January 7, 2008


Nonong to spend New Year in San Ramon

Its first base, lawyers of former congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos gleefully announced as the Zamboanga City Regional Trial Court allowed their client to stay at the San Ramon Penal Colony until his case shall have been resolved. Judge Jesus Carbon, Jr. of RTC Branch 16 recently heard the petition for habeas corpus filed by Jalosjos’s lead lawyers Atty. Fred Jimenez and Atty. Cres Palpagan, Jr.

Jalosjos’ son, Bullet (Board Member 1st District) whispers to Papa Nonong: You’re now a free man, Dad!

It was learned that Judge Carbon ordered the Solicitor General to submit the memorandum of the case within three days as Jalosjos group had already submitted theirs. The judge also ordered that the former congressman could not be anymore transferred to any prison in the country except the San Ramon Penal Farm Colony, in Zamboanga City. The judge’s order was contrary to what Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales earlier ordered to bring back Jalosjos to New Bilibid Prison at Muntinglupa and to strip him with all the privileges previously given him. But with Judge Carbon’s decision, the former congressman’s supporters and lawyers welcomed it as winning the first round of the case at the same time hoping to make it to the home base sooner than expected. Meanwhile, all the mayors of Zamboanga del Norte including prominent non-allies of Jalosjos were placing the Philippine flag in their jurisdiction at half mast and tying a black ribbon in their municipal and city buildings to show their protest against his arrest despite the release documents signed by the prison officials.

“This is a clear murder of our justice system, the death of the rule of law in this side of the country,” Gov. Rolando Yebes condemned Gonzales as he ordered the tying of black ribbons on every tree at the Capitol Plaza. “This does not only mean asking for justice for the congressman,” Gov. Yebes stressed, “but this is to tell every one in this country the tragedy of a citizen whose rights have grossly been violated based only upon the dictate and caprices of an individual,” he added.

Although it has not been confirmed, yet a huge protest rally for Jalosjos’s release will be staged today, December 30 at Dipolog City to mark Rizal Day. It was learned that this will be participated by all the municipal mayors of the province, and all supporters of the former congressman.(Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)

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 Nonong Jalosjos: I am a free man

Sternly speaking before the members of the Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondents at the Dapitan City Hall on December 23, former congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos declared he is a free man. To the Dapitanons and supporters, Jalosjos’s unexpected homecoming on Saturday, December 22, at the Dipolog Airport came as a surprise.

Former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos interviewed by local media before he was arrested at dawn of December 23, 2007 (Leo Cimafranca of RPN-DXKD/Press Freedom Contributor; Nick Carbonel, News Anchor of Headline Balita of DXFL-FM and OIC Editor of the New Nandau Today; Genesis Ajero, Anchorman of Issue Karon DXFL –FM, and Joel Ello, Photographer.)

He declared that he was no longer an inmate considering the documents signed by Superintendent Juanito Leopando for the Director of the Bureau of Corrections. “My release has been legal.  Until now my discharge order has never been revoked nor annulled by law,” he strongly stressed. He challenged Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales to go to court if there is something wrong with his release order.

“If Gonzales issued an arrest order for me, It could be illegal since the court has the sole authority to do it,” the former congressman argued. “…and I am not a fugitive as my detractors claimed,” he added. He said if he were, he could not have walked around Manila and chartered a private plane for his coming home. Refusing to comment further, the convicted congressman expressed confusion over Gonzales’s action over his case as there were many other cases similar to his which were not questioned and were not subjected under DOJ review.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Corrections Director Ricardo Dapat was recently relieved and replaced by PNP Chief Director General Oscar Calderon. Secretary Gonzales believed that the former congressman’s release could have been planned very well and manipulated by some big officials inside the NBP. Jalosjos is presently detained at the San Ramon Penal Colony after he was personally fetched by PNP Regional Director General Jaime Caringal. Although Caringal could not show legal documents for his arrest, Jalosjos gave in while his lawyers filed a petition for habeas corpus. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


For 2008
Livelihood is BM’S priority

As Gov. Rolando Yebes pushed for the project for the ‘people’s belly’ as priority project for 2008, the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan recently pledged their Project Identification Fund to the same purpose.

