein D. - RA 7687 - Zamboanga City
2. Andian, Jacob John C. -RA 7687 - Isabela City, Basilan
3. Araneta, Melzar C. - Merit - Zamboanga City
4. Arquiza, Mycha Ramadha Q. - Merit - Zamboanga City
5. Basig, Charlene U. - RA7687 - Molave, ZDS
6. Cabato, Neil Salvador D. - Merit - Zamboanga City
7. Castaneres, Zaire Fe C. - RA 7687 - Dipolog City
8. Erfe, Ellaine Jean J. - RA 7687 - Manukan, ZDN.
9. Estrecho, Eliezer E. - RA 7687 - Zamboanga City
10. Navarro, Linarhose O. - RA 7687 - Zamboanga City
11. Orosa, Marion Augustus L. - RA 7687 - Roxas, ZDN
12. Padao, Ibani C. - Merit - Zamboanga City
13. Quicho, Joanna Marie L. - RA 7687 - Isabela City, Basilan
14. Quilat, Lovely Faith M. - RA 7687 - Pagadian City
15. Te, Marie Febra Claire E. - Merit - Dapitan City
16. Toledo, Reynan L. - RA 7687 - Zamboanga City
17. Trono, Theiss Thella C. - Merit - Pagadian City.

(The New Nandau, Vol. XIV No. 49)


 DOST invites media practitioners to join the search for reg’l S&T media award

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in collaboration with the Philippine Science Journalists Association Inc. (PSciJourn-National) is opening the annual search for the Regional S&T Media Awards, for outstanding provincial media practitioners and media establishments, whose journalistic works contribute to the promotion of science and technology, and the development of science culture in the country.

For 2005, the search has two categories: 1) The professional award to be given to individual media practitioners from print, and 2) The institutional award to be given to outstanding print media establishments. Nominees should be Filipinos/Filipino owned commercial media establishments who/which have published S&T Information from July 2004 until July 2005. Focus of the year’s search is on biotechnology.

The board of judges shall evaluate the entries and choose the winners in each region based on the following criteria: 1) The institutional award is based on the media establishment’s sustained support to the S&T Information dissemination, to include substance of stories, prominence and frequency; 2) The professional award is based on substance of stories - 40% (accuracy of facts, research data presented and length of story); language and style - 40% (level of comprehensibility, creativity, technical jargon stated in popular terms, readership appeal); prominence and relevance - 15% (frequency of write-ups, space allocation, impact to the needs of country and people); and attendance and participation to S&T press conferences, events and activities - 5%.

Entries of the regional winners will compete for the outstanding regional biotech story award, which shall be evaluated by PSciJourn National Board of Directors. Each winner in the regional professional search will receive a cash prize of P15,000.00 and a plaque, while each regional institutional winner will receive the trophy of recognition. The outstanding regional biotech story award will receive P25,000.00 plus plaque.

Nomination forms are available at the DOST IX office at Pettit Barracks, Zamboanga City. (The New Nandau, Vol. XIV No. 49)


 The New Nandau Feature – News Article
GMA-7’s “At Your Service” Films KALAHI-CIDSS in Katipunan

“Ang mga katawhan ug mga kabataan maglisod sa pag-agi sa suba panahon nga magbaha ug maglisod sa pagdala sa mga produkto” (The people and the children endure the difficulties in traversing the river during flood and of transporting their farm products). It is because of this that GMA-7’s Sunday morning program, AT YOUR SERVICE, with Ms. Rhea Santos as host, went to Barangay Dos and Barangay Dabiak of Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte to listen and film the barangay folks’ stories, situations, and growing aspirations motivated by KALAHI-CIDSS:KKB; the flagship project of Department of Social Welfare and Development in response to poverty alleviation.

At Your Service team preparing for an interview with the grade-schoolers.

Rhea Santos “At Your Service” Shows on May 1, 2005 at 7:00 o’clock in the morning at GMA-7

“At Your Service” host Rhea Santos discuss important matters with the rest of the team.

Researcher Magnolia Magno said that they were astonished with the uniqueness of barangay sub-projects of Bgy. Dos and Dabiak. A Shoreline Protection and a 54-linear meter Hanging Bridge, respectively. Barangay Denuyan of Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte which had a similar sub-project of Hanging Bridge with Barangay Dabiak also had a special bayanihan participation. Denuyan Hanging Bridge was just inaugurated early this month to which its success was pursued by its community volunteers. Denuyan volunteers came over to Dabiak and imparted their experiences on how they became successful in implementing and constructing their hanging bridge.

