February 24, 2009


Happy 104th Birthday, Rotary!!! 

Rotary Club of Dipolog joins thousands of other Rotary Clubs around the world with the 104th Founding Anniversary of Rotary International. Founded in February 23, 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Rotary is essentially a grassroots organization, with most of its service efforts being carried out at the club level. The district and international structure is designed to support the clubs and help them provide more service in their communities and abroad.

Rotary Club of Dipolog joins thousands of other Rotary Clubs around the world with the 104th Founding Anniversary of Rotary International. Founded in February 23, 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Rotarians are members of clubs, which belong to the global association Rotary International (RI). Each club elects its own officers and enjoys considerable autonomy within the framework of Rotary’s constitution and bylaws.

The Four-Way-Test followed by Rotarians worldwide in their business and professional lives, was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932. It has been translated into more than 100 languages and is used by organizations and individuals throughout the world.

Of the things we think, say and do:

1.   Is it the truth?

2.   Is it fair to all concerned?

3.   Will it build goodwill and better friendship?

4.   Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The Rotary Club of Dipolog has its own projects which include the hallmark Rotary Youth Week Activity, various medical outreach missions, literacy programs such as book donations and day care center equipment donation, and the polio vaccination.

In Making Dreams Real, as to the theme for Rotary Year 2008-2009, your local Rotary Club of Dipolog continues to make dreams real and better through its endeavors. (By: Rtn. Bryan Micah S. Lim) (The New Nandau, Vol. XVIII No.30)


 Blessings & Turn-over  of 9 units vehicles to PNP

PNP- The Zamboanga del Norte Police Provincial Office under the able leadership of POLICE SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT ATTY. CRISTETO REY DELOS REYES GONZALODO, (DSC), PESE, MPA, Provincial Director through its Police Community Relations (PCR) Branch based in Camp Hamac, Sicayab, Dipolog City would like to notify the general public of its operational accomplishment.

On 16 February 2009 at 8:00 o’clock in the morning a turned-over of key and blessings of newly issued PNP marked vehicles was conducted at Camp Hamac, Sicayab, Dipolog City. Nine (9) units of PNP issued marked vehicles. Were added to boost the mobilization capability of Municipal Police Stations in anti criminality and anti-insurgency operations.

PPSUPT PRIMITIVO PLANTA JR, Deputy Provincial Director formally turned-over the key of said vehicles to concerned Chiefs of Police together with their respective Municipal Mayors from the Municipalities of Manukan, Rizal, Sibutad, Baliguian, Katipunan, Jose Dalman, Sindangan, Roxas and Sergio Osmeńa all of Zamboagna del Norte and followed by blessings of said vehicles officiated by Rev. Fr. Patrick C Dalangin, Parish Priest of St. Neuman, Sicayab, Dipolog City. Thirty (30) NGOs from Dipolog City (Team David and Parac) and Jose Rizal Memorial State College with their school band witness the said ceremony.

The Zamboanga del Norte Police Provincial Office was very grateful to the higher headquarters and the LGUs concern for the support in the realization of the acquisition of this vehicles. This will surely boost and enhance the capability of the Police Stations in the campaign against criminality and lawlessness in their respective AOR. (Sgd. Atty. Cristeto Rey Delos Reyes Gonzalodo, DSC, PESE, MPA, Police Senior Superintendent, Provincial Director.)


Singer, Actor Says, 'Try to Relate to Who's on Your Plate. Go Vegetarian'

Manila — Chances are that you've seen her films or one of her many TV appearances, but you've probably never seen her quite like this before. That's because heralded singer and actor Yasmien Kurdi appears in two brand-new pro-vegetarian ads for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific. In the first ad, Kurdi poses inside a cage with a fellow chick—a baby chicken, that is—under the tagline "Try to Relate to Who's on Your Plate. Go Vegetarian." In the second, Yasmien poses on top of a cage under the tagline "Respect Chicks. Go Vegetarian." The stunning ad was shot by ace photographer Niccolo Cosme; the stylist was Sidney Yap and can be seen on PETA’s website PETAAsiaPacific.com.