Board Member Cedric Adriatico disclosed that the PIF of each member is now placed at P1.2M each and could still be augmented in 2008 as has been promised by the provincial governor.

Board Member Cedric Adriatico disclosed that the PIF of each member is now placed at P1.2M each and could still be augmented in 2008 as has been promised by the provincial governor. “With this development, we could help the governor’s ‘una sa tanang ang katawhan’ Program to the hilt,” BM Adriatico happily announced.

He also disclosed that some items requested by the barangays and funded by his PIF were typewriters, aircon, public address system and other office equipment. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


 ZaNorte mayors condemn Gonzales

The Philippine flag in all of the 25 municipalities, and two cities of the province were placed half mast, a black ribbon was placed on all municipal buildings to express the angry protest of all the municipal and city mayors of the province. This was how the local municipal and city executives condemned the recent action of Department of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales when he ordered the arrest of former congressman Romeo ‘Nonong’ Jalosjos despite the release order signed by Bilibid New Prison.

Mayor Jesus Lim, president of League of Municipalities-ZaNorte Chapter disclosed that all the municipal mayors signed the resolutions of protest which was sent to PGMA, Senate President Manuel Villar, House Speaker Jose De Venecia, Jr. and the Chairman of the Commission on Appointments. “…and they even included Roxas Mayor Carlito Feras and Jose Dalman Mayor Russel Adasa who were prominent non-allies of Nonong,” Mayor Lim disclosed further.

Both resolutions adopted by the league denounced the action of the DOJ as the death of justice, an extreme violation of human rights and above all, unconstitutional. Sibuco Mayor Norbi Edding who authored one of the resolutions doubted that a prominent politician could have maneuvered the release mess. “But this could not have happened because no one, not even the President could be above the law and could not have done anything that could thwart the law,” he angrily protested.

It could be remembered that Nonong’s discharge order was signed by the BNP and ordered his release on December 16 yet. When he was home December 22 in Dapitan, DOJ released an order of his arrest which was also effected by Police Regional director General Jaime Caringal himself on December 23 at dawn.  The former congressman was brought to San Ramon Penal Colony, Zamboanga City.

On the other hand, another resolution was approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on December 28 through Board Member Edgar Baguio. But unlike the resolutions adopted by the mayors’ league, the SP resolution just pointed out the inhumane treatment of the pardoned congressman and merely outlined their personal relationship with him.

“We were not so fiery with our own resolution because we do not want to offend the DOJ Secretary,” BM Fernando Cabigon Jr. explained. Meanwhile, Dapitan City Councilor Apple Marie Agolong also disclosed that similar resolution was also adopted by the Dapitan City SP. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


DOTC readies fund for Katipunan Ro-ro port

If realized, the roll-on-roll off port at Tambo, Katipunan, ZN could bridge Zamboanga del Norte, to any part of Luzon and the Visayas. Gov. Rolando Yebes recently prided another breakthrough in his administration as the Department of Transportation and Communications has recently appropriated a budget for its construction.

Although the department has not yet disclosed the initial amount it could release, Gov. Yebes was confident that the port could ease up the problems met at Pulauan Port, Dapitan under PGMA’s Strong Republic Nautical Highway Project. Looking at the growing traffic at Pulauan with nine ro-ro trips for Dumaguete every day, the provincial governor felt that the Ro-ro port at Katipunan is an urgent need of the province.

He disclosed that the management of the Ceres Bus Liner had already informed him that it would field 20 bus liners if ever the port would be in operation already.  However, at the moment, such plan was stalled yet due to lack of boats to ferry the buses.