“The people were so accommodating; they were dedicated as well with the whole project of KALAHI-CIDSS. They are aware of their needs and they know exactly that the project of KALAHI-CIDSS will improve their way of living. Also, I am amazed on how dedicated all the workers of KALAHI-CIDSS are, to put much effort in helping the community”, comments Magnolia Magno.

At Your Service team, Host Rhea Santos, Segment Producer-Director John Paul Soriano, Researcher Magnolia Magno, and Cameraman Jayson Cruz filmed the said barangays last April 22-24, 2005. It will be shown in the national television on May 1, 2005, Sunday at 7:00 to 7:30 am, Kapuso GMA-7.

Indeed with a community whose hopes do not wane and takes action instead, no matter how depressing their situation is, will never yield sob stories, only happy endings worth sharing with the entire nation. (Prepared by: Honeylyn Joy E. Alipio, KC-Writer-Region IX; Approved by: Geraldine A. Valbuena, RSW KC-Regional Project Manager.) (The New Nandau, Vol. XIV No. 49)

Credits: The New Nandau is a member of the Publishers Association of the Philippines (PAPI). Editorial office is located at 076 Quezon Avenue, Dipolog City with Tel. No. (065) 212-3794; Cell No. +639205201041

SP-Dipolog to act on fireman’s misbehavior

The Sangguniang Panlungsod of Dipolog City is not sleeping on the case of a fireman of Bureau of Fire Protection.  This was revealed by councilor Ricky Mejorada who was calling for an immediate investigation regarding the fireman who was caught selling illegal drugs and shabu inside the BOFP office.

Both Vice Mayor Senen Angeles and Councilor Mejorada wanted to allay doubts among the Dipolognons that there will be a whitewash of the case since the concerned suspected pusher is a government employee.

Councilor Mejorada who was pushing hard for the investigation revealed that the initial committee hearing was already conducted, with the Philippine National Police members attending since they were the raiding team who caught the fireman pushing illegal drugs and shabu red handed.

However, Mejorada said, his committee cannot reveal what had transpired during the hearing for security purposes.  He vowed, however, that proper punishment shall be exacted u0pon the erring fireman if found guilty.

The same opinion was expressed by Vice Mayor Angeles who called on the Dipolognons not to be disgruntled because the SP is really working, not sleeping, to really bring the fireman’s case to court. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)


Prov’l capitol to buy Martinez property


Where can you find a sports complex where one-half of the area belongs to the provincial government, and the other half to a private person? Only in Zamboanga del Norte! But as negotiations are presently made between the provincial government and the heirs of Martinez who own part of the old sports complex, rehabilitation of the complex will soon be underway.

by Provincial Atty. Jes Gal Sarmiento, Jr. is hopeful that the negotiation shall be completed before the year ends.

This was revealed recently by Provincial Atty. Jes Gal Sarmiento, Jr. Atty. Sarmiento revealed also that the price has already been fixed and the said price, he said, is lower than what former governor Roldan Dalman offered and even much lower than the appraised value of the City Appraisal Committee of Dipolog.

The Provincial Attorney is hopeful that the negotiation shall have been completed before this year ends. In fact, he said, they have asked the Martinez family to dismantle the barbed wire fence across the area so that it will be used during the celebration of Linggo ng Zamboanga del Norte in June. Earlier, Gov. Rolando Yebes expressed his desire to host big athletic activities like the Regional Meet but one drawback, he pointed out, is the barbed wire fence cutting through the complex.

In fact Zamboanga del Norte lost its bid to host the 2006 Regional Athletic Association Meet to Zamboanga City during the recently concluded regional meet at Ipil, Sibugay due to the condition of the complex. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)


Palit gihapon
ZANECO election

It was believed that money and vote buying still give color to the election of the board of directors of ZANECO yesterday, April 30, 2005 in Dipolog City. Mr. Expedito “Ex” Olmogues, one of the three candidates who ran for the position did not rule out the possibility of massive vote buying on the Election Day.

Mr. Olmogues believed that it was still the same scenario as the previous election of the board of directors of the electric cooperative. He also believed that other candidates were still under the wings of some big politicians and that gave them an edge over others who are independent candidates.

On his part, Olmogues said, he did not have a politician padrino and did not have money to buy votes either. The election for the 5th district board of directors included the barangay of Biasong, Estaka, Turno, Lugdungan, Dicayas, Sicayab and Minaog. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)


Pulauan Port ‘binuang’ uncovered


Passengers are easy victims. Porters ask them too much just to carry a light baggage. Some pieces are even lost during the transit from the vessel to the waiting cab or jeepney. Moreover, motorcab divers end the passengers travel with a bang, when they ask them twice the amount they have agreed upon on unreasonable grounds.

