January 28, 2008


“…but I stand pat to my claim that Damuag received money from me.”
Mediatrix withdraws complaint vs.  PEDO

Mediatrix Homes developer Ernesto Tan recently showed no more interest in pursuing his case against action officer Remelo Damuag of Zamboanga del Norte Environment Management Office, formerly Provincial Environment Development Office. This stemmed from the agreement reached by Tan and Provincial Atty. Jes Gal Sarmiento Jr., designated Chief of ZANEMO during a conference in the former’s office together with the businessman’s real estate consultant.

Earlier Tan charged that Damuag received money from him every time he would follow up his application for permit to quarry, which he filed three years ago. He disclosed that he was disgusted every time the action officer would advise him to purchase Delivery Receipts for the mean time since Gov. Rolando Yebes had not signed the application yet. He was rushing the application, Tan admitted, because of a joint-venture housing project in Dipolog City. However, ZANEMO Chief Sarmiento Jr. assured Tan that he would review Tan’s application papers submitted to him and would try to compare them with those submitted to Damuag.

“Dili ko motuo nga himoon ni Governor Yebes ug Atty. Sarmiento nga mangayo ug suborno. Ug si Damuag nuon motuo gyud ko.” –Mr. Ernesto Tan, tag-iya ug tagdumala sa Mediatrix Homes Corporation.

As Vice Chairman of the Provincial Mining and Regulatory Board, he assured Tan that he could sponsor a resolution which could give the Mediatrix Homes Developer Corporation a favorable action on its application. The businessman admitted though he did not believe Gov. Yebes and Atty. Sarmiento Jr. could have ordered Damuag to ask money from him in exchange of the issuance of the quarry permit. “Dili ko motoo nga himoon ni Gov. Yebes ug Atty. Sarmiento nga mangayo ug suborno…ug si Damuag noon, motuo ko,” Tan declared, adding that he held proofs of his allegations. “Duna koy mga ebidensiya, ug moingon nga nakasapi, nakahatag gyod ko!”, he admitted.

Considering the period that his application remained not acted upon, he believed his papers did not reach the governor’s or the Provincial Attorney’s office but stayed “sleeping” in Damuag’s table. Recently however, Gov. Yebes relieved Damuag and appointed Marcelino Gargar in his place. Damuag was placed under preventive suspension while Provincial Administrator Rafael Cabanlit was tasked to organize an investigating panel. 

When asked if he would appear before the investigating panel, Tan declined saying what was more important to him is his business and resigned the query to the panel. It could be remembered that the housing developer poured an estimated capital of P2B into the province. When exasperated with his application for permit to quarry, he sought refuge in the Dipolog City Chamber of Commerce and Industry who readily acted by informing the Provincial Governor of the businessman’s problem.

Damuag was grounded, the governor disclosed, which means he doesn’t hold any office as the investigation is going on, the governor explained. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)

Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com


 Sangguniang Panlalawigan committees revamped

As two sectoral representatives assumed office at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan recently, Board Member Cedric Adriatico moved to amend the resolution which already outlined the chairmanship of each committee on July 2, 2007.

Both Board Member Angelica Jalosjos Carreon representing the Sangguniang Kabataan and Board member Olga Candelaria of he Liga ng mga Barangay were new members of the SP who assumed office on January 7, 2008 and January 14, 2008 respectively. BM Adriatico disclosed that Carreon was given the chairmanship of the Committee on Youth and Sports Development, at the same time a member on the Committee on Women, Children and Family Affairs.

On the other hand, BM Candelaria was voted upon as Chairman of the Committee on Muslim, Subanen Affairs and Indigenous communities, at the same time member of Public Works, Infrastructure and Public Utility; Committee on Social Welfare and Community Development and Committee on Labor and Employment. BM Adriatico further disclosed that Candelaria was also chosen member of the Committee on Women, Children and Family Affairs replacing BM Zamoras. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Herrera courted to drop case versus PSI Maclang

Calling them “mga bata-bata sa mayor sa Dipolog,” former city councilor Joseph Herrera disclosed there were people who approached him and coaxed him to withdraw his case against Police Senior Inspector Reynaldo Maclang.

PSI Maclang was relieved from his post as Dipolog’s PNP chief when he was reportedly mauling the former city councilor, at the City Hall, Herrera filed a case of Grave Misconduct against the PNP chief.

