April 3, 2008



ZaNorte Governor Rolando E. Yebes and Provincial Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Habib Adzhar Sarahadil beams as they witness athletes play hard and get dirty on the court.

Governor Yebes cheered for ZaNorte volleyball players as they punched Team Isabela City in the volleyball men secondary division tourney.


Photos by Joel Ello for Southpoint, Vol.1 No.13

The governor was accompanied by his junior and youngest son., Rolando “Jun-Jun” Yebes, Jr. (ZPRAA Trumpeter, Vol.1 No.6)

Credits: The ZPRAA '08 Trumpeter is the Official Gazette of the Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Athletic Association Meet


 ZPRAA ’08 peaceful, says RMG chief
By Rene Buaya

The recently concluded Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Athletic (ZPRAA) meet in this city was entirely peaceful and successful, according to PSI Mohammad Zainul Abidin Ilupa of the Regional Mobile Group (RMG), a police unit tapped to ensure the safety and security of all participating athletic delegations.

Ilupa said that since the opening of the athletic competitions last Monday, no untoward incidents were reported except for a loss of a cellphone owned by a training official and a loss of a uniform of one of the athletes. Ilupa was also grateful to Gov. Rolando E. Yebes for  the support extended to his unit in the entire duration of the event.

The RMG arrived in Dipolog last March 19, 6 days before the formal opening the ZPRAA meet. (ZPRAA Trumpeter, Vol.1 No.6)



Fidel Castro was the first world leader to warn that the demand for bio-fuels will have dangerous effects on the availability of land intended for agricultural production. Looking at the situation in the United States right now, it appears that Castro was correct in his warning, because the prices of beef, corn and bread have already gone up.

The increase in prices is a result of a chain reaction. Beef prices went up because the cost of corn went up, corn being a part of cattle diet. Corn prices went up because its demand went up, because it is now used to produce bio-fuels. Bread prices went up, because the demand for wheat went up, after wheat fields were converted to corn. Right now, Jathropa appears to be the most popular crop of choice for conversion into bio-fuel, but there is a possibility that corn could quickly become the other choice, based on the trend now in the USA. If and when this happens, the warning of Castro could become relevant in the local setting.

Proponents of Jathropa argue that producing this crop would not threaten the availability of land intended for agricultural production, citing the reason that this crop would only use what are now considered as idle lands. That might be a fair assumption, but in the absence of clear cut policy controls, free for all situations could happen, in much the same way that rice lands were eaten up by housing development with no controls in place. Looking at the practical side, corn appears to be the crop with the most market potential right now, because it is not just in demand for bio-fuels, it is also needed for human food and animal feeds. This being the case, the government should come up with policy guidelines in order to take advantage of this triple opportunity.

I think that for as long as policy guidelines and controls are properly in place, it would be wise to prioritize the production of corn in this country, intended for both food and energy. By comparison, rice is hardly an exportable product for us now, given the fact that we are still importing it. On the other hand, corn offers us the potential of having a crop that would not only meet our internal demand for food and energy, but we might also possibly export it. Add to that the possibility that we could also be exporting meat and poultry, on the assumption that we could be producing our own animal feeds from locally grown corn.



Believe it or not, there is a five in one solution that we solve the problems of hunger, poverty, unemployment, crime, and food security all at once. And believe it or not, the solution is not even new, because it has always been with us since the beginning of human history. Agriculture is the solution that will solve all the five problems earlier mentioned. Agriculture will produce food for the hungry. The production and processing activities will create employment that will reduce the poverty. Higher employment and lesser scarcity will reduce crime and on top of all these, it will give us food security which is of the highest national interest.

Although agriculture by itself is not new, there are new organic farming methods that would now enable farmers to make more money from their time and resource investments. The long running problem ever since is that the high costs of farm inputs practically make it impossible for the farmers to make money in their small business. Thanks to the efforts of Filipino Engineer Walther Alvarez, a technology has been invented that now enables our farmers to produce their own feeds and fertilizers at very low costs. This technology is now being promoted by Sama-Kabuhayan, the lead organization of the United National Integrated Development Alliance (UNIDA) for the agriculture sector.