Yebes stressed that with Katipunan Roro port, it would only take two hours from Mabinay, Negros Oriental to Katipunan which is presently taking four hours from Dapitan to Dumaguete. “The opening of a new route to Dumaguete and to the rest of Visayas and Luzon will be giving our provincial economy a greater vitality,” the governor was optimistic. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


PROVET ready for goat/chicken dispersal


The Provincial Veterinarian Office recently announced that the office is now ready with its goat and chicken dispersal program. Special Deputy Provincial Agriculturist Vicente Sanchez, Jr. disclosed that the said program was funded under the Governor’s Livelihood Program amounting to P3M. However, Deputy Sanchez disclosed, the swine dispersal program which many wanted to avail of was temporarily suspended due to technical and other problems.

He pointed out that some grantees did not follow the agreement that his office had with them. He stressed that the beneficiaries could have given back the high breed piglets to the office. “But they never did.  They gave back the native ones which were contrary to what was earlier agreed upon,” Mr. Sanchez sadly said. He pointed out that instead of enhancing the breed of the swine; they have given back a native breed which defeated the purpose of the program of the office.

“We have stalled the program for the mean time; it’s still under review,” Mr. Sanchez explained. Alongside the dispersal program, he also announced that fingerlings for fresh water culture are also available and are ready for release. Meanwhile, a P6M mariculture park is set to be established in the province after the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources director Virgilio Alforque confirmed its help to the province.

It was learned it was first planned to be established in Taguilon Cove, at Dapitan. However, it could be overriding Dapitan City Mayor Dominador Jalosjos’s Marine Project in Taguilon so it was decided to put it up at Murcielagos Bay at Rizal. Sanchez disclosed that said Marine Park shall breed particularly saang; a variety of seashell which is most sought after and other valuable marine products. Said Marine Park will be established sometime in January or February next year. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


Yes to Yes!
1st Youth Dev’t Summit launched

Believing that the youth sector could be a good support group of the provincial government, Gov. Rolando Yebes has recently ordered the launching of the first Youth Enhancement Support Program. Ronilo Pacilan, Chief of the Community Development Assistance Unit stressed that such program could very well provide a good direction for the young who are seen as a good partner in effecting a progressive society.

Gov. Rolando Yebes has recently ordered the launching of the first Youth Enhancement Support Program, such program could very well provide a good direction for the young who are seen as a good partner in effecting a progressive society.

CDAU Chief Pacilan further disclosed that the participants to the summit are not limited to Sangguniang Kabataan officials only. Gov. Yebes stressed, Mr. Pacilan said, that the youth sector has become bigger to include school leaders, out of school youth, young civic organizers and members of all other organizations. Some activities were already laid out for the two-day summit which started December 29-30.

It was learned that national offices such as the Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Agriculture and the National Youth Commission were expected to grace the first youth summit. “For the first time, youth leaders of the entire province come together as one,” Mr. Pacilan prided as he expected a big gathering of young people to happen here. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


Katipunan keeps watch on capillariasis

“We’re always alerted,” the Rural Health Unit of Katipunan, Z.N. assured Kaitipuneros as capilliariasis claimed some lives during the previous years. RHU Dr. Stephen Samonte recently disclosed that they have always monitored the barangays especially those near the river areas when a case was first registered in Barangay Miatan.

“Since the first case, we have already warned barangay residents the danger of eating raw fish and shrimps from the river,” Dr. Samonte said. However, he pointed out, barangay residents especially those residing near the river still went on eating them despite the warning. It could be remembered that the municipality of Siayan, Z.N. recently landed in the national papers and TV when the cited disease claimed the lives of more than 60 people in Barangay Moyo due to capillariasis.

It was learned that some other barangays in the province also registered some cases of deaths due to capillariasis. “So we are always on the alert,” Dr. Samonte disclosed,” we are always ready with Avendasol drug which would combat capillariasis.” (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)




The bad thing that happened to former Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos is never providential but a product of the will of bad men who are running the affairs of our bad government. It is the creation of an administration that does not intend to follow the rule of law.  Why? Because  it is addicted not to follow the law! Remember how they manipulated the presidency of Estrada?