The case was scheduled to be heard by the PNP Internal Affairs Service at Camp Batalla, Zamboanga City on January 28 this year. He disclosed that he was frequently called by former City Information Officer Lorenzo Aseniero who asked him to drop his case against Maclang at the same time assured him that there was no way the Police Inspector could be back to Dipolog Since he wanted to be back to manila once he could work on his promotion.

According to Herrera who is presently hosting Radyo Ronda-DXKD’S Slam Dunk, the “emissaries” told him Maclang had always wanted to see him personally to ask him to call off the case since this is the only thing that obstructed his promotion. “Rey Lee also approached me to withdraw my case but I told him not ot push me or our friendship would be at stake,” Herrera said.

Herrera felt that the claim of the “emissaries” that Maclang is not coming back to Dipolog for good was far from true. He pointed out that the men who approached him were all “mayor’s boys” and since the beginning Mayor Evelyn Uy had always wanted Maclang to head the Dipolog PNP. “Since Maclang’s relief, the city mayor has not stopped lobbying for his reinstatement and her “boys” claimed he would not be coming back”?, the former councilor reasoned.

He refuted their claim that the inspector si no longer interested to go back to Dipolog Herrera stressed that even the Sangguniang Panlungsod was convinced by the lady mayor to pass two resolutions for Maclang’s reinstatement. Herrera, on the other hand, was firm to pursue his case against Maclang and considered Maclang’s promotion as his ploy for going back to Dipolog. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


 IT Works partners with institution to expand technology

Innovation Training Works, Inc. (IT Works), a Microsoft authorized exam distributor, recently signed an agreement with Dipolog Medical Center (DMC) College Foundation to authorize the institution as an authorized testing center to expand technology training in the Philippines.

With the partnership, developers and students can undergo Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Internet and Computin-g Core Certification (IC3) in Dipolog. “Our thrust is really empower our nation’s youth with IT training and education.

Our partnership with Dipolog Medical Center- (DMC) College Foundation will help us reach those in the South, who will now have more opportunities for career advancement. With the right technology tools such as Microsoft Office Specialist and IC3, we are empowering them to be able to complete in today’s competitive acade-mic and professional environment,” said Ms. Patty Samson, Director for Operations, IT Works.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the premier certification for validating desktop skills with Microsoft Office Programs, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Acces while the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) program is the world’s first validated standards-based training and certification program for basic computing and internet knowledge and skills. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


7 convicts escape

Provincial Jail Warden Fortunato Regañon pointed to the short barrel bolt in Selda dos which was not properly locked that allowed seven convicts to escape on Wednesday, January 23 this year.

The jail guard on duty at the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center at Don Jose Aguirre, Manukan claimed the escapees jumped out of the back portion of the cell after opening the unlocked door. Regañon disclosed that the seven escapees were with the 79 others who occupied the two-cell building constructed on the hilly part of the center.

The New Nandau Today OIC-Editor Nick Carbonel looks on as Provincial Jail Warden Fortunato Regañon demonstartes what he thinks became the escape route of the 7 convicted prisoners who broke out of the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center at Don Jose Aguirre in Manukan last January 23, 2008.

He disclosed further that the escape took place at dawn. The escapees were identified as maximo Mercado (Acts of lasciviousness), Sonny Leaño (Robbery), Sultan Roel (Robbery), Jovencio Ramos (Robbery), Guphy Siman (Carnapping), Jovanie Abrinica (Statutory Rape) and Piofe Cating (Robbery). (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Dipolog City allocates P25M IF for 2008


During its review, the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan found that Dipolog allocated a bigger Intelligence Fund which has only 21 barangays as compared to Zamboanga del Norte’s which has only P23M to cover 25 municipalities, 2 cities and 691 barangays.

The board members commented that Dipolog was “wise enough” to hide the P25M under the item Expenses Related to Peace and Order in the Non-Office budget. As the annual budget was submitted to the SP for review, the lady mayor was allegedly recruiting ex-army personnel who have their own arms.

Such reported recruitment has been a common word of mouth among ex-army men who declared it was not clear what their job could be. Meanwhile, the city had also allocated P5M under Non-Office budget which was intended for crude oil and gasoline for 2008. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)



Malacanang said today that big tax cuts as proposed by certain sectors would be a step backward for the country and derail the growth of the economy.