As an added bonus, the feeds produced using the technology enables farm animals to reach market size faster, and also enables farm crops to yield more, aside from coming out as pure organic products. For a long time now, we as a people have been bewailing the fact that our Asian neighbors are producing more farm animals and farm crops than we do, even if they have practically learned their modern agriculture methods from us. Thanks to this new technology, we now have a chance to catch up with our neighbors, to win the race of regional competitiveness, at the same time possibly winning our other wars against hunger, poverty, unemployment and crime, on top of our goal to ensure our food security.

This technology is a treasure that has come to us like manna from heaven. We should not waste it, and we should make use of it like a blessing that come to our national life. Imagine the millions of our people who could have a better quality of life because of this blessing.


ZPRAA ’08 Trumpeter Editorial

The weeklong regional athletic event held here starting March 24 has finally ended.  All the eight schools divisions in region IX came and participated in this year’s Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Athletic Association (ZPRAA) meet spearheaded by the Department of Education (DepED)-IX headed by Dir. Jesus Nieves. The farthest delegation came all the way from Isabela City of Basilan province.

Before the delegations came over for the athletic competitions, the preparations they made could be nerve-wrenching. No doubt about it. Added to this is the enormous amount needed to maintain and sustain the needs of the athletes like foods and uniforms. This is why many want athletic competitions scrapped from DepED’s program so that whatever funds the agency would have can be channeled to more pressing concerns the education department is faced with.

But some well-meaning individuals are opposed to the idea of abolishing the DepED’s athletic competitions, saying this is one effective way of discovering the potentials of the young in the field of sports. Who knows from this batch of young players will the country’s finest athletes come in the years ahead? Besides, DepED aims to develop the young to become mentally and physically fit. Mental growth should proceed alongside physical development which can only be had through physical education. And holding athletic competitions contribute in no small amount to the physical development of an individual.

Nonetheless, to all the athletes, coaches and guests who have come and joined the ZPRAA ’08 meet, thank you for your support and cooperation. To the Zamboanga del Norte provincial schools division headed by Dr. Habib Adzhar H. Sarahadil, thank you for being a good host. To Provincial Governor Rolando E. Yebes, thank you for your generosity in helping make the ZPRAA meet a success. To the city officials and the good people of Dipolog, thank you for your unwavering support. To everyone who shared his time, money and effort in making the event successful, Godspeed. (ZPRAA Trumpeter, Vol.1 No.6)




It is still uncertain whether there is really a rice crisis or not, but what is certain is that rice is not the only staple food that our people could eat. Whether or not there is an officially admitted rice crisis, I am sure that there would be no food crisis, if only we could produce the other staples, to add to our present rice production.

The opposition on one hand says that the government is hiding the truth about the crisis, asserting that it is real. The administration on the other hand says that there is no crisis, citing as a defense its claim that it has two months of inventory in stock. I say that this is a rather shallow understanding of food security, because in order to be fully secure, we should have at least one year in inventory. As a state policy, Israel bans the planting of rice, saying that it is not an efficient crop, because they could import the grains cheaper instead of planting it. The policy may be practical for Israel because rice is not a staple food there. Here in the Philippines, the issue appears to be moot and academic, because we are importing the grains even if we have the potential of growing it efficiently.

Korina Sanchez of DZMM says that the government made the mistake of promoting hybrid rice, because this variety requires the use of imported chemical fertilizers. I say that she has hit the nail on the head, because it is primarily the cost of chemical fertilizers, imported or not, that causes the inefficient production of rice. It has already been proven that rice could be efficiently produced using organic fertilizers. In many cases, organic rice production has even surpassed records earlier made by chemical rice production. Given this reality, the government should now officially admit that organic fertilizers are better for the country, at the same time officially admitting that two months inventory already translates into a crisis.

What we need in this country is a sustainable mix of staple foods that could still be dominated by rice, but should be complemented by root crops that could be produced more efficiently, among which are potatoes, cassava, yam and even the native sweet potatoes (camote). There are other grains that could be added to this sustainable mix, all of which could also be produced efficiently, among which are sweet corn, sorghum and even the native green gram mongo bean (balatong).




