February 14, 2008


For allegedly being ‘unprofessional’
province disappointed with city officials

Treachery. This was how the Provincial Team described the action of Dipolog City officials after reaching an agreement as regards the issuance of the Occupancy Permit for ZaNorte Medical Center and the Gratuitous Permit for the extraction of gravel and sand from Layawan River. Provincial Administrator Rafael Cabanlit disclosed that upon the request of Dipolog City, his team met with Dipolog City Vice Mayor Senen Angeles and City Legal Officer Cyril Ruiz on February 5.

The Provincial team was composed of Provincial Attorney Jes Gal Sarmiento Jr., Atty. Rafael Osabel, Atty. Richelle Alistado and Atty. Rafael Cabanlit. It was learned that both parties agreed to work out the permits each had been asking, the occupancy permit for the province and the gratuitous permit for Dipolog City. Part of the agreement was the non-disclosures of the agreement reached by them to the media. However, the provincial team was recently surprised when the city team called a press conference outlining their reasons why they are adamant in issuing the permit which would allow the new hospital to operate.

“I am dismayed,” Atty. Sarmiento sadly commented, wondering why prominent city officials like them could not stand by what was agreed upon.

“I am dismayed’” Atty. Sarmiento sadly commented, wondering why prominent city officials like them could not stand by what was agreed upon. The provincial officials had sensed that the recent action of the city officials was an ‘orchestrated effort’ to sabotage the opening of the medical center. Administrator Cabanlit disclosed that during their meeting, Angeles and Ruiz showed six negative observations on the Sewage Treatment Plant found by the Sanitary engineer who was hired by the city government.

He pointed out that these observations were made on December 12 last year yet but the contractor of the Metropolis Construction Inc. or any provincial official was never informed so that he could have answered or corrected any flaws cited by the sanitation expert. In fact, the provincial administrator pointed out further, Atty. Ruiz expressed satisfaction when the demonstration on the STP process was shown him but wondered why he was saying a different thing later.

Provincial Health Officer Carmencita Icao wondered over the redundancy of the Sanitary engineer’s work as regards of the STP since it has already passed the inspection of the Regional Health Office. “…and the STP specification was given by Dr. Ruben Caragay, the dean of the college of Hospital Administration of UP, why can’t it pass the standards of the so-called Department of Dipolog?,” Dr. Icao said.

On the other hand, Medical Center Administrator Rosevic Ocampo explained that the fears and speculations of the city officials were far-fetched since the capacity of the plant had been already computed and that a new facility for toxic wastes had already been constructed with as legitimate permit from the city government.

Although City Information Officer Atty. Alanixon Selda cited protecting the people and the environment as the sole reason for the delay in the issuance of the Occupancy Permit, the provincial officials urged the city government to look into its own surroundings first as the Sangkol dump site and its drainage system pose great risk to the environment and to the people’s health as well. However, a former city official close to the Uys discloses that Angeles and Ruiz could never decide on this issue since it could be decided by one person only. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)

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 Punta rice farmers cry for water

As the spell of summer began, the vast area of rice land in Barangay Punta, Dipolog City started to crack as rice plants have just stated to grow. Rice farmers believed the clogging up of the in-take canal of Dipolog-Polanco Irrigation System in Barangay Dapdap, Polanco prevented the flow of the water towards the barangay. The recent flood of the Layawan River could have caused the clog.

Although the recent rains still poured water into the fields, many farmers feared that within a few days, the water could disappear, if the mouth of the in-take of the irrigation canal could not be cleaned. Ildefonso Jimenez, presi-dent of the Irrigators Asso-ciation sought the help of Gov. Rolando Yebes, infor-ming him of the fate of the 800 hectares of rice land in Punta if the canal is left unchecked.

However, he was advised to seek help from Dipolog City Government to make dredging of their irrigation dams along Layawan River. The Provincial Govern-ment assured the irrigators that it could help them clean the clogged up canals only if the city government took no action on their problem. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


Yap pledges support for port expansion

On their way to Sergio Osmeña recently for the inauguration of the corn post harvest facility, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap had assured Gov. Rolando Yebes of his support of the expansion project of Pulauan Port at Dapitan.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap had assured Gov. Rolando Yebes of his support of the expansion project of Pulauan Port at Dapitan.