In a statement, Cabinet Secretary Ricardo Saludo stressed that the proposal would undermine the success formula that has snatched the economy from zero growth to its present turnaround. “Let us avoid measures that could undermine our success formula, including big tax cuts. Let us show the world that we will not allow political noise and agitation derail our drive for growth,” Saludo said.

He pointed out that the country’s economic growth could be sustained amid external threats if the fiscal and economic policies that have contributed to the country’s economic turnaround are maintained. Notable among these threats to the local economy are the steep oil prices in the world market and the feared US recession. For the first time in 20 years, the country’s economy posted a 7.1 percent growth in the first three quarters of 2007.

Saludo said that aggressive government spending on public infrastructure, coupled with the accelerated delivery of social services and the approval of the proposed P1.223-trillion 2008 national budget, would sustain pro-poor and economy-growth programs. “Our economic surge remains secure if we maintain the policies and undertakings that have lifted output, confidence and investment in our country—fiscal strength, massive infrastructure and development programs for our people, and a stable, secure society,” he said.

Saludo was reacting to the statements of Senators Manuel A. Roxas II and Francis Escudero that the best way to cushion the impact of high oil prices on the people was to waive the 12 percent value added tax (VAT) on oil and oil products for six months. President Gloria Macapa-gal-Arroyo has declined to waive the VAT on oil as this would have a negative effect on the country’s fiscal prog-rams and deny much-needed funding for vital socio-economic programs.

Instead, she has ordered a 1 percent cut on oil tariffs or from 3 percent to 2 percent. Earlier, Finance Secretary Margarito Teves said that exempting oil products from VAT would affect investor confidence, especially with credit rating agencies. He pointed out that inves-tors and economic analysts are carefully monitoring the government’s overall reform package, and any backsliding in the implementation of the tax programs would be harmful to the country. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has already warned against scrapping the VAT on oil, saying it would be more advantageous to the Philip-pines to maintain, rather than lift the VAT.

“Our analysis has shown that the poor are better protected by increasing social spending than reducing energy taxes,” IMF’s resident repre-sentative to the Philippines Reza Baqir said. “The reason for this is because the benefits of social spending are better targeted to the poor,” he said. “On the other hand, cutting gasoline taxes would only benefit the higher income groups because in the low-income bracket, transportation expenses account only for a small portion of their spending which is dominated by food,” he added.

The suspension of the VAT on oil was proposed by Roxas and Escudero, who argued that such a move would be more effective in cushioning the impact of high oil prices compared to slashing the tariffs on imported petroleum. Baqir, on the other hand, said that generating the all-important revenues from the VAT on oil and then spending them on social and health services would be a better way of helping the poor where intervention have the biggest multiplier effect. The EVAT, the “bitter pill” that the President urged the people to take, has been gene-rating much-needed revenues for the government’s socio-economic programs and projects.

Saludo called on the people to “show the world that we will not allow political noise and agitation to derail our drive for growth.” (PIA-ZN)



ZURICH, Switzerland (via PLDT)—President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo enticed on Wednesday Swiss businessmen to invest in the Philippines which, she stressed, “offers one of the best values in Asia for investment,” particularly in the outsourcing industry.

“The Philippines is ranked among the most attractive off-shoring destinations in the world because of cost competitiveness and more importantly our country’s highly trainable, English-proficient, IT-enabled quality manpower,” the President said in her speech before the officers and members of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce at the Savoy Hotel here.

“Our outsourcing sector has the potential to grow 40 percent per year from 2007 until 2010, which would put it on track to double its global market share in three years,” she added.

The President said this rate of growth also means revenues from the outsourcing sector would grow four-fold from the current level of $1.3 billion, and employment would triple to 900,000 jobs.

She said the Philippine government and private sector are working “together to develop talent to support the rising demand for quality workers in outsourcing and expand outsourcing capabilities to new locations across the country beyond the centers of Manila and Cebu to tap larger talent pools.”

The joint initiatives include training, funding for education, and creating awareness of career opportunities to attract more graduates to pursue jobs in the outsourcing sector, she said.

The government and the private sector also work together to reassess current tertiary and secondary education curricula to respond to the emerging needs of the market, the President said.