Every beginning has its end and so is our ZPRAAM 2008. Closing day came early as champions are excited to bring home the bacon. These athletes indeed made each day count while in Zamboanga del Norte, thriving their best to win in every event they are in. Winners or losers? To me, they are all winners, the fact that they participated and gave their best shots. As I have said its easy to be a good winner, but it takes real class to hold your head up after a tough loss. There is no shame in having lost, mind you.

But before I bid farwell, I want to share with my avid readers  a beautiful story entitled “A True Champion” by C.J. Lockman Hall, M.A. that you can ponder on. He seemed uncomfortable in his running shoes. His shirt was tight around his waist, his gait a bit awkward. He was taking part in the city youth track program, showing up every week to run anything from the 50-meter dash to the 1-mile.  He was at the starting line, ready to run the 1-mile, four laps around the track. He soon fell behind in the race, but kept going at his consistent pace. After one and a half-laps, a teammate got a painful cramp. He caught up to his teammate, put his arm around him, and walked with him for a few moments. His teammate left the track; he kept running. He finished in last place, having been passed in the last 20 meters despite his surge to the finish line.

 He held his head high as we volunteers clapped for him and congratulated him, like we do for everybody. I wanted to tell him what a wonderful thing he had done, the sportsmanship he had shown by stopping to help his teammate. He made his way toward his mom, pressed his face into her side, and welcomed her gentle hug. They walked up the hill together. He sat down on a bench. She gave him water, and stood in front of him to shield him from the sun. He buried his face in a towel.

If I don't tell him, he'll never know. I excused myself and made my way up the hill, tears welling in my eyes. For all of my athletic accomplishments as I got older, I'd been where he was: feeling awkward, finishing last, wondering why I couldn't do it like the other kids. "Hi," I said. "I saw what you did out there, the way you helped your teammate. I want you to know what a great thing you did." He looked up at me. He'd taken off his glasses. I could see tears mingled with sweat. I had to pause. I had a lump in my throat. "That mile race is the toughest event here. You did a great job," I told him. "Thank you," he said politely.

"Yes, thank you, that's very nice of you," said his mother. "I always tell him that being a champion in life is the most important thing." Yes, ma'am, it is. And your son is a champion. He later ran the 50-meter dash. He held his head high when he finished. And this time, there were no tears.

Before I close, I would like to extend a big thank you to everybody who supported the makings of the ZPRAA Trumpeter.  Specifically, Mr. Franklin Gumapon, for believing in the capacity of the Provincial Information Center staffers; to all the reporters who arduously and successfully responded to their beats,  and of course to the DepEd staff who were very accomodating to me at their office since day one particularly Mr. Antonio Liao, Mr. Edwin Miranda, Mrs. Fe Lakian, Mrs. Arcelita B. Zamoras, Mrs. Elaine Marie Santander, Mrs. Perlita D. Gerzon,  and  especially  Mrs. Lourma Poculan, who generously offered and allowed the ZPRAA Trumpeter to use her computer and printer to reproduce copies of our newsletter early on for a meanwhile. Thank you and see you around!  (DMV-T, ZPRAA Trumpeter, Vol.1 No.6)


P14M nga PhilHealth Insurance sa ZaNorte aprubado na

Mokabat sa 25 porciento sa mga indigents karon sa lalawigan sa Zanorte ang gipailawom na sa National Health Insurance Program human gi-aprobahan sa kagamhanang probinsiyal pinaagi ni Gov. Lando Yebes ang 14 milyones ka pesos ug gihimo ang pagperma sa usa ka

All out support for the province’s anti-indigency program, PHCAP through the PhilHealth Insurance doled-out to identified indigents of ZaNorte with the two of the program’s beneficiaries.

kasabutan tali sa Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. Si Dra. Carmencita Icao, Provincial Health Officer sa Zanorte mipahayag nga kini maoy unang gihayon nga ang kagamhanang probinsiyal sa Zanorte mipa-enroll sa nailang kabus niini sa nasangpit nga health insurance program para mapalapdan pa ang gilogway nga serbisyo sa probinsiya para kanila.

