April 28, 2008


Yanga out, who’s in?
Gov. Yebes wants new PNP director

Gov. Rolando Yebes recently confirmed report of Provincial Police Director Mario Yanga’s leaving his post in the province due to his promotion to a higher position.

The governor disclosed that he still did not know who will replace him since he shall still be waiting for the list of names of the recommendees coming from the Regional Police office at Zamboanga City. It was learned from the said list a new Police Provincial Director shall be picked. However, there were speculations that Director Yanga’s departure from the provincial command could be due to his failure to put a stop to the illegal swertres game in the province. Despite the governor’s directive to all local government units in the province and Director Yanga, the illegal number game is still seen worsening in the province.

Gov. Rolando Yebes recently confirmed that Provincial Police Director Mario Yanga’s leaving his post in the province due to his promotion to a higher position and not because of the speculation regarding his failure to put a stop to the illegal swertres game here.

Earlier, the provincial director was charged of reportedly receiving ‘komisyon’ from operators and financiers which kept him from launching an all-out war against it. It was learned that it was only the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the Traffic Management Group who were not really under Director Yanga’s command who took the initiative in apprehending those who are directly involved in the game’s operation.

Meanwhile, Yebes confirmed the visit of Police Chief Director General Avelino Razon to the province on Monday, April 21. “No, it has nothing to do with Director Yanga,” he disclosed, “this is just part of his farewell tour to his troops since he is retiring by September,” the governor added. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)

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 M. Roxas fruits processing plant wins governor’s nod Yes to Cojuangco!

It was learned that Gov. Rolando Yebes had recently given his approval to the establishment of a fruit processing plant owned by businessman Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuanco inside the Provincial Agri-Industrial Center at Irasan, Roxas, Z.N.

Although it was just a verbal agreement but personnel from ECJ Farms Marketing, Inc. of Pontevedra, Negros Occidental and POMS Ventures Corp. all Cojuangco – owned, considered the governor’s words as honorable and binding.

Gov. Rolando Yebes had recently given his approval to the establishment of a fruit processing plant owned by businessman Eduardo ‘Danding’ Cojuanco inside the Provincial Agri-Industrial Center at Irasan, Roxas, Z.N.

Both companies were decided to process green and ripe mangoes which the province now abounds into dried products, purees, juices and be exported to Canada and US. Ramon Makasinag, Marketing manager of POMS Ventures disclosed that they had already established similar plant at Pontevedra, Negros.  Since there is still a large market waiting to be satisfied, Cojuangco decided to expand the business in the province because of its large mango production.

“This (ZaNorte) is a gold mine when it comes to mango production,” Makasinag alluded, adding that adjacent provinces like Zamboanga del Sur, Sibugay, Zamboanga City and even Davao could still be tapped as mango suppliers. It was learned that the company shall put up an initial four-five dryers which would need 300 workers. The plant shall cost P20M. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


Labor Day is non-working day but not for RWBs

May 1, Labor Day, is a non-working day. But not for members of the Regional Wage Boards (RWBs), not this year at least.

Underscoring the need for “setting up new wage levels,” President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo instructed this week the RWBs to work overtime to reach a decision on the new wage levels in their respective regions. Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman Ignacio R. Bunye said the President issued her directive to Labor Secretary Marianito Roque to ensure that the RWBs get cracking on the wage issue “even if it means they have to work on May 1, a non-working day for the rest of the country.”

Earlier, Roque said that officials of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will meet late last week “to discuss the means on how we can fast-track the wage discussions and deliberations.” But the President, apparently worried that the RWBs won’t be able to come up with agreements by Labor Day, said they must continue working on proposed new wage levels through May 1.

“The President reminded the Regional Wage Boards of the urgency of setting new wage levels, taking into account the rising cost of commodity prices,” Bunye said. The President has also called on private firms to extend to their employees non-wage benefits like rice, canned goods and shuttle service as a way of augmenting their take-home pay in the face of rising prices of basic commodities. (PIA-ZN)


 In disposing of cases Judge Lacaya cited among top achievers

Judge Victoriano DL. Lacaya, Jr., presiding judge of the city trial court of Dipolog, Branch 2 was recently cited for having garnered the second place in a national survey involving performances in their management of their respective courts.