Yap saw that there was a need to accommodate bigger sea traffic in order to provide the local farmers bigger chances of selling their products to a bigger market. The secretary disclosed that with the governor’s commitment of P20M for the construction of additional finger to the port, he had called the Development Bank of the Philippines to extend a loan of P30M while DA pledged P50M.

Although he referred to the Dipolog port in his speech, but later clarified that it was the Pulauan Port he has referring to because this is a part of PGMA’s Nautical Highway. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


 Administrator leaves out arson as cause of fire

The school principal of Punta National High School recently denied speculations that the old school building was deliberately set on fire last Sunday, February 3. In an interview with the members of the Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondents, Mr. Rolando Ordinaria disclosed that no one could have set the oldest building in the high school complex on fire. He pointed out that the most probable cause of the fire could be a faulty electrical wirings considering that the building was constructed in 1981 yet.

He narrated that on the morning of Sunday, the whole school was busy placing the school in its final fix since the DepEd Regional Supervision Team was scheduled to visit it the day after. “We painted the building that day but the last person to go switched off all the lights,” the school administrator pointed out. However, at about 7 early evening, witnesses observed there were a fluctuation in the electric current supply and then followed by a loud explosion. Some witnesses said the fire started at the school faculty room which was earlier used for Citizens Army Training (CAT).]

“It is just unfortunate that student records of three classes were gone since they were deposited in the teacher’s tables,” the school administrator sadly disclosed. The fire ate up four classrooms, a faculty room and a stockroom. However, the principal said, classes of the affected sections were immediately rehabilitated to other facilities in the school. The fire damaged was estimated at P1M. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


5 corn post harvest facilities for ZN

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap recently pledged five more corn post harvest facilities and trading corporation for Zamboanga del Norte. During the inauguration of the P23M corn post harvest facility in Sergio Osmeña recently, Secretary Yap disclosed that such project will be managed by the National Agri-business Corporation (NABSCOR).

Sergio Osmeña farmers showing their golden harvest to Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap (inset). Secretary Yap also pledged to add five more corn post harvest facilities and trading corporation for Zamboanga del Norte.

He pointed out that the province has contributed the 25% corn production of the entire region but could still be increased with the establishment of the post harvest facility. NABSCOR will buy the corn products directly from the farmers even without shelling them and drying them because they would be processed as they are immediately. It was learned that the facility could minimize waste since the corn will be bought as they are and which are then transported to Batangas.

Meanwhile, the first post harvest facility worth P23M was recently inaugurated in Sergio Osmeña by the Agriculture Secretary himself. Gov. Rolando Yebes prided that Secretary Yap gave the cited facility to only two provinces in Mindanao: Zanorte and Sarangani Province. He disclosed that the Provincial Government had contributed P2M for its establishment, P5M from Congressman Cely Jalosjos-Carreon and P3M from the local government of Sergio Osmeña.

The said facility has the capacity to mill 200 thousand tons of corn daily and could cater to the milling needs of adjacent provinces of Zamboanga del Sur, Sibugay, Misamis Occidental and even that of Zamboanga. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


Yebes: No to TVI expansion


Even if Bishop Jose Manguiran did not write him a letter to stop the TVI expansion project, Gov. Rolando Yebes would really oppose it. This was the reaction made by the provincial governor when asked about the Bishop’s letter urging him to stop the copper sulphide zinc project. The alliance of TVI and Atlas Consolidated Mining Development Corporation to undertake such project was feared to start mid 2008.

The governor clarified that he could not have approved such project since TVI has not submitted the documents he was asking for until now, as regards its gold extraction venture. “It was a great insult to Zamboanga del Norte when the company earned a vast amount here but had not even given courtesy to the provincial government,” the governor commented.

At present he has requested DENR Secretary Lito Atienza to provide him with the documents of the proposed TVI expansion project including documents of its alliance with ACMPC and other companies. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


NPA to launch attacks vs. foreign miners

The New People’s Army recently issued a warning against foreign mining companies threatening that they would launch massive attacks in the different areas in the country if foreign mining companies are still allowed to use our mining riches. NPA spokesman Gregorio ‘Ka Roger’ Rosal warned that the NPA/CPP would continue their massive drive to oust foreign mining firms especially those who guarded by military and paramilitary units.