By Ike Señeres iseneres@yahoo.com

It has been almost eight years since the signing of the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 (ECA), but as of now, we could not even say that e-commerce has taken off in this country. I recall that the ECA was supposed to be the “mother law” only, meaning that we were eventually supposed to produce “daughter laws” to support it, but nothing else really followed it.

Perhaps we could say that to some extent, mobile commerce or m-commerce has taken off, appearing to be a saving grace. At least, mobile commerce has put in place online payment systems that have sadly been very weak on the e-commerce side. To some extent, we could say that the slow emergence of e-commerce in this country is largely due to the small percentage of credit card ownership. This problem has been partially solved in other countries due to the entry of debit cards and alternative payment systems, but these two solutions have also been slow in coming to our country.

Fortunately for us, the price of hosting websites has gone down considerably, so much so that anyone could now afford to have a site, for any purpose. To make the best use of this opportunity however, it would be good if users would put up real e-commerce sites, and not just any site. What essentially makes an e-commerce site is a shopping cart that is coupled with a payment system. This is the other good news that the price of this software in tandem has also gone down, for the benefit of everyone. The United National Integrated Development Alliance (UNIDA) has recently acquired this tandem, and will start offering it to all interested schools.

Introducing this software set to the schools is part of the strategy to revive e-commerce in this country, along with the hope that we will be able to raise up a new generation of online entrepreneurs among our youth. The software set will come with an e-commerce course that will be offered to all students. E-commerce is part of the knowledge economy, also known as the services economy. As I see it, it is to our advantage to strengthen all our three economies, namely our agriculture economy, our industrial economy and our knowledge economy. We must win in all three global arenas in order to survive as a people. Actually not just to survive, but to excel and win in the global competition. (ESSAYS IN DEVELOPMENT SERIES - 04 April 2008)



Machiavellian Theory

By Tyrone Jay V. Samson

Walay Epek si Lozada

Let me say it, “I told you so!” Exactly a month ago, when Manny Pacquiao was just training for his rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez and the whole Jun Lozada expose just broke out, I wrote about Ate Glo’s extensive “facial skin” and that she won’t be distracted in any way no matter what Jun Lozada says. I also wrote of Manny dispatching Marquez in five. 

Looks like I got 1 and ½ right.

I was right with Ate Glo’s ever reliable kapal muks that she has never allowed Lozada to cry his way into messing with her ill-famed administration. It’s just a shame that people like Commission on Higher Education chairman Romulo Neri, the one who can supposedly lay all doubts to rest, is hiding behind this so-called “executive privilege” which prevented the Senate from asking more questions regarding the scrapped $329-million National Broadband Network (NBN) project deal.

It would not take a lawyer for one to understand that Mr. Neri is definitely hiding something. “Kung walay gitagoan, nganu gud diay ug mu atobang sa mga Senador, dayun tobag sa mga pangotana, SIMPLE.” In his testimony at the Senate last year, Mr. Neri, then director-general of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), invoked executive privilege on three issues: whether Ate Glo followed up on the project; whether she dictated that the project be prioritized, and whether she asked that the project be approved despite being told of the alleged P200-million bribe of former poll chairman Benjamin S. Abalos, Sr.

If these questions were answered, the people would not be at this gullible state of mind wherein we are not exactly sure who’s telling the truth. I’m not saying that had Mr. Neri answered these questions, it would have solved all questions regarding the NBN scandal, but at least it would certainly help the Senate, and the people, in pursuing the truth. On my Manny Pacquiao prediction, I just got ½ rating for predicting a win but my 5th round knockout prediction did not materialize. I was actually jumping up and down by round three when I thought Manny was about to finish off Marquez, but JMM proved that he literally has a hard chin to break. He survived that round and got off some of the best counter punching moves I’ve seen in professional boozing, bar none. Had Marquez hit a notch harder, he would have stopped Manny.