Kurdi was the first runner-up in the first season of the GMA Network talent show StarStruck. But her acting career really took off in 2006 when she won the role of Charming, the ugly daughter of Bakekang in the TV series of the same name. Her second album, Love Is All I Need, was released last year to acclaim from both fans and critics, and Kurdi currently stars as Shayne on GMA's hit dramarama Saan Darating Ang Umaga

Singer and actor Yasmien Kurdi appears in two brand-new pro-vegetarian ads for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia-Pacific.

Why does Kurdi want people to go vegetarian? For one thing, vegetarians are, on average, fitter and trimmer and have more energy and stamina than people who dine on fat-laden meat, dairy products, and eggs. And vegetarians have a much lower incidence of ailments such as heart attacks, strokes, obesity, and certain types of cancer. Eating meat is responsible for immense animal suffering as well. Pigs, cows, and chickens are confined to dark, filthy warehouses, where they are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. Animals raised on factory farms routinely undergo debeaking, tail-docking, and castration—all without any pain relief. 

"I'm asking people to liberate their diet and give vegetarianism a try," says Kurdi, who ranked among the top contenders in PETA's search for Asia's sexiest vegetarian. "With so many delicious alternatives now available, it's easier than ever to enjoy great food without causing animal suffering."

A feature on Kurdi's work for PETA is appearing in the January 2009 issue of Health News magazine.



Manila – Forty three Philippine Congressmen yesterday signed the petition to cancel the 1994 Austrian government loan worth Php503 million used to fund the defunct Austrian Medical Waste Incinerator Project.

At the Philippine House of Representatives, members of Ecowaste Coalition, Freedom from Debt Coalition, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), Greenpeace-Asia Pacific and Health Care Without Harm-Southeast Asia (HCWH-SEA) serenaded the Parliamentarians with music from Mozart and other original Filipino music.

“The idea is to appeal to the Congressmen’s moral sense.  At a time when the world is suffering from economic crisis, the money that will be used to pay dubious loan must go where it is most needed,” said Ronnel Lim, HCWH-SEA Program Officer for Anti-Incineration.


The government is paying an average of US$2 million a year until 2014 for the loan.  In a special provision in 2008 National Budget, the Congress refused allocation for interest payments of the incinerators and other debts that are “fraudulent, wasteful, and/or useless.”  However, the President vetoed the move.

“This petition aims to renew the call of the Congressmen.  Last year, they made it clear that we should not be paying this loan.  Now, the petition which will be sent to Austrian government in April, aims to raise the campaign to a higher level,” Lim said.  “Our parliamentarians have spoken.  We will bring the issue directly to Austria.”

Earlier, HCWH-SEA called on the Congress to instead channel the loan payment to environmentally-safe medical waste disposal facilities.  “Facilities which are not harmful to the environment and to people’s health.”

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) is a global coalition of more than 400 organizations in more than 50 countries working to protect health by reducing pollution in health care sector.  For more information, visit www.noharm.org. (30)

List of Congressmen who signed the petition and a copy of the petition are available upon request. Sonia G. Astudillo, Communications Officer, +63 918 9182369, sonia@hcwh.org  Ronnel Lim, Program Officer for Anti-Incineration, +63 918-9850130


139 DMC Graduates Pass Nursing Board
School has generated over 700++ licensed nurses and counting

Surpassing last year’s record, one hundred thirty nine graduates of DMC’s College of Nursing passed the most recent Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE), the results of which were released by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) on February 20, 2009.

In the same month last year, 103 DMC Nursing graduates brought honor to the school when PRC released the December 2007 Board Exam Results, breaking the school’s record as the highest number of passers since the pioneering batch of BSN marched for graduation in 1995. In August of the same year, fifty six more nurses sailed through the board exam, and with this semester’s highest grossing number of new nurses, DMC College Foundation has produced a little more than seven hundred registered nurses in Dipolog City and its neighboring provinces. Many of these nurses are currently working abroad.

As recalled, DMC’s pioneering batch, with only forty nine graduates, triumphed in that year’s licensure exam garnering a superb percentage passing of 92%. Other schools in the city with their pioneering batch are yet to outshine this accomplishment.