To develop next wave cities after Manila and Cebu , the President said the government is also developing other IT (Information Technology) hubs in other strategic parts of the country to encourage greater levels of outsourcing investment in these locations.

“In recent years, the outsourcing sector has expanded not only geographically but also beyond call centers and IT to include a range of professional and business processes, including accounting, human resources, financial analysis, design engineering, animation, medical services, legal services, insurance processes, banking processes, map making, publishing, content creation, and research,” the President stated.

“We are certainly a leader in the outsourcing space,” the President said, adding that in 2007, the United Kingdom outsourcing association awarded the Philippines as the “outsourcing destination of the year.”

The President also asked the Swiss businessmen to invest in other sunshine and high-growth industries in the Philippines such as in manufacturing, technology, mining, energy, tourism, infrastructure, and health care.

“In fact, recently, the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the American, Japanese and Korean Chambers of Commerce have endorsed our strengths in this area by forming a coalition to promote the Philippines as a healthcare destination for foreigners,” the President said.

She said the surge of foreign investment in the Philippines has grown more than five-fold from 2003 to 2007 anchored by billion-dollars plus investments by several major international companies. (PIA-ZN)


The Department of Science and Technology – Provincial Science and Technology Center (DOST- PSTC), Upper Turno, Dipolog City released funds assistance last January 11, 2008 P1.3 Million under DOST-SET UP Program to the recipient local micro, small and medium scale enterprises in the province. The funds released was handed by DOST Regional Director BRENDA NAZA-RETH-MANZANO. The recipients beneficiaries were MONTAÑO FOODS, CORPORATION, Dipolog City – P985,894.00 (Processor of Sardines In-Glass), JACUPAMAN DIVERSIFIED LIVELIHOOD ASSOCIATION, Inc. Lower Inuman, Sindangan – P280,000.00 – (Processor of Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Flour), ADS BAMBOO CRAFT, Sicayab, Dipolog City – P74,944.00 – (Bamboo Furniture and GTH Manufacturing).

The Department of Science and Technology – Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (DOST – SET UP) is a nationwide strategy to encourage and assist to implement technological innovation and improve-ments in their operations.

The program enables the firms to address their technical problems through DOST technology transfer and technical interventions such as EQUIPMENT ACQUISITIONS, LABORATORY and other CONSULTANCY SERVICES.  The program focus to the following industry sectors : FOOD PROCESSING, FURNITURE, METALS AQUATIC and MARINE, HORTICULTURE, and FASHION ACCESSORIES, GIFTS HOUSE DECORS, HANDICRAFTS, NATURAL FIBER and DYES. The DOST – SET UP program is still on going. (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.29)


P100M readied for hospital equipment, etc.

ZaNorte Medical Center Administrator Rosevic Ocampo was confident that with the P100M readied for hospital equipment, the new hospital could be elevated to level 3 from its present level 2 status.

Such allocation, Ms. Ocampo disclosed, was started in 2006 yet so that it could buy modern equipment. She disclosed that the new hospital owns three operating rooms, two of which were already equipped with the old hospital equipment while other was totally equipped with new facilities.

The hospital administrator disclosed further that a possible tie-up with laboratory companies could pssibly set up the hospital’s laboratory complex. “But if it is not favorable to the province, we can possibly call off the tie-up,” Ms. Ocampo said.

On the other hand, the association of ZaNorteans in Illinois, USA had recently given aid to the hospital for the purchase of new beddings. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Dipolognons constitute 50% of IHPO patients

Several Provincial Hospital authorities commented that the move of the Dipolog City Government to delay the issuance of the Occupancy Permit to the new Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center was just like depriving most of the Dipolognons their health interests.

They pointed out that hospital records show that one-half of their patient’s population is coming from Dipolog City. “It would mean that as City Hall refused to issue the Occupancy Permit to the new hospital, more of their constituents are being deprived of their health interests,” Provincial Administrator Rafael Cabanlit said, stressing that Dipolognons would always run to the provincial hospital since Dipolog does not have any hospital of its own.

Provincial hospital Chief Dr. Chita Cunanan revealed that the records showed that about 40-50% of their patients were Dipolognons. “Most of them are poor and there is nowhere they could run to except the provincial hospital,” Dr. Cunanan said.