Some people said, and a whole lot of them wrote in boxing forums in the internet, that they wear anxious before the decision was announced that Manny might loss. I was having none of that. We all know Bob Arum now promotes Manny. And we know Manny is the main attraction here, not Marquez. Arum will definitely utilize all political muscle he has to keep Money, este Manny, from losing. After all, Arum has lined up WBC Lightweight Champion David Diaz as a stepping stone towards Manny meeting with boxing’s biggest cash cow of them all, Oscar dela Hoya.

You think Arum’s going to jeopardize those plans? Nahhh. Had Marquez orchestrated a thorough beating on our People’s Champion, maybe Arum would not have dared intervene. But with that very close match, Arum can definitely reach out with his connections and somehow sway the verdict into Manny’s favor. Thinking that way, I knew that if it would come to a decision, Pacman will win it. Now, let’s hope Manny gets by Diaz on June 28 for him to earn maybe close to 10 to 15 million dollars in a dance with the Golden Boy.


The Megabulls Basketball Association will open its 2008 First Conference on Sunday, April 6 at the Zamboanga del Norte Teachers Gym. A total of eight teams are vying for the crown in a double round-robin elimination format. A motorcade is scheduled before the opening tip off and the MBA family will induct five members into the Megabulls Basketball Association Hall of Fame. The names of the Hall of Famers will be known within this week.

Here are the players for each team. Team RIVSON has Elmer Rivson, Boy Cabalida, Raymund Bitancor, Karlo Calibo, Dave Patigayon, Boy Reyes, Jenario Padasig, Cris Leyson Sr., Cris Gawchua, Bebot Balnig, and Boy Debaloy. Team LIM is composed of Jr Lim, Boy Lim, Hashley Langie, Pipoy Zulueta, Joe Teves, Martino Padasig, Roy Pastrano, Allan Belarmino, Lloyd Solibio, Froilan Castillo, and Boy Sindo.

Team DEREK’S PLACE players are Ian Herrera, Ariel Velasco, Dane Duka, Moldex Demol, Gaylord Dayata, Jujitsu Lansang, Yves Litran, Boy Dacop, Zaldy Realiza, and Reggie Letrada. Making up the DIPOLOG TOP CONSTRUCTION/ PIT STOP team are Kirby Uy, Boy Victoriano, Chuck Mabilog, Boy Pulis Bagarinao, Dondong Bejer, Bokio Calibo, Victor Tatay Pabes, Jerome Sanchez, Odeth Sister, Bhoy Biolandah, and Christopher Zosa.

Team VICSYL are Dodong Dumanon, Steve Casimiro, Yoyong Remate, Joey Mercado, Rodel Mercado, Junjun Lopez, Boy Amores, Al Manigsaca, Chocho Regencia, Redcat Tacder, and Nelson Macute. The CHERUBIM’S BAKESHOP team is made up of Sean Acaylar, Raymund Bael, JR Magale, Rudy Pioco, Kedoy, Glenn Patangan, Kent Velasco, Pepot Calibo, Jeffrey CAbilin, and Boy Engreso.

Team GIJI is composed of Danny Oncenes, Harwel Teves, Franklin Girado, Jonee Repollo, Tyrone Jay Samson, Dondon Bajelot, Richel Acabal, Anthony Bagarinao, Claudilito Dodoy Tero, Jun Ocamia, and Dennis Frigillano. And last but certainly not the least is Team REYTONS made up of Rey Ponce, Miguel Bernad, Nicky Camid, Hope Rosal, Glenn Lacquio, Remie Salamiro, Junjun Leyson, Boy Sangual, Boy Andalahao, and Fidel Bengua.

In line with this tournament, the Megabulls family would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors and donors. Our sponsors are Narvel Marketing @ Avon Service Center; Mr. and Mrs. Pipoy Zulueta; LCSA Liloy Central Shopping Arcade, 2nd Floor, TTM Bldg., Nat’l. Highway, Liloy, ZN; Engr. Richel Acabal; Dipolog Top Construction; and Atty. Senen Angeles.