In a significant move, the college has recently collaborated with nationally renowned review centers to augment its operations in providing the best kind of training to its students to prepare them for the licensure exam.

The school’s aim for excellence, not just in the academe but in the delivery of instruction and training, is manifested in its surge of vast improvisations in facilities, buildings and infrastructures, as well as in its constant expansion of programs, a new focus on research and a stronger thrust for accreditation, which has been initiated by its Science High School that is now under the supervision by the Lasallian Schools Supervisory Office. Linkages with national and international institutions have been formed in order to ensure that, in addition to quality education, students are also trained for global standards. 

 Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation
College of  Nursing

November 2008 Nursing Board Exam

Abella, El J B.
Acebo, Jermie M.
Adaza, Jefferson T
Adju, Irene T
Adorio, Radette R.
Adrias, Tom T.
Alintana, Crystein O
Alpuerto, Jean C
Amores, Mark Philip G
Anguit, Jerez Jhon O
Aragones, Shyr Keene A.
Arsenal, Jeanne Michelle B.
Atilano, Atilano T.
Bacus, Maechelle S
Bag-ao, Mark Christopher B
Banua, Emil E
Barite, James Earl S.
Barrios, Eric L.
Bernardo, Racquel L.
Billiones, Hazel T.
Bolongaita, Dean Justine
Bolongaita, Dunvar V.
Bomediano, Charlito S.
Bongolto, Rutha N
Bulado, Raffy R.
Busico, Erlynne Whayne D.
Cabillas, Fe B
Caermare, Angelie S.
Caidic, Aldous Blanch H.
Caipang, Irish N.
Canada, Carla Christine S.
Cańete, Butz A.
Carreon, Leah S.
Catayas, Krystel Dawn P
Cavalida, Aldrick A.
Cheng, Manuel Jr. Y
Cinchez, Darven G
Coniendo, Jerilee Megan I.
Cornelio, Margaux C.
Cuenca, Sancho, Jr. A.
Culanculan, Charry Mai A.
Dalman, Maryknoll Rachel T.
Dalman, Rex J.
Deiparine, Antonio Jr. G.
Demoni, Vanessa Desiree M
Descallar, Cherry Mae A.
Dimalanta, Jehane April V.
Diosma, Vanessa G.
Dy, Charlou H.
Dy, Maria Ayda Charina T.
Edding, Laiza P.
Egbos, Ronald C.
Eguia, Kate Emerald K.
Empeynado, Gianine Luigi C.
Encabo, Airleen N.
Enildas, Celeste S.
Enon, Nilo E.
Epong, Desseree Joy T.
Eribal, Gemelyn S.
Estacio, Paul Michael G.
Flores, Evangeline O.
Galaura, Fe C.
Ganzon, Renato Jr. C.
Garcia, Christine T.
bańez, Rinaruth P.
cao, Boris Guy L.
Jauhali, Nur-Hassan I.
Jondanero, Rexon E. I.
Jumalon, Darrell M.
Kagatan, Joyce Katherine P.
Kho, Sheila V.
Labidon, Marife S.
Lagutin, Glyn L.
Laja, Sitti Pearlshia A.
Lampa, Hexelon B.
Laranjo, Charity C.
Leones, Jaime Jr.
Leones, Julie Ann P.
Licayan, Joel Chris D.
Logronio, Milafaye B.
Luisen, Ralf Domino Q.
Mabilog, Junine A.
Maghanoy, Arbel
Maglangit, Alvamae
Magsalay, Mark Gerald O.
Mangubat, Janet a G.
Maningo, Mira Lie G.
Marcial, Dianne Jo B.
Mariano, Bryan F.
Martinez, Katherine T.
Melodia, Restituta C.
Merced, Jan Kirby M.
Mirafuentes, Loyalty B.
Montano, Jean Renzo S.
Nieves, Ma. Cristabel
Obordo, Josephine Z.
Ocupe, Marilyn L.
Olasiman, Germille S.
Oracoy, Kreezy Gae A.
Paalisbo, Shielamae S.
Palomares, Zosimo Jr. G.
Pango, Johanna L.
Pardillo, Francis Albert M.
Pardillo, Maria Meniresa M.
Patangan, John Nichol B.
Patangan, Mary June L.
Portacio, Ma. Vener I.
Quilapquilap, Cherry Mae A.
Quiniquito, Leizel I.
Quirante, Roseller E.
Ramoga, Fiel Angelo
Razo, James Julius E.
Recto, Loradel M.
Regencia, Krisjane Y.
Repaja, Albert B.
Reyes, Mirasol R.
Romero, Jeralden B.
Saso, Francis Harry C.
Saumay, Maewan G.
Soriano, Marigene C.
Sulit, Norman Timothy Y.
Tabiliran, Kathrina R.
Tabiliran, Leseth P.
Tamayo, Julie Ann C.
Tan, Jewel Nicole R..
Teope, Dave Christopher
Ubando, Emilio Jr. S.
Vasquez, Hazel Mae D.
Veradio, Maricon Celeste C.
Vergara, Ma. Theresa C.
Villanueva, Reger I C.
Villanueva, Reger II C.
Villanueva Whitney Rose M.
Yumo, Annie Joan T.
Yurong, Lovella Corazon