Nonong is one of those who are certified for release from prison this month by virtue of the Certificate of Discharge from Prison signed by the retired Bureau of Correction Chief Juanito Leopando and which Certificate was implemented by Leopando’s successor Supt. Ricardo Dapat. Three of them, many remembered! The two were released as freemen without any trouble, no, not even question was asked! But when Nonong got his press conference to gladly announce that he is already a freeman giving emphasis to the truth that it was former President Fidel Ramos who put him in prison, everything suddenly went wrong.

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales immediately set his act of injustice against Nonong, many feel. He sent his message that Nonong’s Certificate of Discharge “is not official” as it has not passed review of the Department (of Justice) and that “such Certificate is based on wrong computation”— some lousy justifications which are contrary to the provisions of the Manual of Operations of the Bureau of Corrections which only gives sole authority to the Chief of the Bureau of Corrections and the Chief of the Parole and Pardon to compute. Nowhere in the provisions of such Manual that stipulate that a computation basis for the discharge shall be subjected to the review of the Department of Justice.

Nonetheless, Nonong as a freeman proceeded to Dapitan Ciy last Saturday to greet his constituents. But few hours thereafter, Gen. Jaime Caringal and his armed men barged in to Dapitan City Hall where the happy freeman was entertaining his equally happy friends, relatives and political leaders. Gen. Caringal arrested Nonong without any court order but on the basis of a verbal order from Gen. Avelino Razon, PNP Chief. All of these sequences of events, President Gloria Arroyo kept her mouth mum, her ears dumb, and her eyes blind. To add more gimmick, she sacked Dapat and other officials involved in issuing that Certificate.

It is, of course, understandable! Gloria is very much afraid of Ramos and his circle of influential political associates. She knows that a rift between her and Ramos over the issue of Nonong’s final release from prison would mean a grave threat to her presidency. She knows that Ramos is still a potential political character to think over. But she cannot also afford to lose Nonong who is  influential political figure in Zamboanga del Norte.  She needs him in 2010 elections!

This is the reason many believe why our lady president played on using her justice secretary to do injustice to a freeman named Nonong by cutting short the law to accommodate their own selfish political interest. Gloria wants us to believe that she has nothing to do with the illegal arrest of Nonong. But our law tells us that the act of the alter-ego of the president is also the act of the latter— that the injustice done by her alter-ego is also her own act of injustice.

Nonong is never a rapist. He is instead the one being raped with all his rights as a freeman. He is the victim of a bunch of men who follow their own rules, not our laws! (The New Nandau, Vol. XVII No.25)


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Jalosjos: "Natapos na akong sentensiya"

“Dili ako maoy basolon kon ako usa na ka gawasnon tungod kay duna koy mga dokumento nga magpamatud nga dili na ako usa ka piniriso.” Kini ang gipamahayag ni kanhi Congressman Romeo “Nonong” Jalosjos sa exclusive interview ning pamantalaan ug pipila ka


Former Congressman Nonong Jalosjos showed his Discharge Certificate from Prison dated December 16, 2007 issued by the Bureau of Corrections.

mga membro sa Zamboanga del Norte United Correspon-dents (ZNUC) sa dihang iyang gitugotan nga makahi-nabe didto sa Office of the City Mayor sa City Hall sa dakbayan sa Dapitan sam-tang iyang gidawat ang mga bisita nga gustong moabe-abe kaniya niadtung Sabado sa gabii (Desyembre 22, 2007).



Machiavellian Theory

By Tyrone Jay V. Samson

Year End Sports Dozen

The year 2008 is just days ahead, and it’s time for my favorite 12 sports happenings this past year, moments that I believe tickled every sports aficionado’s heart, something I like to call TJ’s Sports Dozen 2007. You may not share the same opinion, but hey, that’s why I have this space, I can have my take on things. This list has one existing criteria – significance. What makes such story important to the world of sports. The list is not a top 12 list, so significance is in any order you like. So, sit back, read on… you can either nod in agreement or despair in dispute later.