The citation was given to Judge Lacaya by the Rotary Club of Manila through a letter from Club Past President Fortunato Gupit, Jr., who presently heads the club’s Commitment to Justice Awards Committee, together with the award certificate.

The citation reads: “Scroll of Honor, the Commitment to Justice Committee awards as Second Place, Municipal Trial Courts in Cities, Ninth Judicial Region, to the Honorable Judge Victoriano DL.Lacaya, Jr., …for having shown a high commitment  to speedy justice in disposing of cases in the year 2004.” (Dipolog Chronicle, Vol.VII No.44)


No rice shortage in Lanao Norte, Zamboanga del Sur

The province of Lanao del Norte, as the second rice-producing province of Region 10 next to Bukidnon, is not experiencing rice shortage, according to Governor Mohammad Khalid Q. Dimaporo of Lanao del Norte.

Around 49% of the 13,092 hectares planted with rice were already harvested. This was planted during dry season from November 2007 to March 2008. And per hectare it can produce 80 to 85 cavans of palay, thus, we have abundant supply as to rice production that could suffice consumption of our constituents here, Dimaporo revealed.

“But our farmers tend to sell their yield to traders from Cebu and nearby provinces due to price competition. Though we experienced damage to some rice producing areas due to stem borers, but it did not affect our total increase in production,” said Dimaporo. Dimaporo further bared every year the province has 28,000 hectares rice fields from 12 rice- producing municipalities that could harvest around 130,000 metric tons of palay per year for two croppings. “We have a surplus of production for Lanao del Norte and Iligan City, he said.

Gov. Dimaporo said that by the next cropping season, he will give priority to rice farmers - the provincial government - to subsidize some portion to have a quality rice.  (PIA-Iligan City/ZN)

P1.1M Diwan road project started

It could be a very memorable project for Diwan Barangay Captain Nathan Patangan since this is the first project ever that the Provincial Engineering Office had done for Barangay Diwan, Dipolog City.

Patangan disclosed that the road rehabilitation project shall start at the boundary of Diwan and Cogon and shall run up to Barangay Virginia which spans 19 kilometers.  Another road rehabilitation project shall start from the heart of Diwan to Sitio Cayasan which shall cover six kilometers.

Both projects cost P1.1M. He stressed that he had to ask the governor as regards the road rehabilitation projects since the city mayor had not acted on his requests. Aside from the road project, a livelihood center had been established by the provincial government in Diwan; however, the barangay had also appropriated an amount to support the governor’s livelihood project.

Patangan disclosed that the amount shall be extended to the Diwan farmers as loan which will be used for planting crops.  Said loan shall be paid from the sale of their agricultural products and availed by them without interests. “This is something I could remember well because this is the fist project I have since I sat as barangay captain,” Patangan said stressing that the city government under Mayor Belen had never given him a project ever since.

Although City Hall had concreted the cottages at Sungkilaw Falls, he pointed out there was nobody from the city mayor’s office who coordinated with him as regards the project. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


Cease and Desist Order against illegal small scale mining


The office of the provincial governor recently issued a cease and desist order against all illegal small scale mining at Leon Postigo, Z.N.

Atty. Jes Gal Sarmiento, Jr. of the Zamboanga del Norte environmental Management Office (ZANEMO) disclosed that Gov. Rolando Yebes immediately ordered the closure of all tunnels and stop to all mining operations including ball or rod mill activities.

The governor had directed the members of the Philippine National Police, ZANEMO, CENRO Liloy, and the Sangguniang Bayan of Leon Postigo to implement the order immediately. Atty. Sarmiento disclosed that the order stemmed from the result of the investigation done by his office under Marcelino Gargar.