Tungod sa pag-release sa bugas bisan dunay gipasakang kaso batok rice retailer

Upat ka mga kawani sa National Food Authority kon NFA sa Gulayon ning dakbayan sa Dipolog ang nag-atubang karon ug kasong administratibo nga gipasaka sa National Bureau of Investigation gumikan sa pag-released sa bugas nga nakonpiskar sa Task Force on Food Security nga nasakpan sa akto nga nag-rebag ug nag-resack ug NFA rice atol sa pag-ronda nga gihimo sa usa ka bodega didto sa Poblacion North sakop sa lungsod sa Polanco niadtung Hulyo 12, 2008.

Ang upat ka mga empleyado nga gikiha sa NBI Sub-Office dinhi sa Dipolog mao sila si Portia M. Garate, Efren E. Delantar, ug Archie T. Bangcale nga nakabase sa NFA, Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Office ug Geraldine R. Velasco, NFA Regional Office IX, Zamboanga City parehong nag-atubang ug kasong paglapas sa Sec. 3 (e) Republic Act No. 3019 (Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices Act).

Gov. Yebes together with other high ranking government officials met with President Gloria Arroyo at the Pulauan Wharf of the city of Dapitan. (February 20, 2009)





 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
Good News!!!

Herewith is an excerpt, from the life testimony of Brother Bill Benjamin, our visitor here in our city.  He is the International Director of Disciple Making International, together with him are other Canadian Missionaries who are here for a mission. 


My name is Bill Benjamin and I live in Washington State, USA.  I am a retired businessman.

Hello, I consider it a privilege to come to your country to share about the Good News of Jesus Christ and what He has done in my life.

Before I accepted Christ, I though I was a fairly successful person in most everything I did.  My job as a vice-president in a shipyard was very gratifying.  My wife and three daughters had many things.  I though I had good control.

Herewith is an excerpt, from the life testimony of Brother Bill Benjamin, our visitor here in our city.  He is the International Director of Disciple Making International; together with him are other Canadian Missionaries who are here for a mission.

After 17 years of marriage my wife said she wanted a divorce.  Work had been and was my priority in life, she said.  I could do nothing to change her mind.  I was afraid I would lose my family.  My oldest daughter invited the family to go to an Easter service.  I had not been to church for many years.  That day I heard and understood the message that God loves me as we read in John 3:16.  And if I am a child of God, John 1:12, He will never leave me, Hebrews 13:5.

That same week I visited that Pastor.  He explained how we have all done wrong like it is written in Romans 3:10 “There is no one righteous, not even one.”  There are consequences for our wrongs, but God offered true forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  we read in 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”  I couldn’t go on this way.  So I trusted and believed in Jesus because He died on the cross to save us from our sins as his word says in Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Now I try to be the person God wants me to be by reading the Bible many times a week, praying and doing as God says.  I have peace in my life plus a purpose for living and a hope always.