Rosal denounced strongly the plan of the military to post themselves as security personnel of these foreign companies. It was learned that the TVI Resource Development at Canatuan, Siocon, Z.N. had been included as one of the targets of the attack. The TVI was reportedly guarded by military and paramilitary personnel who pressureed the cultural minorities who denounced the foreign investor’s presence.

Reports disclosed that gold mining in Canatuan, Siocon had already been stalled but TVI had consi-dered Copper Sulphide Zinc project in the same area. It can be remembered that the Subanens in the area had protested against their displacement, the pollution of Lituban and Siocon Rivers and lodged these complaints before the United Nations and even before the Canadian parliament. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


Arrest order for Army Captain’s killers out

The arrest order for the suspected killers of Army Captain Rodrigo Selga had already been issued by the Municipal Trial Court of Sirawai, Z. N. Maj. Gen. Nehemias Pajarito, the commanding officer of the 1st Infantry Tabak Division of the Philippine Army disclosed that two of the suspects are still in hiding within Zamboanga del Norte as one was confirmed to have made an exit to Malaysia already.

Captain Selga was the commanding officer of the 44th Infantry Battalion based in Sirawai, Z. N. when the killing took place. Reports disclosed that Selga was on his way home after buying something from a nearby store when the three suspects accosted him and shot him to death.

It was learned that Selga and some members of the Sirawai PNP were undertaking a drug bust operation before the killing took place. Many believed that the murder could have been planned by a notorious drug pusher in Sirawai who could possibly be the brain of the killing. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)



MILF, PNP encounter: who’s to blame?

Barangay Lakiki is our territory. Sibuco PNP could have shown courtesy. We were outnumbered by the MILF. Why would we start the firing? But if provoked, we would never turn our backs. Both the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Sibuco PNP presented their side as regards the bloody encounter on January 30 at Barangay Lakiki which wounded three PNP personnel including Senior Inspector Juljani Asadil, Sibuco PNP chief.

The PNP claimed they were fired at by the MILF when they were serving a warrant of arrest for MILF commander Molong. However, some witnesses claimed that the PNP were positioned on a hilly part of the fired at the MILF fighters who could not be more than 50. Some cease-fire supporters claimed about 300 families from Barangay Lakiki and the neighboring barangays left the area for fear of being caught between the two groups, especially that the 44th Infantry Battalion based in Sirawai hurried to the area for assistance.

However, the evacuees expressed their dismay over the passive attitude of the local government under Mayor Norbidiere Eding. It was learned that Chief Superintendent Jaime Caringal and other officials rushed to the site on board three helicopters. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)



Congressional leaders belonging to the Lakas Party reaffirmed today their full support for the socioeconomic and political policies of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman said the Lakas members met with the President this morning at Malacañang’s Aguinaldo State Dining Room.

“The meeting had a three-fold purpose: one, to reiterate our support to the President and her administration, particularly in sustaining the present economic growth; two, to manifest our support to our new Speaker, Speaker Nograles, and third, to resolve to go forward,” Lagman said in an ambush interview. Lagman underscored the need for the country to go forward and for the executive and legislative branches of government to carry out their respective duties and responsibilities to the people.

Ilocos Sur Rep. Eric Singson said the Lakas leaders met with the President to reaffirm their full support for her administration. “We came here to express to the President our full support for her entire economic program and we all hope that we keep on moving forward for the benefit of our people,” Singson said. Marikina City Rep. Del de Guzman said they assured the President of their support for her administration in the wake of leadership change in the House of Representatives.

“We want to maintain unity among the Lakas, KAMPI and other coalition partners in the Congress and support all programs of the President for the continuing progress and development of our country,” De Guzman said. House Speaker Prospero Nograles echoed the statement of the Lakas lawmakers, saying the meeting with the President was a “very good meeting” as they were able to iron out all the differences among the members of the House coalition.

“I think we were able to iron out all the things and may kaunting explanation kung ano ang nangyari, but it is best kausapin na lang para sa reconciliation and unification of the party, pagkatapos, we expressed our full support for the President,” Nograles said.  Nograles said he expected that more congressmen would come out openly to express their support for the President’s economic and political policies. “Alam mo Tuesday morning lang nangyari ito so, kailangan dahan-dahan tayo but we will get” their support,” he said, referring to the change in the House leadership.