Gargar’s team conducted an ocular inspection of the mining area at Sitio Matunog at Barangay Tinuyop, Lupayan at Barangay Midatag, Barangay Sipacong and Sitio Longamitan at Barangay Nasibak. It was found that about 2,000 – 2,500 small scale miners litter these barangays without permit from the provincial governor’s office or from the DENR.

ZANEMO reported that the gold extracted from the areas are known to be of high grade quality. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


Cheaper medicine bill to be passed into law before May 1

The House of Representatives is amenable to remove the “generics only” provision in the reconciled version of the proposed Cheaper Medicines Act to give way for the passage of the controversial measure before Labor Day.

House Speaker Prospero Nograles last week said that in order to break the deadlock on the proposed legislative measure, the House agreed to do away with the “generics only” provision so that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo can sign it into law before May 1.

Instead, the Speaker said the House would file a separate bill that would further strengthen the Republic Act 6675 or otherwise known as the Generics Law. “We have decided to do away with the ‘generics only’ provision and would instead come out with a separate measure to further strengthen the Generics Law just to break the stalemate. Somebody has to give way just to ensure the enactment of the Cheaper Medicines Act so the House agreed to set aside the ‘generics only’ provision when we finalize the reconciled version in bicam,” he said.

“This will be the gift of Congress and the President to the Filipino people on Labor Day,” he said. The Speaker also said that the House gave in to the hard-line position of the Senate to remove the “generics only” provision upon the assurance of the senators that this will not have any adverse effect on the intent of the law, which is to bring down the cost of medicine.

“We opted to accept the position of the Senate upon their assurance that we will still have cheaper medicines even if we remove the ‘generics only’ provision,” he said. He, however, maintained that the “generics only” provision in the House version of proposed Cheaper Medicines measure would ensure cheaper cost of medicines.

Nograles, one of the principal authors of the House version, said the enactment of the Cheaper Medicines Act would ease the economic pressure now being experienced by Filipinos due to the spiraling cost of food and fuel even as the cost of medicines consume almost one-third of the overall expenses of every Filipino household. The House version (HB 2844) was a painstaking consolidation of some 25 separate but related bills filed by dozens of House members. The proposed law will amend RA 8293, otherwise known as “The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, RA 6675 or the Generics Law and Presidential Decree 1363 or the Pharmacy Law.

Some of the salient feature also include exclusion of new uses from patentability, adoption of the international exhaustion doctrine for drugs and medicines to allow parallel importation, amendments to the law to clearly provide for the allowance of the early working provision, allowance for the use of best data by regulatory agencies for the purpose of granting authorizations,  clarification of situations when government use of an invention is allowed,  prohibition against issuance of temporary restraining orders or injunctions relief filed to prevent the use or other exploitation by the government of drugs and medicines to protect public health, and amendments of the trademark provision to clarify trademark rights of importers of drugs and medicines under the international exhaustion doctrine.

Among other features of the bill is the creation of the Drug Price Regulation Board with the power to determine the maximum retail price of pharmaceutical products or formulations subject to price regulation; the power to include other pharmaceutical products in the list subject o price regulation; power to implement cost-containment and other measures; and power to impose administrative fines and penalties. (PIA-ZN)


Isabel Roces, Sen. Bong Revilla, Rufa Mae Quinto, Others Sign PETA's Pledge to Never Buy or Eat Foie Gras

Manila — What do top model Isabel Roces, senator and actor Ramon "Bong" Revilla (Kap's Amazing Stories), and comedian and cover girl Rufa Mae Quinto (SOP and Showbiz Central) have in common? They—along with actor and singer Yasmien Kurdi (Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita), model Isabel Roces, and veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez—have all signed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia-Pacific (PETA)'s pledge never to eat or buy foie gras and to encourage their millions of fans to do the same. Why? Because foie gras is the enlarged, diseased liver of ducks and geese who are painfully—and often fatally—force-fed using pipes that are plunged down their throats up to three times a day. Others who have signed the pledge include actor Arci Munoz (Maging Akin Ka Lamang), actress Alicia Mayer (Tasya Fantasya), singer and comedian K Brosas, models Corey Wills, Raya Mananquil and Bianca Valerio, and Jack TV's The Peep Show host Karen "Dylan" Vizcarra.