When the hospital report was disclosed, many Dipolognons wondered why Dipolog Mayor Evelyn Uy was hard on the occupancy permit which presently prevented the new hospital to open. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Southpoint Editorial
Road to Mindanao

Today will not only mark the beginning of our traverse to the path only few people will take, journalism, but this would also mark a new milestone of the municipality of Sindangan, a bustling town 84 kilometers south of the capital, Dipolog City because it would celebrate her entry into an industry of information based on truth.

The SOUTHPOINT is based here, it would not only be her catalyst of development but it would also stand as her exponent of transparency and truth for the people; and to stand for her rights and for them to exercise their responsibilities as a people in a free and democratic society; for them to assume an active role and as participant in the process of governance.

The SOUTHPOINT is the latest weekly news publication circulated in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and Misamis Occidental. It is registered under DTI Permit No. 00282924. Southpoint can be reached through the following contact info: Sindangan, ZN; Landline: 212 – 4019; Mobile No.: +63 921 458 3830. Email: southpoint@yahoo.com

We would seek to become not only as a partner of the people but also as a vanguard to all interests they have stand for. We would also exert effort to become a partner of the government at all levels to promote development through the dissemination of reliable information.

This paper will not only take on the interests of Sindangan people, but through out Zamboanga del Norte including Dipolog City and the neighboring provinces of Misamis Occidental and Zamboanga Sibugay. We would offer a road traversing the uniqueness of the western seas through the heart of Mindanao, proudly proclaiming its starting point from the southern pathways of Sindangan all the way through Zamboanga City and up and away to the western shoulders from Misamis Occidental.

We will bravely take the road because no one in this part of the province has taken it yet, we will lead so that others may follow.

Our ideals are simple our armor is the truth our guns our pens, our bullet the courage of the words that would form part our general arsenal, information. We believe that an informed citizenry would cast away doubts and ignorance. It would prod them to fight for a just cause, to protect their rights and correct a corrupt government through a cloth of justice found in the letters of the law, because they would exercise their sovereignty in their favor.

We seek to put down abuse of power holders through the immense weight of knowledge and information. We realize that the power of information is the real power that holds sovereignty into proper use and applications. People should know the truth because basically it would set them free from ignorance and fear.

The SOUTHPOINT does not only punctuate an atmosphere of change but it would cause change for the better. For this, we would like you to become our partner as we jointly venture the path of responsible and fearless journalism, and espouse for this vision of change from here onwards! (Southpoint, Vol.1No.1)

Credits: The Southpoint is the latest weekly news publication circulated in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and Misamis Occidental. It is registered under DTI Permit No. 00282924. The Southpoint can be reached through the following contact info: Sindangan, ZN; Landline: 212 – 4019; Mobile No.: +63 921 458 3830. Email: southpoint@yahoo.com


A new reception officer

The Church is now using mobile phones to reach out to faithful. A priest uses it to reach Faith.


SWS survey shows there is a decline of Filipinos who consider themselves poor. There is nothing to be happy about it because they now consider themselves poorer.


The League of Cities of the Philippines is up in arms against the creation of more cities because the IRA of their cities will be correspondingly reduced. Reduction of IRA means less money to steal.


Another set of 500 farmers are set to March to Manila. Manila Street will soon become a farm-to-market road.


GMA says RP will weather world financial crunch. Weather you like it or not?


The gov’t is now purely dependent in selling its assets in order to meet its fiscal targets. Then GMA claimed that we are operating on budget surplus. It reminds me of a farmer who sold his farmland and work animals and proclaimed “I’m richer now, I’ve plenty of money.”


GMA thumbs down on commemorating Edsa II. She is afraid the crowd will thumb her down.


There is no truth to rumor that Gov. Lando relieved Dodong Damuag because the latter failed to locate the whereabouts of Roberto Yang Uy.


GMA extended Esperon’s term for 3 months and promised that Gen. Yano will succeed as next AFP chief. Pa yano yano lang.


Gov. Lando to revamp personnel of his new hospital. Someone suggested that Carla “Ging” Empeynado will be the new reception officer instead of closeting herself at the laboratory. Laughter is the best medicine.


National debt has reached P3.7 trillion, making every Filipino indebted by P42, 000. This is what GMA call a robust economy.


Gov. Lando is opening his hospital at all cost. Suggested battlecry- “I rather go to jail rather than see my people dying without a hospital.”