Pampanga Rep. Mikey Arroyo said that those who had voted for former Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. had fully explained their sides and expressed their full support for the President. “Sabi nila kahit sila ay bumoto para kay Speaker JDV, sila ay para kay Madam President. And they said that, if ever, huwag naman sana, we will not join the opposition no matter what happens, iyon ang sinasabi nila,” Congressman Arroyo said. (PIA-ZN)


Jail escapee surrenders

After two weeks in hiding, one of the seven inmates who escaped on January 25 from the Provincial Rehabilitation and Correctional Center surrendered to the Police authorities. Police Senior Superintendent Mario Yanga of the Zanorte Police Provincial Office identified the surrendering inmate as Bani Abrinica. Abrinica, 22 years old was facing statutory rape case.

Earlier, an escapee was also apprehended in Upper Irasan, Roxas Z.N. and brought back to the rehab center. Police identified him as Maximo Mercado, and facing a case of acts of lasciviousness.

It was learned that five escaped inmates were still on the loose: Gapi Saiman, Jovencio Ramos, Poni Leano, Teofe Cating and Rowell Sultan. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


94 million Filipinos by 2010 –NSO

There will be 94 million Filipinos by 2010 and counting, according to the projection of National Statistics Office (NSO). This makes the Philippines the second most populous country among the 10-member Assciation of Southeast Asia (ASEAN), next only to Indonesia. NSC records show that Philippine population has been projected to grow by 1.95 percent during a five-year period beginning 2005. From 2005 to 2010, about 8.7 Filipinos would be added to the burgeoning population or an average of 1.74 million new births each year.

At the end of 2005 there were 85.3 million Filipinos compared to 76.5 million at the turn of the millennium. By 2010, Region 4 composed of the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon (CALABARZON) is projected to have a population of 11.9 million people, surpassing the National Capital Region (NCR) which is expected to have 11.6 million by that time. But Region 4-A composed of the islands of Mindoro, Masbate, Romblon and Palawan (MIMAROPA) would remain as the fastest growing region in the country with a projected annual gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.6 percent from 2005 to 2010.

The NSO also projected that Philippine population would become older as child-bearing women would continue to decline as a result of population control through artificial methods. Survival rates of all age groups are also projected to improve due to modern health care, it added. In 2005, the age group from 0-14 accounted for 35 percent of the nation’s total population, but the same age bracket is expected to constrict by two percent by 2010, the NSO report said. Also in 2010, NSO said 4.3 percent of the Filipino population would be 65 years old and over.

Population figures also disclosed that at the end of 2005, Filipino males outnumbered Filipino females by over 500,000, NSO said. Among the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Philippines is the second most populous country, next only to Indonesia which has a population of 214.47 million, according to a report prepared by the ASEAN-Japan Centre. In 2003, there were 81.5 million Filipinos. Tailing closely the Philippines was Vietnam with 81.31 million people during the same period.

Thailand was third with 62.01 million followed by Mynmar with 49.36 million, Malaysia 24.77 million, Oil-rich Brunei Darrusalam has the lowest population among ASEAN states with only 360,000 people at the end of 2003, ASEAN’s second lowest population is Singapore with 4.25 million in 2003 followed by Laos with 5.66 million. Cambodia, another ASEAN member, reported a population of 13.4 million in 2003.

At the end of 2003 the population of ASEAN stood at 537.11 million which is about 4.2 times that of Japan and 1.8 times that of the United States, making it one of the most lucrative global markets. In 2003, the U.S. had a population of 291.04 million and Japan 127.21 million. (PNA)


Dakong arinola sa ZMC gikuwestiyon pa gihapon

Pabilin nga nagpa-ugat karon ang kagamhanang lokal sa dakbayan sa Dipolog nga dili pa sila preparado nga mohatag ug Certificate of Occupancy alang sa Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center kay daghanan pang mga butang ang ilang tun-an kay hangtod karon pabiling wala

Pabilin nga nagpa-ugat karon ang kagamhanang lokal sa dakbayan sa Dipolog nga dili pa sila preparado nga mohatag ug Certificate of Occupancy alang sa Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center.

matuman sa contraktor ang tanang gikinahanglan aron maseguro nga dili mo-kontaminar ang hugaw gikan sa operasyon sa Sewerage Treatment Plant kon STP.


I didn’t anticipate that I will be grabbing an  unexpected story about Sungkilaw Falls in Barangay Diwan, this City. Sungkilaw has a lot of controversies and issues to tell.