Foie gras is made from the livers of ducks and geese who are force-fed and develop a painful liver disease. Investigations at foie gras farms in the U.S. and throughout Europe and Canada have documented sick, dead, and dying animals. Some animals had holes in their necks from pipe injuries, and one investigation found that dead birds were dangling from wires as blood spilled from their neck wounds onto the live birds beneath them.

"Force-feeding birds until their organs explode is one of the most violent forms of cruelty to animals in factory farms today," says Campaigns Manager Rochelle Regodon. "All Filipinos can protect ducks and geese from this torture simply by refusing to buy or eat foie gras."

Foie gras has been banned in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, and Switzerland, as well as in the U.S. in the state of California and the city of Chicago. Pope Benedict XVI once referred to foie gras production as the "degrading of living creatures to a commodity" and added that it "contradict[s] the relationship of mutuality that comes across in the Bible."

A copy of the signed petition is attached. For more information and to sign the pledge, visit PETAAsiaPacific.com. (For Immediate Release: April 29, 2008; Contact: Rochelle Regodon 0920-497-4679 (cell); RochelleR@PETAAsiaPacific.com; Jason Baker 0919-531-8314 (cell); JasonB@PETAAsiaPacific.com)



Holduppers strike in Sibutad

They’re early birds, the victims commented when three unidentified holduppers poked their guns at 6:45 early morning into Erwin and Linda Vitzhum, including their helper on Wednesday, April 9.

The suspects took valuables including celphones, digicam, wrist watch and cash which amount cannot yet be established.

The robbers escaped through the backdoor of the house as soon as they have gathered and secured what they have stolen. Meanwhile, another report of robbery took place in Barangay Owaon, Dapitan City, at 3 o’clock dawn recently.

The victim was reportedly riding his motorcycle when he was stoned first and then as he fell, a suspect rushed and grabbed his MP4 player and cash amounting to P2,700.00. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


Court acquits Nonong’s guard

A close-in security of former congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos was recently acquitted of illegal possession of firearms.

Regional Trial Court Judge Hipolito Bael Jr. disclosed that the prosecution panel failed to present in court strong evidence against him.

It was learned that Omilig was apprehended by Mutia PNP on December 1997 when they confiscated from his possession a .45 caliber pistol and several live bullets.

He admitted before the court that he was a member of the Philippine Army who had been assigned to congressman Jalosjos. He narrated he was ordered by the former congressman to deliver trophies to Mayor Florentino Dulang.

When his comrades went inside the municipal gym where a disco was going on, he continued, he was just outside the gym. He told the court further that a shot was fired inside the gym but he was just surprised that a Mutia PNP accosted him and seized his gun.

Omilig presented his Mission Order from the Military Intelligence Group to support his claim that he was really a military man on mission order. The judge ruled that the prosecution failed to establish the fact that Omilig had no license to carry a gun and such failure leads the court to acquit the suspect. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


Katipunan seeks P5M loan for roro

Katipunan Mayor Cris Eguia Jr. believed he could already start the roll-on roll-off port project, which could possibly connect Siaton to Zamboanga del Norte.

The municipal mayor disclosed before the members of the local media that the municipality had sought a P5M loan from Land Bank of the Philippines, which shall be used for the roro port to be placed at Barangay Tambo, Katipunan. Learning that the Philippine Ports Authority had diverted the amount appropriated for Katipunan Port to a port in Batangas, Gov. Rolando Yebes challenged Mayor Eguia to find his own means to start the project.