1. First off, I would start things of with boxing. Giving us a taste of what could be the best possible match-up between two undefeated fighters next year are Floyd “Pretty Boy” Mayweather (39 wins-0 loss, 25 knockouts) and Miguel Cotto (31-0, 25 KOs). The two champions made good account of themselves in the pound for pound rankings by defeating respected opponents this year. In what was considered his ascension to being one of the best fighters this year, Cotto would first down former champion Oktay Urkal in March; then knocked off Super Zab Judah’s super-sized ego, pummeling Judah into submission in eleven rounds; and a career-defining win over a sure-fire Hall of Famer Sugar Shane Mosley in November. As if to say I can do better, Mayweather would beat two great boxers this year. He defeated six-division champion Oscar Dela Hoya in May and followed it up with a convincing 10 round knockout over the previously undefeated Ricky Hatton. After the Hatton fight, Mayweather was asked whether he would consider fighting Cotto and he insisted that he had achieved everything one dreams in boxing. He stated, “I’m not going to let boxing retire me, I’ll retire from boxing. I accomplished all that I could as a fighter. Now it’s time to be a promoter.” Sounds like Pretty Boy knows something we don’t about Cotto, he might not be pretty after a fight with this Puerto Rican. Good choice for Floyd, bad news for us boxing fans.

2. In Major League Baseball, after the Barry Bonds steroid controversy, we have Roger Clemens. It seems every baseball great in this generation is using steroids. We have Bonds, arguably the best hitter and Clemens as the best pitcher of his generation. Clemens was recently said to have used steroids during the 1998-2001 seasons.

3. In the NBA, the Boston Celtics are on pace with the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins and 10 losses as the trio of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen has worked wonders thus far. The Celtics are currently on top of the league with their 21-3 record as of this writing. That’s just three losses in two months! Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to compare the Big Three of today’s Boston to that of the Bulls’ (Jordan, Pippen and Rodman), or even to that of Boston in the 80s with Bird, Parish and McHale; but the current Big 3 are exactly on the right track. The difference maker though would be the consistency of the role players. Aside from the Celtics, there’s the usual suspects making a run for the championship, the San Antonio Spurs (18-6) recently had a scare with Tim Duncan spraining his ankle and sat out for four games but Manu Ginobili showed why the Spurs are the reigning World Champions, when one star player goes down, another should put the team on his back and that’s exactly what Manu did when TD was out. Then there’s the Phoenix Suns who earlier this week avenged their last year’s bitter playoff loss to the Spurs with a gut-checking 100-95 win against their Western rivals. Steve Nash continues to put Stockton-like assist numbers, Shawn Marion continues to fill up all those hustle stats (10.7 rebounds per game, 2.28 steals and1.76 blocks) and Amare Stoudamire is slowly getting back his form leading the team in scoring with 20.5 per game.

But the real difference maker is the addition of Grant Hill. Spurs’ Coach Greg Popovich, after his team lost to the Suns, said it best, “I think it makes their basketball IQ go up.” Hill may not be the player he once was, an athletic scoring machine who has the penchant of playing ala Scottie Pippen (remember when he was once considered the heir apparent to Michael Jordan, instead he said that his game is more of that of Pippen, getting his teammates involved with assists, getting those rebounds and defensive stops), but the veteran Hill has been there and done that, and that experience will help the Suns in a seven game series come playoffs. Hill is currently the Suns’ second best in steals and assists while averaging 16 points per game, not bad for an old man. Then there’s the Dallas Mavericks and the Detroit Pistons, two playoff tested teams who have been steady the last couple of years. Although it’s safe to say that reigning league MVP Dirk Nowitzki will never repeat, his team has been doing fine (17-9) with Josh Howard and Jason Terry providing steady production to support The Dirkster.