Last Friday, February the 8th, I and my Fish Seeding Team went to Barangay Diwan to seed its rivers with Tilapia fingerlings. We have been doing this without giving “warning” to barangay officials  so that ang dating dili pakitang tao. Fortunately or unfortunately, Barangay Captain Nathaniel Patangan noticed our move. (Somebody must have told him, I guess). He called me through his cellphone and signified his intention to join us. He postponed his schedule in the Provincial Capitol instantly.

We first dropped about 10,000 Tilapia fingerlings in Virginia River of his said barangay. Barangay folks witnessed our dropping. They thanked the Kapitan for seeding the river. For them, it is a good opportunity to fish such river after four months from dropping. But the Kapitan warned them not to poison the water, nor use electric rod in fishing.

We proceeded to Sitio Matam where the Kapitan handed to the officials of its livelihood association some 5,000 Tilapia fingerlings for them to drop in their communal fish ponds. I told myself, if only our people have the drive to construct communal fish ponds for their livelihood purposes, the problem of dire poverty can be gradually eliminated. We have a lot of Tilapia fingerlings in our provincial government to disperse for the livelihood of our poor people. Dili pud ni tihik si Gobernador Lando Yebes nga manghatag ug Tilapia fingerlings para sa iyang katawhan. All what is needed is for our people to construct their communal fish ponds for the provincial government to drop its fish fingerlings.

Well, that was what my mind thought for that moment. For me, it is both a challenge and a main concern.

There after, my fishing seeding team and the Kapitan went to Sungkilaw Falls to seed its marked pond. Honestly, it was my first time to see the falls. It is really a tourist attraction. Its scenery is perfect and its environ is a paradise.

But what attracts me more is the horrible story about the Sungkilaw Falls as told by my informant. He said that the Sungkilaw Falls is privately owned. What? Is it really privately owned? I was made to believe that it is owned by the City Government of Dipolog!!!

My informant confided that it belongs to a certain Rogelio Papon, a brother of Diwan’s former Barangay Captain Patricio Papon. He crossed his fingers signifying the authenticity and accuracy of his story. He told me that he has been paid with the then Dipolog City Mayor Berto Uy to develop such place. He was even sent to Japan through JICA by the intercession of then Mayor Uy just to study on reforestation for purposes of the Sungkilaw Falls.

One bad side of his revelation is the use of public funds of the Dipolog City Government to improve the falls’ area which he described as privately owned.

Our fundamental law states: “No public funds shall be used for private purpose”. This provision of our fundamental law is crystal clear.

So, I call on concerned agencies to investigate this serious revelation. Should their findings prove true this serious disclosure, then Dipolog city officials  involved in this anomalous transaction must be made to answer before the court of law.

To me, Sungkilaw now means “suong kay dunay kinilaw”. If such revelation is true, I would say: “gisuong sa kagamhanan sa Dipolog ni former Mayor Berto Uy ang pribadong luna ni Rogelio Papon— kay tingali adunay kinilaw didto". He...he...he... (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.30)


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By Ike Señeres iseneres@yahoo.com

Where voluntary cooperation is not possible, there ought to be laws that would regulate the compulsory recycling of post consumer waste by commercial and industrial producers. In many countries for instance, producers of consumer products including publishers are required to use paper materials with a minimum content derived from recycled post consumer waste. Citing another example, local governments in many countries regulate the redemption values of returnable bottles and other containers. Is this a difficult thing to do in a country that is supposed to have a very high literacy rate?

As it is always said, all politics is local, and that means that governance should have a local focus too. This is perhaps the reason why in many other countries, regulations for the recycling of post consumer waste are usually issued by local governments and this is very practical, because only the local authorities would have the resources to follow through with the rules in the micro level.

Here in the Philippines, it seems that the lack of laws for regulating post consumer waste at the local level is brought about either by the lack of knowledge or the lack of interest. Either way, this is where local environment advocates could become active, by promoting the passage of municipal ordinances, at the same time promoting the awareness and appreciation for these ordinances.

It is ironic to note that here in the Philippines, there seems to be a free for all situation in the use of non-biodegradable packaging for consumer products, as well as for fast food items. For example, it is very common for fast food companies to use plastic cups and Styrofoam containers for dine in items, when it fact these should only be used for take out items.