The municipal mayor further disclosed that PPA had withheld the P60M for Katipunan project but assured him that it could be released as soon as the problem with Batangas Port could be resolved. The provincial governor also promised Katipunan P1M for its port project, making it P6M if the LBP loan shall have been released. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


An Iron Butterfly

Ex Cop charged for extortion. He learned the trade when he was still active in service.


Pope arrived in US to begin six-day visit after deeply ashamed of the clergy sex abuse scandal that has devastated the American church.
Correct, it’s a sex-day visit.


GMA wants rice retailers placed behind bars but does not want the P130 billion ZTE overpriced scandal mastermind charged.
Correct, otherwise she will lose her husband.


An NGO calling themselves Filipino Exponents for National Progress (FENP), has recently called on the Senate to heed GMA’s appeal for ratification of the Japanese-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement or JPEPA.

They claimed that our country is left behind economically by its ASEAN neighbors because of its failure to enter into a bilateral trade with Japan.


It reminds me of my mother’s story that during the Japanese occupation of World War II, their parents would direct them to seek cover or shelter everytime Japanese soldiers passed by their place for fear of being raped or made into comfort women.

But now, we welcome the Japanese with open arms. As Edgar Capili puts it, “Sa una mosinggit ta ug hapa kay naay Hapon, karon mongisi ta ug moingon: hayang kay naay Hapon.”


Government wants to conduct poverty mapping. It’s simple, residents of Malacañang are rich, people outside of Malacañang are poor.


A concerned citizen called up the media and said that in order to solve the rising cases of robbery in the city, the mayor should rule with an iron hand.
Belen is an iron butterfly with  tender hands. Ask Berto about it.


A few weeks ago, Lando and I decided to have an exclusive private lunch together. The venue was my payag at Turno adjacent to my house.
Before the meeting, he called me up again and said: “Kanang gusto nako utan nga tinunuan, daghana ang kamunggay.”

No wonder he has fair skin like Edu Manzano. I suggest that he takes over as Provincial Nutritionist.
Did I hear him say kamunggay is aphrodisiac?
Lando can now talk with authority. He... he. . .he . . .


My Commander-In-Chief will be coming home soon. To my fellow night owl, sorry, I’ll be back at my barrack. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


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DILI angayang mali-sang ang mga katawhan dinhi sa probinsiya sa Zamboanga del Norte kung kabahin sa supply sa bugas ang gikina-hanglan tungod kay nang-hinubra karon ang supply sa bugas dinhi sa atong dapit.


Gov. Yebes namulong atubangan sa nagkadaiyang ahensiya sa gobyierno atul sa Rice Consultative Meeting sa Mibang Hotel.

Atul sa gipahigayon nga Rice Consultative Meeting niadtong Biyernes didto sa Mibang Hotel nga gitambungan mismo ni Governor Rolando Yebes uban sa mga hingtungdang ahensiya sa gobyerno, giklaro ni Mr. Jul Akmad P. Lawama, Al Hadj, manager sa National Food Authority

Tourists flock to Aliguay

Dakak Park may spell money but recently Aliguay, another white beach island in Dapitan City invited more tourists to come considering the low cost and affordable accommodation it has to offer.

It was noted that this summer more local tourists from Mindanao were making their way to the island. Recently a group of teachers from Holy Cross High School in Bukidnon expressed their admiration of the beauty of the island.

Dakak Park may spell money but recently Aliguay, another white beach island in Dapitan City invited more tourists to come considering the low cost and affordable accommodation it has to offer.

BMJoseph Brendo Ajero, a member of the Committee on Tourism of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan pushed for the needed zoning of the barangay in order to protect the beach area.

He wanted that all structures which could obstruct the view of the beach shall be transferred across the concrete walkway. He referred to a beach house owned by an American national that was constructed right in the beach area.

“I am sure Aliguay could invite more to come due to its white beach and the leaping dolphins they could watch as they travel towards the island,” BM Ajero prided. BM Norbidiere Edding agreed with BM Ajero and outlined the island’s beauty which he believed could ever surpass Boracay. “This is one of the best diving sites in the country today,” BM Edding said, “peaceful and quiet unlike Boracay and Bohol which are already crowded.”