Recently, the local officials of Dapitan City and Provincial Tourism Council urged the porters, the motorcab drivers and operators to give Dapitan City a good image by working honestly. This was during a recent dialogue called by Dapitan City Mayor Dominador Jalosjos Jr., Atty. Ivan Ang of the Provincial Tourism Office and Atty. Allan Ranillo of the Provincial Tourism Council.

Passengers are easy victims. Porters ask them too much just to carry a light baggage. Some pieces are even lost during the transit from the vessel to the waiting cab or jeepney.

The said foolishness in the port area was confirmed by the president of the motorcab association who are not amused with this dishonest work. The officials appealed to them to stop making big money instantly or they may lose the passengers whom they are preying on.

“They may no longer travel via Dapitan because of our notoriety, and we may not have the income we long to have,” Atty. Ang said. The tourism officer made it clear that if the passengers are already afraid to travel via this route, it is the porters themselves, or the motorcab drivers or anyone who has his business here who are ‘killing’ themselves.

Meanwhile, Atty. Ranillo outlined to the group what cases can be filed against them if they still operate illegally. Mr. Carmelito “Epoch” Tunguia who represented Mayor Jalosjos in the dialogue set the ultimatum to all the ‘buaya sa pantalan.’

‘The administration is set to fight them; especially those who defy the authorities, and are still operating in the port illegally,’ Tunguia warned. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)


Dipolog scandal?
Announcer sa DXAA gikiha ug adultery!

 Usa ka gihinganlag Elmer Elmedulan nga gikatahong announcer sa DXAA, usa ka estasyon sa radio nga gipanag-iyahan sa mga Amatong ang nag-atubang karon ug sumbong adultery. Si Elmedulan uban sa iyang katipon nga usa ka Babelyn Jamero gipasakaan sa maong kaso ngadto sa City Prosecutor’s Office sa legal nga bana sa

PSWDO ready for relief operation

El Niño strikes again. As streams are drying and grasses dying, and the rains may never come shortly, Gov. Rolando Yebes has recently ordered the provincial Social Welfare and Development Office recently to prepare for the distribution of relief goods to those who are greatly affected by El Niño.

The provincial governor who has personally monitored the affected areas especially in the second congressional district revealed that the help the PSWDO is extending to the farmers is just very little and it is not a solution to the existing problem in agriculture. Furthermore, he pointed to the ‘failure’ of the previous administration who did not stress the importance of protection of the environment which he said contributes to the gripping effects of El Niño upon the farmers today.

“I have known that there is shortage of drinking water supply especially in the barangays of Jose Dalman, Manukan, Roxas and Katipunan and I have seen that there are only a few trees in these barangays,” Gov. Yebes added. However, Gov. Yebes observed that his office has not officially received reports from the municipalities affected by El Niño

‘The reports could have been my basis to declare a certain municipality under the ‘state of calamity’ and I could have worked for the release of help from the calamity fund,” he disclosed. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)


Machiavellian Theory
By Tyrone Jay V. Samson
Temperature is high with NBA Playoffs fever

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Playoffs is underway and I can’t seem to find a way to bring to an end of my salivating over the great competition among the eight seven-game first round series’. Except for the Miami Heat and New Jersey Nets series, all the rest appears to be even at their odds of succeeding to the second round. There’s the Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies series with the Suns holding a 2-0 advantage as of press time. If Steve Nash isn’t your MVP this year, then you should stop patronizing NBA basketball since it seems you’re probably not watching that much or just plain dim-witted to understand the real gist of the Most Valuable Player award.

Being the MVP does not necessarily mean that you’re the best player in the NBA. Charles Barkley was not the best player in the NBA in 1992 win he won the award over Michael Jordan. Karl Malone wasn’t considered a better player than Jordan when he won his first in 1996. But the fact of the matter was, Barkley managed to bring his Suns to the best record in the League and to the Finals that year. He meant more that year to the Suns than Michael did to the Bulls. This year’s Suns’ is not that different sans a character and an attitude as immense as that of Barkley’s. Their leader this year is the calm and composed Nash.

He is their MVP, the League’s MVP, I stress. And he doesn’t lead the league in scoring for that matter, his 15.5 points per game even ranks just fourth in his team scoring behind All-Stars Amare Stoudamire (26 ppg) and Shawn Marion (19.4 ppg), and Joe Johnson (17.1 ppg). His true value though is measured in his league leading 11.5 assists per game. His dishes are reminiscent of a prime John Stockton, but as good as Stoudamire and Marion are, they’re not as prolific as Malone was during the Stockton-to-Malone Utah Jazz heyday. Still, Nash has transformed Phoenix into the team with best record (62-20) in the NBA this year. And may I emphasize this, the Suns led by Marion and Stoudamire last year was just 29-53. You do the math.