We would also like to thank our donors: Game Haven (Playstation 2 Games), Padre Ramon St., Dipolog City; Contender Lumber (Ms. Lynnette Bastasa);  Reytons Enterprises (Meg Rey Ponce); Vicsyl Pharmacy (Meg Joey Mercado); Pit Stop (Meg Jerome Sanchez); B.M.I. (Meg Miguel Bernad); Cherubim’s Bakeshop (Meg Sean Acaylar); Mc Dok’s Lechon Manok (Meg Dennis Frigillano); Guiding Star, Padre Ramon St., Dipolog City; CGB Cyberlynx (Meg Chris Gawchua); Dra. Mawili Dental Clinic;  Derek’s Place (Meg Ian Herrera); Dodong Dental Lab (Meg Dodong Dumanon); Meg Reggie Letrada; Meg Yves Letran; Engr. Carlo R. Antonio, F.O. Antonio Construction; Meg Danny S. Onzines; Agfa Dipolog City; Engr. Dave Patigayon; Widan Enterprises; D’ Spirit of Batch ’93 (S.E.K.C.); and St. Peter Chapels: Rivera Funeral Homes. Thank you and let basketball be our way of developing sportsmanship and camaraderie here in our community. Basketball truly is a BROTHERHOOD.

Moreover, the Megabulls Basketball Association has recently launched our online Friendster webpage, megabullsba@yahoo.com. To all interested players, just visit us at our webpage, or visit us in our practice games at the ZN Teachers Gym every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5-7 pm. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 24)


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MOA SIGNING. Mr. Romeo Alberto, Assistant Vice-president of PhilHealth Region Office-IX, Zamboanga City came to Zambanga del Norte to ink a Memorandum of Agreement between the province of ZaNorte through Governor Rolando Yebes and PhilHealth granting the insurance worth P14 million for the province’s ingidents composed of 26,000 identified families and their dependents.

The team from the Zamboanga City delegation came out as overall champions in the Elementarya and Secondary Level in the recently concluded 2008 Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Athletic Association Meet (ZPRAAM) held from Marso 24 to 28 where Zamboanga del Norte played host of the said event.




 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
Four habits of lasting happiness!

Our God wants that we can truly be happy. It is natural for a person who is not a Christian to be unhappy because he does not know God personally and he is not at peace with God. But even if he becomes a Christian, he does not automatically becomes happy. It is only when our mind, body, spirit and outlook are in tune with what God wants that we can truly be happy. So consider these 4 habits.

Habit 1, Praise and worship God every day. Many of us spend all our waking hours busy running around. But God wants us to spend time every day to be quiet before him, contemplating his greatness, His love, His holiness. He wants us to read His word (The Bible), to pray, and to worship Him. When we think upon the person of God, we cannot help but lift our hearts in praise and worship. Real praise and worship includes obedience to God. Without obedience, praise and worship would be meaningless. As we obey and worship God, our character begins to be transformed. As we let the holy spirit take control, joy becomes evident in our life because joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Read Galatians 5:22, “When the holy spirit controls our lives, He will produce this kind of fruit in us, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Habit 2, fill your mind with positive thoughts all day long. Read Philippians 4:8-9, says, “And now brothers and sisters, let me say the more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned from me and heard from me and saw me doing and the God of peace will be with you”. Habit 3, take good care of your body through exercise and proper diet. So that we become healthy and attain a general sense of well being. Our body is renewed. God is pleased, and so are we. Habit 4, be a blessing to someone everyday. Now that our spirit, mind and body are renewed, we should turn our attention away from ourselves, and be a blessing to others. Many of us are preoccupied with ourselves. But the more we seek these, the more they elude us. It is only when we bless others that the things we seek will in the end become ours. When you lend a helping hand or say words of encouragement to someone, do you not see the glow in the person’s joy becomes your joy. When we yield to God and are a blessing to someone each day, God is pleased and so are we.

Bible Bites!