Atty. Allan Ranillo, chairman of ZaNorte Tourism Council planned to conduct a meeting with Aliguay’s barangay council and Dapitan Trousim Council to discuss laws which could be passed to promote tourism in the area. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)




My Best Foot
By: Engr. Ric Tenorio
“Want to eat? Your Card Please.”

“No card no Rice”, says NFA.
Just to feed a hungry mouth, it’s going Hi-tech already.


GMA steps down from her level to keep a close watch on Customs officials.
It’s unusual. Is it in Aid of Grandstanding too?


“Malacañang turns down emergency power to address the rice crisis”. (PDI, April 15, 2008.)
What it needs is absolute power to stay in power. Hoy!.... Walay Marcosayyyy!


Criminality in Dipolog on the rise?
That’s what we get for not supporting the Police.


I pity the Dipolog Police. Now they are ordered to keep the City secured.

No Problem madam. But first give as gasoline so we can run after the criminals.


GMA is riding on the “Rice Crisis” to stay in power, the opposition claims.
Inggit lang sila. Kasi yon opposition, pa senate-senate pero wala namang sinsabi. Mabuti pa si GMA pa cute-cute lang, riding on rice pa. Joke, Joke.


Bread prices going up, too-(PDI April 11, 2008.)
It seems that everything is going up , yet nobody wants to go down! Is there is something up there that none down under? Just asking.


The global supply of flour is low, so we expect our Pan de sal to be getting smaller and smaller everyday.

The time will come when you need a magnifying glass to see if what you are buying is “pan de sal” alrihgt.


Question: To what direction is our country going?
Answer: To the dogs.


Question: Sira ka talaga. Ano ba ang nakain mo?
Answer: Tuyo lang po. Kasi wala ng bigas. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


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(Died April 1, 2008)

I just received this text message today from Nelbert Pocs (Nelbert Poculan):
"Alton passed away yesterday. Please inform friends and pray for his soul." I'm sure most of us remember Alton Ratificar...he was popular in campus, with so many friends and one of those who can make you really, really laugh and forget your most difficult school assignments...he has gone home to join our maker in a better place where laughter and joy never ends...he will surely be missed by his friends and family.

To Alton's family, our prayers and thoughts are with you. Take care everyone and God bless,

Bebang (Genevieve H. Pag-ong)

— oo000oo —

Dear Bebang,

Thank you for sharing the sad news of Alton Ratificar's death. Who can't remember dear old buddy Alton when he entertained the whole university? Yeah, he led the college of law cheering contest, singing and dancing teasing nursing students...(nursing, nursing walay kaligo...) Then they serenaded in the dorm afterwards as peacemaking offering. He must be bringing laughter in heaven but he is missed down here on earth.

Our deep and sincere condolences to the family of Alton. May he rest in peace with our loving God... He and his family are in our prayers.


Jingjing Dagpin-Merecido and family (http://www.suacona.com)



 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
God does allow conflict, but He also work in the midst of conflict to bring about greater glory to His name

Conflict is inevitable for anyone, even for Godly leaders, but resolution and management of the conflict are possible. In fact they are essential. There is no doubt that God worked in many ways through the conflict written above. Though we do not have the privilege of having inside information about this, God does allow conflict, but he also works in the midst of conflict to bring about greater glory to His name.

The three (3) most difficult words for us to say are, I am sorry! This will take humility, graciousness and openness before the Lord and others. Yet these three words will bring about resolution, healing and growth to both sides of any conflict situation. I believe that only Godly men and women committed to God’s glory have the courage to say these words. Will we allow the Lord to bring about glory to His name as we seek to work out our conflicts? It is up to us. May God be glorified in and through our lives.

Most leaders possess strong personalities and often are set in their ways and thinking, opening up the possibility of conflict with colleagues. This reality is sometimes corrupted by our fallen nature which even Godly leaders need to reckon with.