Ernesto Tan of Mediatrix Homes is not interested in pursuing his case against Dodong Damuag.  The latter is likewise not pursuing his case for libel too. Like the Indians of the old America, they’re now smoking a peace pipe. Daghang pampararam nga mangasunog.


The new Lando hospital’s operating room has no light.  Let there be light and there was no light.


A councilor wants to rename the Gulayon Public Cemetery to Dipolog Memorial Garden.  In memory of an indigent from Sta. Isabel who was refused burial. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com


Jail Break sa Provincial Jail

Pito ka mga binilanggo sa Correctional and Rehabilitation Center sa Provincial Jail sa Don Jose Aguire, Manukan ang nakapuga niadtung Miyerkules sa sayong kaadlawon sa dihang wala makabantay ang mga Jail Guard ‘on duty’ nga nangambak na kini sa likod nga bahin sa

Mao kini ang barrel volt nga igo lamang nida-itol sa lungag sa semento hinungdan nga dali rang naabli.

ilang selda human nila maablihan ang barrel volt sa ilang pultahan. Si Provincial Jail Warden Fortunato Regañon sa interview sa The New Nandau Today mikon-permar nga pito ka mga piniriso nga pulos nag-atubang ug dagkong kaso ang naka-eskapo gikan sa ilang selda.

DMS vows support for ZN Med Center

The Dipolog Medical Society (DMS) recently expressed their support for the opening of Zamboanga del Norte Medical Center whose operation has long been delayed due to the refusal of the Dipolog City Government to issue it an Occupancy permit.

Provincial Hospital Chief Dr. Chita Cunanan disclosed that the local private medical practitioners headed by their president Dr. April Lopez met with Gov. Rolando Yebes recently. “They have presented to the governor some suggestions to make the medical center an effective institution to look after the health of the people of the entire Region IX,” Dr. Cunanan said.

Mrs. Rosevic Lacaya-Ocampo who was designated administrator of the hospital denied allegations that medical personnel are wanting. “In fact, there are many doctors who have already expressed their interest to be with ZaNorte Medical Center,” Ms. Ocampo disclosed. Although the medical center is just a level 2 hospital, the hospital administrator disclosed further that the provincial government had to look for ways to elevate it to the tertiary level.

“We are continuously looking for ways in order to lure medical specialists to manage the different departments of the hospital,” she added. It could be remembered that the new provincial hospital has recently opened when the Department of Health, Region IX issued a permit to operate despite Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy’s refusal to issue the Occupancy Permit. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)




My Best Foot
By: Engr. Ric Tenorio
The Man Behind

Twenty Presidential Assistants in Malacañang will get the ax from PGMA. – Good, make the list longer to include yourself ma’am….

Erap wants the church to stay away from politics specially in choosing the opposition’s standard bearer. – That’s after knowing that he was not endorsed. Ngii…….

Pres. Arroyo is confident that everything will be all right even if she leaves the country for a state visit. – No problem with that. She can stay there for good and never comeback. This country will be great again without her.

If Mr. Tan is the marionette in the puppet show then who’s the man behind show? – Search me… your guess is a good as mine.

Soon PGMA will kiss her office goodbye. It’s the last 2-minutes of the game for Gloria. – So what’s the neck are agitating for? Rallies, marches and power-grabs are no longer fashionable these days.

The scandal that rocks the environment office of the province needs to be addressed immediately, if only to show that the governor is not a privy to it. – I guess no one is a sacred cow here, so be ready with the ax gob.

The opposition is sailing on rough waters. Big wigs politician want to run for president. And no one is giving an inch for settlement.

In that case, history will repeat itself, and the opposition will remain like dogs barking at the moon.  Joke…

Even though at turtle pace, the boulevard’s extension project keeps on going. – There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Kudos to you, city folks.

The media is agitating against the police’s brutality over their peers at the Manila Penn. Fiasco. – Good! But what about the media’s brutality in handling the news about the police? Weather, weather lang yan. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com




COLD, HUNGRY AND HOMELESS. Not only does this homeless child wander the Dipolog City streets and endure the cold of the night into a deep slumber, but even a number of families dwell on it. When can the city government address the need to provide something as basic as housing/shelter?