I pray that you will see your need and follow this God who created you.  Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  He wants to give you forgiveness of your sins, peace and eternal life. (Press Freedom, Vol. XXI No.16)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com



By Ike Seńeres

          According to the surveys, the three most important human needs or concerns of Filipinos nowadays are livelihood, peace & order and standard of living. To that, I will add food security which I think is also important.

          There is a new interpretation of “wellness” that is emerging nowadays. This interpretation expands the original scope of “wellness” to cover not just “physical wellness”, but also “spiritual wellness”, “financial wellness” and “environmental wellness”.

          The Human Development Index (HDI) method of the United Nations measures annual increases or decreases in per capita income, life expectancies and literacy rates. To that, I think that we should also add and measure the annual “eco-safety” scores of member countries.

          There appears to be no existing method of measuring the ecological safety scores of countries as of now. Towards this goal, I think that we could come up with a general weighted average for particular scores in water safety, air quality and soil or land cleanliness.

          Personally speaking, I think that we should pass and implement certain sets of national standards that would ensure and support the human needs of our country in relation to the broadened meaning of wellness and the expanded HDI measures.

          To be more specific, I could see that a national standard for organic agriculture would support our physical wellness. A national standard for intelligent infrastructure would support our spiritual wellness, because it would feed our minds in a way that would uplift our spirits. A national standard for light manufacture or clean manufacturing would support our financial wellness, because it would create new jobs in urban areas aside from supporting urban renewal. And lastly, a national standard for green architecture would support our environmental wellness, because it would improve the ecological safety of our buildings and surroundings.

          Summing it up together, livelihood would give us financial wellness, boosted by light manufacture standards, and it would also increase our per capita incomes. Food security would give us physical wellness, boosted by organic agriculture standards and it would also increase our life expectancies. A better standard of living would give us spiritual wellness, boosted by intelligent infrastructure standards and it would also increase our literacy rates as we gain more access to substantive content. And lastly, peace & order would give us environmental wellness, boosted by green architecture standards and it would also increase our eco-safety scores.

          Looking at this in another way, light manufacture standards would give us more livelihoods, thus increasing our per capita incomes. Organic agriculture standards would give us food security thus increasing our life expectancies. Intelligent infrastructure standards would give us a higher standard of living, thus enhancing our spiritual wellness. Green architecture standards would increase our ecological safety, thus contributing to our environmental wellness.

          Blazing the trail for everyone to follow, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay has already announced the granting of incentives to existing and future building owners who would adopt green architecture standards. Earlier than that, he has already granted incentives to building owners who would adopt intelligent infrastructure standards.

          Eventually, we should pass national laws that would require the implementation of these standards. Meanwhile, the next logical step is to conduct research & development studies towards this objective, through our colleges and universities. In this connection, I will ask the University Consortium for Resource Networking (UNICORN) to lead this move. UNICORN is a member of the United National Integrated Development Alliance (UNIDA).

          Many prospective development partners have expressed an interest to bring these four ways to wellness in their localities, including of course the expanded HDI measures. Recently I have been in touch with contacts from Palawan and Isabela, who want to bring these ways to their Tagbanua and Dumagat communities, respectively.

          Looking at the totality of these ideas, we are really talking about the convergence of a dozen development directions that are now combined in a 3 X 4 matrix. I would welcome any assistance in developing this matrix further to make it more complete.

          Starting on February 24, there will be a weekly “Ways to Wellness” (W2W) Fellowship every Tuesday night from 6 to 9 PM at Our Father’s Coffee in Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas Center. Participants will share about their experiences in any of the four ways of wellness from 6 to 8 PM. From 8 to 9 PM, there will be karaoke singing. This event is open to everyone. 

Email iseneres@yahoo.com or text me at +639293605140. Watch my TV show “KA IKING LIVE” every Friday from 930 to 1030 PM in Destiny Cable Channel 3. Tune in to “KAPIT-BAYAN” in DWIZ 882 KHZ 5 to 6 PM Mon to Fri. Embrace the GREEN THRUST lifestyle. Eat right, Do right.





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