Bible Bites!

Think on theses things, Philippians 4:8, Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Your life today is a result of your thinking yesterday. Your life tomorrow will be determined by what you think today. What enters your mind and occupies our taught process will somewhere, sometime come out of your mouth. Be careful about what occupies your mind because it will greatly determine what will you become tomorrow. The formula that will help make each one a different person. Read 1 Corinthians 5:7 says, remove this wicked person from among you so that you can stay pure. Forgiveness for sins remove much heartaches and of guilt from the past. Second, changing your thought life. If you desire a mental spring cleaning you check the following areas. In what type of environment do you live? Each of us is a product of the environment that surrounds our lives. What are you doing in your free time? How do you spend the time that is your own will greatly determine what you think about. Who are your closest friend? (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


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Philippine Airlines Express unveiled

Philippine Airlines is launching a new, low-fares unit that will operate a fleet of turbo-propeller aircraft to mostly domestic island points under the brand name “PAL Express,” PAL president Jaime J. Bautista announced today.             

“PAL Express will meet the growing demand of the traveling public for a high-quality carrier offering low fares,” said Bautista. “At the same time, it supports the Philippine government’s efforts to promote trade and tourism, particularly to our many small islands, thus providing a much-needed lift to the local economy of these communities.”

PAL will acquire nine turbo-props – three Bombardier Q300s and six Q400s – to comprise PAL Express’ initial fleet, which will be based mainly in Cebu. Some flights will also operate out of Manila. PAL Express will primarily fly intra-regional routes in Visayas and Mindanao from its Cebu hub, as well as secondary routes to smaller airports in island provinces that are not able to accommodate PAL’s regular jet aircraft.

The launch of PAL Express is a ground-breaking step for the flag carrier, which is creating a sub-brand for the first time in its 67-year history.

“We will leverage on the strength of the PAL brand to make PAL Express the leader in the markets it serves. In turn, PAL benefits from the expansion of its network to areas it does not presently fly to, from where PAL Express aims to draw traffic to feed the main trunk routes,” said Bautista. He added: “But the biggest beneficiary will be the traveler, who is now able to tap into PAL’s extensive route network and enjoy seamless connections between erstwhile inaccessible provincial points and 43 destinations – and counting – across the Philippines, Asia, Australia and North America.”

The structure for PAL Express is similar to the set-up found in several international airlines, where the “legacy” carrier establishes an operating division intended to serve a market niche distinct from the mainline operation. The division, however, is still supervised by the parent airline, which also provides logistical and administrative support. Examples of this structure are American Airlines’ American Eagle, United Airlines’ United Express, Air Canada’s Jazz, and Lufthansa’s Lufthansa Cityline.

PAL Express is scheduled to take off on May 5, 2008 with eight flights daily between Manila and Boracay. Services ramp up dramatically on May 19, when PAL Express’ Cebu-hub operations commence with flights between Cebu and five points in Visayas and Mindanao. To introduce these new services, PAL Express is offering a promotional fare of P88 (excluding taxes and surcharges) for one-way flights between Cebu and Bacolod, Caticlan, Tacloban, Butuan and General Santos.

The special fare can be availed of until May 18, 2008 and is for travel from May 19 to August 15, 2008 only. (Southpoint, Vol.1No.16)


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The Economic Law of Supply and Demand tells us that when the supply of a commodity is greater than its demand, its price goes down. But when the demand is greater than the supply, the price definitely goes up. This truth is crystal clear that it can be well understood by an ordinary person. Now, let’s ask ourselves: “What is the price now of a kilo of rice?” It goes up kilometrically!!! Why? Because its supply is less that it cannot satisfy the growing demand. In short, we have a shortage of supply in rice!!!

Regrettably, some government officials have the temerity of blaming the media for “sensationalizing” this issue. They do not want our people to know the truth. When crisis like this comes, it is almost always their role to tell us lies, may be for us not to go panicky which might end up in overthrowing our present national government leaders. Remember Haiti’s recent incident? But media has also the role to tell us the truth for all to get our people ready for a worse case scenario and for everybody to think of things that may be helpful enough to avoid it, if not minimize its effects.