It would be good to have local ordinances that would encourage fast food outlets to collect and segregate their own post consumer waste, but if that is not possible, they should probably just award the waste collection and segregation business to multi-purpose cooperatives. It is relatively easy to establish and register a cooperative with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). However, if there are local groups that would have any difficulty in doing that, I could gather volunteers who could help them. Now that we have a mechanism to enable us to succeed, we should not let this opportunity pass. (ESSAYS IN DEVELOPMENT SERIES-EID-023- 29 January 2008)




Ms. Marivic Carpitanos, Provincial Accountant with Ms. Mary Joy Abitona,  Budget Officer during the training workshop on Budget Operations Manual for Barangays of Zamboanga del Norte held at the Mibang Hotel, Dipolog City last January 29-31, 2007- February 1, 2008.

DA Sec. Arthur Yap with Gov. Lando Yebes, Rep. Cely Carreon, Mayor Augustines Magsalay of Sergio Osmeña inaugurates the Corn Processing and Trading Center. (Photo by Joel Ello)



 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
God is Love!

God’s very nature is love. In Romans 5: 8, says, But God showed His great Love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. When we draw near to God, we are overwhelmed by His Love. The more we think of how He loves us, the more we wonder how it could be so. We should respond to His Commandments, in John 14: 15, He says, if you love me, obey my commandments. In 1 John 4:7, He says, Dear Friends, Let us continue to Love one another, for Love comes God. By helping others understand the bible, in John 21:15-17, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon son of John, do you love me more than these? Yes Lord, Peter replied, you know I Love You, then feed my Lambs, Jesus told him. Jesus repeated the question, Simon, son of John, do you Love Me? Yes Lord, Peter said, you know I love you. Then take care of my sheep. Jesus said, once more He asked him, Simon son of John, do you Love me? Peter was grieved that Jesus asked the question a third time. He said, Lord you know everything, you know I Love You. Jesus said, then feed my sheep.

Because of this unfailing Love of Jesus Christ to us, our respond to a God who is a person is a Personal one. It is an inner commitment which God sees and appreciates. We respond to Him by Praise and Worship. God wants us to know Him as a person. He wants us to behold His glory, and contemplate His power, His wisdom, His Faithfulness. Praising God everyday changes our perspective of Life. God becomes more and more the center of our existence. Another way to respond to God is by wanting to know Him more. We will eagerly talk with Him through prayer. As we walk with Him and interact with Him, we will know Him more fully as Shepherd, Friend, Lover, Father, Lord and Creator.

We will also respond to Him by acknowledging His Lordship. God is not only the Creator; He is the Lord of the universe. When we come face to face with God, we can never be the same again. Either we receive Him into our Life as Saviour, Lord and Master, or we reject Him and side with Satan. If we accept Him as Lord and Master of our Life, we should obey Him unconditionally. We will read in 1Corenthians 6:19-20 Don’t you know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, Who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself. For God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

Bible Bites! True Humility and Fear of the Lord Lead to the Riches, Honor, and Long Life, Proverbs 22:4. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


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My Best Foot
By Engr. Ric Tenorio
“Saan ba ako Nagkamali?” – JDV


JDVenecia OUT, Nograles IN. Thanks to Joey for disturbing the hornet’s nest. His father, JDV got the sting instead.

— oo000oo —

JDV;s speech before his peers in congress was full of remorse and compassion. He blamed Gloria for his downfall and calling her ungrateful. What took you so long JDV? Why the sudden turn-around? It’s needless to cry over spilled milk, now.

— oo000oo —

Rep. Prospero Nograles Davao City is now Speaker of the House of Representatives. I know it’s too early for prediction, but how long can he survive in a dog-eat, - dog environment of the house?

— oo000oo —

The ZTE deal is like a Pandora’s Box. Once it’s opened, hell will break loose. Yet little did young Joey know that he was courting disaster in exposing the ZTE Broadband deal. Even the fish won’t get in trouble if it keeps its mouth shut. For want of more all is lost.

— oo000oo —

Gloria could have not been president if it were not for JDV. True. In the same vein JDV could have not been Speaker if it were not for Gloria. True again. Then the feeling is mutual, so what’s the fuss about? Charing…

— oo000oo —

Even if it’s far from being true, many still insist the Belen and Lando are up against each other’s throat. – To plant chickenenes? Joke!!!

— oo000oo —

It was wise for Lozada, who is a vital witness to the ZTE Broadband deal, to come to the open to testify before the Senate investigating body. Yet his credibility as a witness suffered a big blow by his double talk. Now who’s going to believe him? Maybe Lozada loves to play “Laban o Bawi” in the TV game show.