Then there’s my favorite team, the Denver Nuggets taking on Mister Fundamental Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. On paper, the Spurs are probably the odds on favorite to trounce on the hapless Nuggets. But look at the series now. The Nuggets, who are on the roll with new coach George Karl have stolen game one from the Spurs only to suffer a lopsided loss in game two. Still, the series is tied at one game apiece and the Nuggets are heading home in Denver for games three and four. The Nuggets are probably the most confident team to take on the Spurs. True, the Spurs have a cancer in Duncan, but the Nuggets have their cure in the hulking Nene, the long and shot-blocking Marcus Camby, and the tough and athletic Kenyon Martin. If the Spurs have Tony Parker, the Nuggets have pint-sized speedman Earl Boykins and the steady Andre Miller. If they have Manu Ginobli to score in bunches, the Nuggets have an offense-minded Carmelo Anthony. The only reason the Nuggets would fail is if Anthony would persist on thinking that he is Michael Jordan. He can’t bring a team on his shoulders, he just doesn’t have the individual talent to back up all the hype he had in his rookie year. In fact, he is nothing but a mere new version of the Big Dog Glenn Robinson, who happens to play for the Spurs after being acquired late this year.

As for the rest, the Seattle Supersonics and Sacramento Kings will surely please offense-loving fans. The Houston Rockets would probably orchestrate a minor upset over the defense-challenged Dallas Mavericks. Detroit Pistons would, as hurting it is to admit, make mincemeat out of poor Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers. And the youthful match-up of the year, the Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls, will probably go down into who can shoot better and defend well enough to earn a W.

I won’t put a halt into this column if I’m not allowed to give my forecast, so, here it is. Going out the West would be the Nash-led Suns, who will beat the Nuggets in the conference finals while the Pistons will come out of the East easy over the Heat in the conference Finals. In the end, when the battle is done and the smoke clears, only one team is left standing, and they’re the ones who come from the Valley of the Sun in Phoenix.


It is very satisfying to note that the Philippines is actually making headway into its quest for a chance to play in the next Olympics. The newly formed RP five composed mostly of professional cagers routed the Iran team in the Accel 2005 PBA-RP Invitational Challenge at the Araneta Coliseum last week. It was reported however, that the Iran team was not in their full-force with the absence of 18-year-old 7-foot-5 starting center Jaber Rouzbahani – a key member of the Iranian squads that ruled the 2004 under-20 and under-18 Asian jousts. Still, it’s good to see our team win, but hopefully next time, we can see better opposition. We need more of these mini-tournaments pitting our national team against international squads. We need all the experience we can get.


I would like to call on Mega-Bulls Basketball Association members to attend practices for a tournament is tentatively scheduled this May. Despite the unavailability of the teacher’s gym, some of Mega-Bulls’ members are still practicing at the Turno Barangay Basketball Court every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6-8 pm. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)

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The New Nandau Guest Editorial
Lies, lies and more lies

Lies will eventually out, as truth does. And because the case against the detained President Joseph Estrada is based on a humongous lie, truth is now slowly coming out. But even as it does, the Arroyo government, through its prosecutors and the pro-Gloria media, insist on covering up the truth, by twisting the facts.

Still, the lies of the prosecution witnesses, such as “star witness” Luis “Chavit” Singson and his secretary Emma Lim, as well as another “star witness” Clarissa Ocampo, are being shown up, one by one, despite the media cover-up. From the time Chavit came forward before the Senate with his affidavit alleging, among other charges, that Estrada had directed him to conduct a “special ops” to divert P130 million in tobacco tax money for the then sitting President’s personal account, embroidered yet with the claim that he and Atong Ang had withdrawn P130 million which the two loaded in a vehicle and which Ang, after having been dropped off at a corner leading to Polk Street, Estrada’s home, carried the P130 million by himself, delivered it to his place and distributed the money separately among Estrada’s son, Jinggoy, then mayor of San Juan, the then First Lady and lastly, Estrada.

Chavit then claimed in the same affidavit he knew Estrada received the money because as he entered the Polk Street residence, both Mrs. Estrada and Jinggoy had thanked him for the money.