As far as my favorites go, my favorite team, the run and gun Golden State Warriors (14-11) has lived up to the lofty expectations imposed upon them after their playoff success last year. There’s no reason why Baron Davis (21.9 ppg, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 2.5 steals) will not make it to New Orleans in February for the All Star Game. Another favorite of mine is triple-double machine Jason Kidd. I pity Jason. What a waste of talent in New Jersey. His team has constantly shown lack of passion and will to win. Vince Carter will never lead a team to the championship with his lack of commitment in defense, and what’s up with this team? They have a point guard (Kidd, 9 rebounds per game) leading the team in rebounds? I say the Nets have never been the same ever since they traded Kenyon Martin.  Speaking of Grand Kenyon, he is slowly getting back his game with the Denver Nuggets. I’m a big fan of Allen Iverson, but believe me, the Nuggets will never challenge the big wigs in the West unless AI at least try to change his game and become a distributor for the Nuggets. Look at those waiting for him to pass the ball, Carmelo Anthony can shoot and score from anywhere on the court, Martin and Marcus Camby can finish those lobs, and JR Smith, Anthony Carter and even Linas Kleiza are known to hit those three point bombs, so why take it upon yourself to score all those points as a point guard?

4. Turning to Philippine basketball, we have recently witnessed our dream of once again fielding a basketball team to the Olympics after 35 years turn into a nightmare as Team Philippines, coached by the respected Chot Reyes, placed 9th (yes, PBA players placed ninth) in the 24th FIBA Asia Championship, the Olympic qualifying tournament held in Tokushima, Japan. This was by far, the most prepared PBA-backed national team in history but the problem is not with the team’s system and the player’s talent, all it comes down to is our lack of height. Our players were all undersized in every position. Jimmy Alapag may be one of the finest in dribble penetration in all of Asia but he’s small compared to his Asian counterparts, Mark Caguioa can score in bunches but again, he’s small; our power forward Kerby Raymundo is the size of other team’s small forward and even Asi Taulava is shorter than other countries centers. Another reason would be the feud between the then ruling Basketball Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Olympic Committee, which caused the subsequent suspension imposed by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) on the country’s basketball team on all international competitions. That erased the opportunity to compete in previous important international competitions for our RP team such as the 2005 FIBA-Asia qualifier and the 2006 World Championship in Saitama, Japan, with Tokushima supposedly as its third major international competition. But the FIBA suspension, which was only lifted early this year, never made that happen robbing the Nationals of precious time to train and gain experience what it’s like to play in international rules against other national teams. Politics killed our Olympic hopes.

5. Turning to local basketball, the Mega Bulls Basketball Association here in Dipolog City recently wrapped our year-end tournament with Team Gizi finally winning the crown after finishing second behind last tournament’s champions, Derek’s Place/Game Haven. The MBA set of officers led by President Sean Acaylar would like to congratulate this year’s top four teams, with Team Spitfire placing second; Dipolog Top Construction finishing third and Team Rivson placing fourth.

6. It is rather an uneventful year for our very own Manny Pacquiao boxing-wise. Pacquiao, a recent visitor here in Dipolog City, would dispatch an overmatched Jorge Solis via 8th round knockout last April and would notch his second win over Mexican icon Marco Antonio Barrera last October. However, Pacquiao got more news outside the squared ring this year what with his lopsided election knockout defeat to incumbent General Santos representative Darlene Antonino-Custodio last May. I guess a lot of people just don’t want Manny to be distracted for his much-awaited rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez early next year.

7. Still in boxing, what’s up with these people talking about a Pacquiao-Hatton fight? Pacquiao started his career as a light flyweight (106 pounds) while Hatton is a regular light welterweight (140 pounds), don’t you think that’s too much of us to ask Manny? After Marquez, Manny should look into getting more recognition and heftier payday against undefeated fighters such Joan Guzman (28-0, 17 KOs) or internet sensation Edwin Valero (23-0, 23 KOs). The two are of Manny’s size.

8. What’s new in men’s tennis? Nothing. Roger Federer still lords it over above everybody else. Can somebody please give this man some competition. Björn Borg had John McEnroe while Sampras had Agassi. Federer has nobody to challenge him except for Rafael Nadal, but the Spaniard’s challenge is limited only for clay courts. Nadal has defeated Federer in the last two Grand Slam clay court events, this and last year’s French Open. But Federer is invincible in other courts winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open this year. To put cherry on that icing, he was recently named as the 2007 ITF World Champion along with Justine Henin for the women’s side. Check this one statistic, Federer became only the second man to win the International Tennis Federation’s award in four straight years, joining the great Sampras. Dominance is boring, indeed.