— oo000oo —

 After a short period of rest, JDV was heard asking, “SAAN BA AKO NAGKAMALI?”. And Speaker Nograles was also heard whistling the tune “This is the moment I’ve waited for…!!- JOKE ONLY…

— oo000oo —

The animosity brewing between Lando and Belen started from a simple Joke. Yet it bloomed in to a nerve-breaking proportion for want of an intermediary. Nonong J was the right guy but it’s pathetic that he was besieged with numerous personal problems of his own. – Simple problem needs simple solution. And the most practical solution is the Chinese version of KALIWAAN. “You GIVE I GIVE – you NO GIVE, I NO GIVE also.

— oo000oo —

Sec. Neri of CHED was all smiles. He was right in proving the senate wrong. Now he roams around scot-free and unmolested from a warrant- wielding Sgt-at-Arms of the senate. But remember that the S C thing is just a respite. “He who laughs first will cry last”.

— oo000oo —

The healing priest, Fr. Suarez is in deep trouble. From among his peers an indignation protest is brewing like deepening clouds in the sky. —— that’s the prize one gets for becoming rich, popular and a handsome priest too. Oh! What a crab mentality do some people have? For me I would rather be a RAT that a CRAB, ewww!!!!! But of course I’m a RAT already- Ricardo A. Tenorio, dig it pare koy? (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)



Lanao wants real war

Fireman rescues a cat during Sampaloc fire. He mistook it to be a tiger cub.

— oo000oo —

During the lifetime of my grandmother, she used to host a dinner during Chinese New Year’s eve. In attendance were her children and grandchildren. She prepared special Chinese tikoy & lumpia for us. After her death, this culture of dinner had slowly faded away. Ang salap noong alaw.

— oo000oo —

Speaker Jose de Venecia crossed swords with Rep. Mikey Arroyo during Monday’s session. That is a clear violation of “Anti Fencing Law”

— oo000oo —

Cebu customs chief under fire over hot cars. Please dial fire department.

— oo000oo —

Lanao del Sur rejects RP-US war games. They probably want a real war.

— oo000oo —

ZTE star witness Rodolfo Lozada Jr. sought sanctuary at La Salle Greenhills immediately after he was freed.  He immediately called for a press conference. When pressed whom he liked to be with during presscon. He said none. That’s why he was surrounded with nuns.

— oo000oo —

It was during presscon that he announced his resignation as CEO of Philippine Forest Corporation. He must have foreseen that the Philippines shall become the poorest nation.

— oo000oo —

Paeng and Jess complained that City Hall boys did not honor their agreement. Do we still have honorable men?

— oo000oo —

Sulu governor claimed that the eight civilians casualties during Sulu encounter were victims of massacre by the government troops. Tell that to the Marines.

— oo000oo —

Sen. Peter Cayetano says PNP Chief Avelino Razon is lying to his teeth when he says Lozada voluntarily asked for police escort. Yes, because Gen. Razon has false teeth.

— oo000oo —

Lozada says he has nothing personal against the ZTE deal as long as the Chinese consortium will not overprice it by over $200M. “I’m a Chinese too. A provinciano from Albay”

Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


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Press Freedom Editorial

The City Hall and the Provincial Capitol, no matter how others see it are really at war. It all sparked when the Capitol wise men denied the gratuitous permit Dipolog City was praying that would allow it to quarry sand and gravel from Layawan River. When it was time for the province to open its medical center, Dipolog City found an opening where it could lash back by denying it the occupancy permit the hospital needed for its operation.

Like little children with something in hand that the other extremely wanted each became arrogant and unyielding to need of the other. Despite the efforts of the City Hall’s bright boys and the Provincial Capitol’s wise men to come to terms, everything else failed. Too many cooks could spoil the stew, so they say.

What could have been a better formula than to allow Mayor Belen and Ka Lando to sit together, the boys excluded? They could possibly speak in simple terms, and possibly come up with an agreement that each one could honorably stand by.


Yes, we still believe there are still honorable men in this midst, Mayor Belen and Ka Lando among them.

At the bottomline, our leaders are not really on the losing end if they fight to the teeth but the people who eagerly waited for better health services promised by the new hospital and the people who crave for better public transport. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 17)


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