Life is like a music, it has high notes, and low notes! No matter how high or low, keep in tune with God and you will never go out of tune in the music of life. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 24)


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Please observe Protocol

GMA says that we don’t have rice shortage what we have is high rice prices. Is price not determined by law of supply and demand? I heard someone says she is a fake president and soon someone may call her a fake economist.


The new Lando Hospital will open next week.  They have a promo.  A free use of Lando’s jakuzi or as Alan call’s it Lando’s giant urinola.  You can swim for free.


Former Senate President LP Chairman Franklin Drilon was in town recently as guest speaker during ABC’s commencement exercises. Ther’s no truth to the rumor that Dodoy took his oath before him as an LP.

Former Senate President LP Chairman Franklin Drilon was in town recently as guest speaker during a commencement exercises. Ther’s no truth to the rumor that Dodoy took his oath before him as an LP.


There is no doubt that the province is the host for this year’s Zamboanga Peninsula Regional Athletic Association Meet.  There is no doubt either that it is mandatory that Lando, being the governor should give the welcome address, that’s basic. But to deny the city mayor to deliver her welcome address during the opening ceremony is unacceptable. Protocol dictates that she should have a speaking part in the program Dipolog being the venue.  Even for consuelo-de-bobo- maski closing remarks lang.


The DepEd was right when in their original draft of the program, Belen’s name was there.  That’s their expertise.  Unfortunately her name was deleted by an over bearing Lando’s staff. One can be loyal without being sipsip. I have no special liking for my cousin’s wife.  Specially with her low pitch voice coupled with her Bicolana’s accent could lull one to sleep.  Most often I disagree with her city hall policy.  But decency dictate that she be accorded due courtesy and respect. In 1982, the province hosted the Palarong Pambansa.  I was then associated with then Mayor Matoy Barinaga being his secretary.


Matoy gave the welcome address to all the participants during the opening program despite the fact that Dipolog was only the venue and not the host.


Lando should be magnanimous in his victory.  He should reach out to Belen specially with his 72,00 votes margin over Belen’s husband. My unsolicited advice to Lando, please send her a bed of roses.  Remove the thorns.    Pay her a visit.  Personally apologize to her over the incident.  We should learn to swallow our pride once in a while, they are non fattening and contain no uric acid and low in cholesterol. Belen is a half breed Bicolana and half breed Chinese. Like Jun Lozada and many among us she is also a provincianong insek.  Very forgiving. Try it Lan. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 24)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: pressfreedom_1983@yahoo.com.ph



My Best Foot
By: Engr. Ric Tenorio
“Iba talaga ang mataray”

PNP Director General Avelino Razon ordered policemen to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, otherwise they will be arrested by fellow policemen. Really? Its better said than done.


It takes a thief to catch a thief, the saying goes. Tell Razon to hire thieves in the PNP. Hehehehe


Rice shortage seen. It’s happy times for some NFA officials. Expect NFA rice diverted to big-time wholesalers than government outlets.


Every time Manny Pacquiao fights, the Filipinos unite. That’s why Gloria wants Pacman to fight always.


Rice shortage NO; price increase YES, says Gloria. It’s still the same thing but spoken differently. There’s money but no rice. There’s rice but no money.


Former Presidents Marcos and Erap were afraid of rallies so they gave up Malacañang. Gloria learned her lessons from them, so she dig-in but never leave the palace. That’s why she survived. Iba talaga ang mataray.


Cory Aquino and Erap Estrada are actively agitating for Gloria to resign. They just want to get even with Gloria. They’re victims of people power too.


Some erstwhile senior government officials, aptly named the “Ex-men” wanted Gloria to lead in cleaning her administration of scalawags. Look who’s talking. Maybe they have forgotten who they were during their time.


By the time this paper hits the streets, the Regional Palaro shall have been concluded. That’s the beauty of having regained the site back to the Provincial government. It’s only Lando who have given sense and meaning to the word sports. Kudos to you bossing…..


Visitor’s from far and wide were full of excitements. WOW DIPOLOG!!!!! But none so far for ZANORTE. Belen should be thankful to Lando for the second time around. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 24)


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