9. Brandon Vera is great for the Philippine sports. He is our version of Pacquiao in mixed martial arts. Despite losing to former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion Tim “The Maniac” Silva this year (his first loss in his career), Vera made a good account of himself by standing toe to toe against the bigger and stronger man. And for that, he gets to stand side by side with local pinoy actors such as Richard Guttierez in the Philippine entertainment business. Let’s just hope that Brandon won’t do a Pacquiao and run for Congress next time.

10. Back to basketball, Pinoy sports fans should start giving more respect to defensive players the way Ben Wallace or Andrei Kirilenko get their due in the NBA. The PBA has Arwind Santos in the mold of Kirilenko. With his astounding numbers for Air21 (19.1 ppg, 8.3 rpg, 2.1 bpg), Santos is a shoe in for Defensive Player of the Year in the PBA, maybe even MVP if his team makes it all the way to the final four. Other great defenders in the ongoing Philippine Cup are Dondon Hontiveros, Rommel Adducul, Topex Robinson, Kelly Williams, Reynel Hugnatan, to name a few.

11. Regarding the much-awaited fight between former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and former Pride middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva, let me get back to you on that after their UFC fight this December 30. I hope it’s live here in Dipolog, this one’s pitting two of the best stand up guys (with respect to Vitor Belfort) in the mixed martial arts business – ever!

12. After last year’s 113-gold, 84-silver and 94-bronze tally and a Southeast Asian Games overall championship, Team Philippines finished a lowly 6th in this year’s 24th SEA Games held in Thailand with a medal tally of 41-gold, 91-silver and 96-bronze. Huge drop off, indeed. Maybe it was the refs’ fault, but we have to admit, our country’s sports program stink.

— oo000oo —

In behalf of all Dipolognons, a plea to Alaska Coach Tim Cone, please do give some more consistent minutes for our kababayan Eddie Laure. Laure can play number two, three or four spot, use him behind Reynel Hugnatan or Jeffrey Cariaso. You’ll have hundreds more of Dipolognons tuning into their tv sets during PBA timeslots if you do.


After writing about Smart internet connection here in Dipolog as “not so amazing”, my connection just shoot up like how it was when I first got my connection. What a coincidence! At least technical support is definitely smart, and they are amazing in repairing my connection. No reason to whine now.


Finally, I would like to congratulate Jeffrey Sagaray for being the Game Haven Gamer of the Month (November). He will enjoy playing 30 hours for free in the whole month of December. To all hardcore Playstation 2 gamers, visit Game Haven in Padre Ramon Street seven days a week. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


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Leo Cimafranca ambush interview with PNP Regional Director Gen. Jaime Caringal at Dapitan City Resort Hotel during the negotiation process of Jalosjos’ PNP Custody.




 The Turning Point
Edwin G. Bernido
It’s the will of God that gives us Freedom!

God forgives us on the basis of His mercy or on the basis of His justice? God forgives us on the basis of His justice. In 1 John 1:9-10 says, if we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong, V-10, if we claim we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar and showing that His word has no place in our heart. It is the death of Christ on the cross that makes forgiveness by God a just act. It is in appearing to His justice that forgiveness is possible, not in an appeal to His mercy. Let me explain this.

I heard the life testimony of former rapist bro. Cesar Guy, he was in prison at new bilibid, Muntinlupa, life sentence. After serving 15 years he was given pardoned and so with his freedom. He became a free man when he encountered God while inside his cell. Prior to this incident, he was visited for several times by pastors, anointed by God to preach His word in the bible. There conversations lead bro. Cesar, to accepting that he was dirty, filthy, stinking, miserable, rotten sinner. After being aware of every wrong thing he has done, and knowing that these has separated him from God. He asked true forgiveness from God and accepted responsibility for it and cope with it. Because of this forgiveness it was the first consequence of repentance. His repentance resulted to change of his thinking, feeling bad about his sin. He started to get in touch with his pastor wanting to become born again Christian. He was told by his Pastor that there’s a cost to becoming Christian and that he needed to face that honestly before making a response. He thought about this lengthily until he decided to follow no matter what it takes, which means turning his life 180 degrees and living in righteousness inside the maximum security prison.