 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
A Message for National Bible Sunday January 27, 2008

Theme: God’s Word Source of Wisdom, Peace, Prosperity and Success. The very first Psalm of the bible sings of the true happiness of a person who loves the Law of God.  In Psalms 1:2, says, but his delight and desire are in the Law of the Lord, and on His Law He habitually meditates by day and by night.  Which means that the Word of God gives precepts to the people so that they could walk on the right way that is the correct manner of living or moral conduct.

As we know, all Law which is the covenant of God to the people which was ultimately the will of God in the covenant was an important instrument for making us God’s chosen people.  It is God who ultimately rewards its observance or punishes its violation.  Being God’s word, the law has the power to transform them into a kingdom of believers and a Holy Nation.  We shall read Exodus 19:6, which says, and shall be to me a kingdom of priest, a Holy Nation.

In the first Psalm, also says that a person who delights in the law of the Lord, is like a tree planted near the streams of water, that yields its fruit in prospers (Psalms 1:3) the Psalmist sings of the joy and pleasures that comes from the observance of the law.  We will read in Psalms 19:10-12, which says, they are more desirable than gold, even the finest gold.  They are sweeter than honey, even honey dripping from the comb.  They are warning to those who hear them, there is great reward for those who obey them.  How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart?  Cleanse me from these hidden faults.

In contrast, Paul, in his letter to Titus describes the pitiful situation of people who do not observe the law, which is the word of God: We will read in Titus 3:3-4-5 which says, once we, too, were foolish and disobedience, we were misled to others and became slaves to many wicked desires and evil pleasures.  Our lives were full of evil and envy.  We hated others, and they hated us.  but then our God our Saviour showed us His kindness and love.  He saved us, not because of the good things we did, but because of His mercy.  He washed away our sins and gave us a new life through the Holy Spirit.

The condition is similar to people who follow the counsel of the wicked, go by the way of sinners and sit in company of scoffers.  (Psalms 1:1) this is the tragic picture of a nation, which goes astray from the right path ordained by God, and hence needs transformation. This grim reality depicted in biblical terms, written 2,000 years ago seems to fit the sad description of our country today.  Is there hope for our nation to be transformed?  Yes, if we listen to the word of God, if we obey His decrees, and if we are faithful to what we promised to Christ, when we accepted Him as our Lord, as our saviour.


O Lord you are great and awesome God. You always fulfill your covenant and keep your promises of unfailing love to those that love you and obey your commands. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com




Born: Sept. 29, 1956
Died: Jan. 27, 2008

Her body lies at Cebu Rolling Hills Memorial Chapel, Fortuna, Mandaue Cebu
interment: Feb. 3, 2008 9:00 a.m. Mass at Rolling Hills Chapel then proceed to Manila Memorial Park, Liloan, Cebu

She is survived by her husband Berney, daughter Kira Khrista, mother Estrella (nanay inday), brothers Daniel (nonoy) & Roberto (toto), sister Susan, Sisters-in-law Loida & Chari & brother-in-law Tony.

There will be a mass for Lilit on Feb. 3, 2008-Sunday 10:30 a.m. at 2380 E. Dempster St. Des Plaines, IL. 60016 (Holy Family Nursing & Rehab Center Chapel). For more information please call Des 773-875-8338



By: Rey Baclayon

I have already experienced the many ‘firsts’ in this long tumultuous career in writing, gone to so many places, fought so many battle of ideas, and have threaded fine lines to preserve and promote the truth. Because the only business product in this kind of trade is the one and only truth, there is only one, not half, nor naked, it is a bare truth, comprehensible in all angles.

This ‘first’ would not only be unforgettable it also spells nostalgia because I have affiliated my self with two other newspapers before, and I have written a piece in their maiden issues many years back. They not only have reaped years of prosperity since their maiden issues, but they have fought so well in their fight against injustice and corruption, they have defended well the rights of their people and even promoted awakenings that lead to their freedom against abuse and tyranny.

I hope in this new travail, my luck would strike the third time around, push this paper into their dreamed vision, achieve success in a matter of time and serve the people of Sindangan in their quest for reliable information, it would also cloth them with the power to rise up against ignorance the courage to defeat inner fear and exercise their new found wares to wage a battle to push their common interest as the people.

This is a new beginning for the people of Sindangan for them to be fully aware of their responsibilities as a people, and also to the people of Dipolog City, so they can find a new meaning of freedom of expression which has been blurred by partisanship and prostituted media landscape. For the people of province in general to get reprieve on this alternative paper, I have the honor to associate myself on this paper and be a part of her ‘first’.