The problem of rice shortage we are now facing is very serious and real. Our government must address this problem fast, or else this will disturb our social stability just like what has happened just lately in Haiti. The observation that rice shortage is caused by rice hoarders is partly accurate observation. Albeit, rice hoarders must be put under tight watch and be brought before our courts for the transgressions of our pertinent laws, they are, in our country, very few in number and the volume of edible rice they can afford to hoard is only a negligible fraction of the total volume of the stock of rice we have in our country. They cannot cause serious artificial scarcity of rice if only we have more rice in our market. But the problem is that, generally, we have no enough rice in our market. Thus, we have this serious rice shortage that even the rich are hesitant to pay a bag of high-price rice.

In the local scene, our province of Zamboanga del Norte has sufficient supply of rice to feed its own people. This is the truth!!! But again, no province is an island, so to speak. It has to share its rice resources to other rice-needing provinces. To prevent the rice of one province from being shipped out to another is a kind of trade restraint that is proscribed by our law.   Thus,  any rice-sufficient province like ours cannot just escape the effect of burden sharing. This is also the truth!!! Our national government is always importing rice from our neighboring countries like Vietnam and Thailand. This is the truth!!! Unfortunately, bad luck has stricken these countries just lately. Including ours, the El Nina phenomenon we have now has continuously ravaged their ricelands. They are not willing to sell their rice to us this time. They have also their own people to feed. They also come short in their rice supply.

“What is the price now of a kilo of rice?” It goes up kilometrically!!! Why? Because its supply is less that it cannot satisfy the growing demand. In short, we have a shortage of supply in rice!!!

Our dependence for rice from other countries is not new! This is the resultant product of wrong governmental prioritization. Our country has vast idle hilly lands that can be tilled and utilized for rice production in addition to the low lands we primarily depend on. Our government fails to promote its utilization for rice production. Our hilly lands remain our country’s sleeping resources. They have not been seriously tapped by our rice farmers. Why? Because of the reluctance (or failure, to say the least) of our government to give our farmers certain incentives to encourage them into planting rice in these idle hilly lands.

On the other hand, our lawmakers must also do their share in addressing this problem. They have to effect amendments promptly to certain provisions of our Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law. They have to put more teeth in it inorder to avert conversion of our irrigated rice land into some other purposes as what is actually happening now. Our population also must be regulated or controlled. Growing population means a lot of mouth to feed. And many sociologists fear that with our available rice lands shrinking fast and our population growing rapidly, this will only end up to nothing but dire hunger and too much poverty. With all of these, societal pandemonium will undoubtedly take place.

We have to learn something from Haiti’s experience where chaos in its society occurs because of food shortage. And please, don’t blame the media for telling these truths! (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.41)


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Press Freedom Editorial
Learning from Cubans

The food crisis is here; we don’t know if it has to stay here for good.  And the food problem gives us our daily brrrrr.

During the time when the U. S. imposed food embargo upon the Cubans, they learned to survive by eating twice a day only, instead of the usual 3 meals per day.

Moreover, they took to their hands as means of farming their land. And you bet, they survived the crisis. As another food shortage rocks the world, the Cubans showed again the world that they could raise themselves out of the crisis by taking up ordinary farm implements like the hoe, bolo and the like to produce abundantly.


However, these must be accompanied by an extraordinary will to increase productivity even if farming their lands has to be done by their bare hands. A good lesson to learn from the Cubans, a lesson we could very well take up for survival.

If lining up for long hours just for 2 kilos of government rice is possible and bearable, why is eating twice a day impossible?

Or why is plowing one’s land with a carabao even during moonlight nights a laidback thing to do when the same yields as much as machines do? The Cubans teach the world something - minus the strong cigar.  It’s time we take up lesson learned from them and be on our way to beat the crisis. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 27)


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