It has been shown by defense witness, lawyer Archie Fortun, that it was physically impossible for a single person to have carried P130 million in cold cash, which at the most conservative weight for new P1,000 bills, is some 130 kilos, more if the bills are old, and even more if the bills were made up of both P1,000 and P500 bills, since no bank can possibly provide those withdrawing the amount all new P1,000 bills, or even a mix of the old and the new P1,000 bills amounting to P130 million. Moreover, following the sworn claim of Chavit that Ang had carried this, delivered and distributed these monies to three people in just a few minutes was physically impossible, which means Chavit was lying through his teeth.

But there were other testimonies, backed up by documentary evidence, that it was Chavit who had been diverting the tobacco tax money all these years. The Commission on Audit reports prepared by the assassinated provincial auditor who was checking up on Chavit’s misuse of public funds, showed that from the time the law was implemented — a law, moreover that was crafted by Chavit himself — the pattern of diversions of this excise tax already showed. It was clear that he was being investigated and close to being charged in court when he suddenly came out to claim that Estrada was not only the recipient of jueteng payoffs, but also the person behind the plunder of the excise tax. This was Chavit’s way out, as there was already that coup against Estrada in the works. He would not only walk, but would even engage in the same thing again — with full protection from Gloria.

The prosecutors, however, made a big mistake in last Wednesday’s hearing when they offered to formally agree to that which Fortun had presented by way of his letters to the central bank inquiring on the weight of P130 million to prevent him for testifying to these facts. The court agreed to record the prosecutors’ stipulation, but allowed Fortun to testify anyway, which testimony proved to be very damaging to the prosecution’s case, as pointed out by a Sandigan justice.

But as this was very damaging to the prosecution, the media, in their reports, said nothing about the justice’s comment, nor the stipulated facts. Instead, they focused on the claims of Dennis Villa-Ignacio that Fortun’s testimony was hearsay and that the defense was running out of witnesses, whom he said was the reason Fortun was placed on the witness stand. Neither, incidentally, did the same media report come out on the Clarissa Ocampo lies being brought out by Betty Bagsit, proving that Jose Velarde is Jaime Dichaves and not Estrada. The question to ask is this: Why are the media, as well as the prosecutors and obviously, Malacañang, deliberately twisting the facts of the court hearings and making it appear that the defense is not getting anywhere in disproving the charges raised by the prosecution? The reporters were present at the hearings and must therefore know what was said and how the hearings went, yet when their reports appears on print, it is the exact opposite of what went on.

Is it because they knew, from the start that the plunder case against Estrada was based on pure lies which they bannered to bring Estrada down and out of Malacañang, and lies which they continue to uphold today because they would have been proved to have abetted the crime, especially that of the Edsa II coup d’etat? Or is it because, on orders of Malacañang, the court will eventually convict Estrada, even when the evidence shown is more than enough to acquit him, and that with the help of the Gloria media reports claiming the defense has failed, time and again, to disprove the plunder charges, the Filipino people will by then be conditioned to accept the court’s conviction of Estrada?

They prefer to keep up the lie, rather than have the truth free them. (The New Nandau, Vol. XIV No. 49)


 Press Freedom Editorial
What now, Pinoy?

Today the Filipino wage earners can only scream to the high heavens clamoring for the P125 across the board wage increase.  And they too can shout to the high winds what their present wage can only buy: 3 kilos of cheap rice, 1 kilo of galunggong, 3 sachets of coffee, a bunch of calboroed bananas, fare for the long ride to work, and a little extra for cigarettes to make his day.

This does not include the house rent, electric bill, water bill, and tuition for children and the little luxury the children may want to enjoy: hotdog and tempura!

Today marks their cause. Like in so many previous years, the workers have still marched the streets and vehemently asked for the needed increase. With streamers in hand and scorching heat over their heads, they trudge the streets, sometimes their dreams already crumbling before the end of the walk.

But as always, they believe that this is the best expression of their longings as wage earners and no better time than today-May 1. And as always, the employers have also choked those dreams by refusing what they have clamored for. Business is bad these days; they too have hard times. Just like the workers, so that makes them even. So the employees spoke.

And yes, they have given enough too.  In fact, they point out, the Philippines ranks fourth among the countries in Asia which have higher wages, next to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. What now?

As both sides build arguments for and against the P125 increase, the workers seem to lose hope of winning the battle. And if they lose, the wage earners’ pay shall still be pegged at a very miserable level.

And who cares? Today the whole nation cares. But tomorrow and the succeeding days, they may be forgotten and they shall go on biting the dust of existence.

And may God have mercy on us. (Press Freedom, Vol. XVII No. 43)

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Ms. Santacruzan 2005, May Marie Cloudette I along with other Santacruzan '05 candidates, parade along the main streets of Dipolog in line with the celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Sta. Cruz Marker held last May 3, 2005.






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