So long introduction, my real business being here is simple, put forward the interest of the people, if I may borrow governor Yebes’ famous quote, ‘Una sa Tanan ang Katawhan.’ Nice quote, people should be grateful, but they should sometimes ask questions, fight for that quote and carry the flag to its real implementation, it is a nice concept but implementation should be more precise if only to push the real interest and benefit of the people. Give real meaning of the word service and when the people really feel them, success would not be the question. At least, nobody from the past had really stirred too much interest and support of the people and led their enthusiasm to greater heights than this governor, ABANTE LANDO-BIBO!

How about Rep. Dodoy Labadlabad? This neophyte congressman should realize the enormity of his role in promoting economic activity in this district, hard work should be foremost, set aside politics and do more actions than rhetoric, get away with too much promise it would lead to your own destruction. You see, some people are getting tired of your words, they are expecting more actions. You should take time building connections in Manila otherwise you should be left tending your own hill. What is this buzz that we heard, even before you have started that build up, destruction have overrun it when a new tabloid have featured your not so glossy past in LA? In fact, we heard that your colleagues in that hallowed hall of congress have been furnished of the copy of said unkind tabloid? Tsk! Tsk! Bad start.

Mayor Bert Macias is a kind approachable mayor, he should maintain that, and see to it that he should always be at the helm of that power, no body should ever steal it away from him, no one should play Grinch. Sindangan deserves to have Bert, go ahead and lets do good business.

Vice Mayor Tata Monteclaro is a picture of youthful dynamism don’t be amiss with the political wrangling of your dads, in fact taught these SB to participate in your plenary discussion, some of these guys area dead wood, can’t even say ‘coffee please’. Sad! They are elected to represent the sentiment of the Sindangan people not just sit and smile in the halls of the SB, a pity to these guys, when people know they are not actually performing, one term is too long. The public office is a public trust let’s earn the trust of the people by doing something that could give them reprieve to too much poverty. Let’s do our share of establishing opportunities of economic and livelihood aspect. That would be enough to win the trust and hearts of our people.

In Dipolog City, the excitement and challenges that a reporter or a writer feels lies on the contrast of ideas and the conflicting views our officials tell the media, to know avail that challenge was lost a long time ago, they have kowtowed to the single wisdom of China. The Sangguniang Panlungsod is one boring place to hang out. They all say “yes” to Madam. As if she is the messiah, a woman messiah? So what happened to the SP? Where are the honorable councilors who are all deaf mute? Sign language should be a required subject at the SP in Dipolog City, hehehehe!

This column would be teasing the fact, because it is all but real, as real as the sun goes down in the west, see for your self or even hear it your self. Silence. . .  (Southpoint, Vol.1No.1)


Credits: The Southpoint is the latest weekly news publication circulated in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and Misamis Occidental. It is registered under DTI Permit No. 00282924. The Southpoint can be reached through the following contact info: Sindangan, ZN; Landline: 212 – 4019; Mobile No.: +63 921 458 3830. Email: southpoint@yahoo.com



Press Freedom Editorial
Catch the bigger fish

Now that Provincial Capitol casual employee Remelo Damuag has been exposed to be doing “pangilkil” upon housing magnate Ernesto Tan of Mediatrix homes, many could not help but entertain dirty thoughts.

Time and again, Damuag could just be the proverbial “bolinaw” caught in the net as the more evil “iho” or shark remained free. We suggest to Gov. Rolando Yebes that if his government is pro-people and he is a pro-man, he could not just allow a poor casual employee to be pinned down on a chopping block and his neck severed, without dragging others who may be involved. He could have ordered for an independent investigating body who are credible and acceptable to the people.

Not necessarily intelligent lawyers and gullible men around him who could transport him to some heights of personal gratification. Not necessarily men and women who could always gush him into pleasurable conceit. But they could be political foes or ordinary citizens whose integrity may be unyielding - a company bus driver, a fish vendor, a bank teller, a businessman, a teacher.

Or anyone who could probe into the case without any personal interest whatsoever.

That is, if he wanted to do justice to Remelo Damuag or to Ernesto Tan or to the people of Zamboanga del Norte and his dream of putting them first in his heart. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 15)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com





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