Bro. Cesar told his pastor, all right, you have persuaded me and am now ready to accept Jesus Christ, as my Lord and personal saviour. The prayed together the sinner’s prayer, and he told God, to rule his life from now on. He changed his mind about himself and acknowledging his own inability to live as he should, he began to depend upon Christ within Him. He changed his mind about his sin, confessed directly to Jesus Christ, and thanked Him for taking it away on the cross. On the succeeding years, Bro. Cesar has become a new creation and a new man. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come

The new character and the new image of bro. Cesar Guy, has astonished many of the Prison Officials. The reality of the changed attitude shown resulted to their recommendation of bro. Cesar for pardoned on his remaining years of sentenced. It’s the will of God that gives your freedom, His walking to the outside world. There were several are already serving the Lord and preaching the word of God, which they learned inside their prison doors.

As far as I remember, they are, bro. Butch Belhica, bro. Vincent Crisologo, bro. Roger Arrienda, and just recently, bro. Martinez, convicted of the Aquino-Galman, killing also received pardoned. All these people mentioned, received by faith, a certificate, certifying that all their sins are forgiven, signed by God. The bible stated, in 1 John 1:7, says, “The blood of Jesus, His son, purifies us from every sin. Which means, that we must have pure heart to receive Jesus, we must always be faithful to and will always in obedience to His commandments and will always be ready to share to others. In Luke 4:18-19, says, the spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed. To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


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Sweat Cake Attract flies

A radio broadcaster Ferdie “Batman” Lintuan of Davao City was ambushed by two motorcycle riding men, riding in tandem a day before Christmas. He died on the spot. In this country, radiomen are treated like birds because they sing a lot.


GMA reiterates promise to end insurgency by the time her term ends in 2010. She must be the cause of insurgency.


Don’t display your 2008 calendars before year end. That’s what feng shui expert says.


What is this all hulla baloo about Jalosjos’s release? If Nonong is only an ordinary mortar, he could have enjoyed his freedom without the usual blah - - blah - - blah. All other convicts who were similarly situated are set free based on the “formula” computed by the Bureau of Corrections without DOJ Secretary making some corrections . . . . Interventions . . . computations. The BUCOR is expert in computation. That’s their mandate.


That Chinese saying “A sweat cake attracts more flies” fits Nonong’s case. Everybody wants a share of the pie.


Gov. Rolando Yebes – The most outstanding he . . . he . .  Bachelor of the year . . .

Suppose the computation of the Bureau of Corrections is found to be accurate and he should have been released on December 16 and Nonong overstayed in jail by virtue of Gonzales’ order? Who will pay for his sleepless nights, anxiety and worries while being unnecessarily extending incarceration? When that discharge order was issued it had given Nonong substantive right to walk free. That requisite of so-called review by the DOJ is purely procedural. A first year law student knows that substantive right is supreme over procedural requisite.


People know how a case is being reviewed by DOJ. It takes months and years. Perhaps somebody gift them with an abacus.


Without necessarily delving into the merits of the case pending before the court of Zamboanga City, the better formula would be to set free Nonong and require him to put up a bond as much as a million pesos to ensure his appearance in the event that after thorough review of the case Nonong is not yet eligible for discharge. Nonong is no longer a flight risk with a few more months or years left to unserve.


The liberty of abode and of changing the same is a constitutional right and freedom of movement is a fundamental human right. Nonong like any other citizen is entitled to the enjoyment of this right.


With malice towards none and charity for all, here are the year-end awardees:

2. Dipolog Feeder Port – White elephant of the year. More than a hundred million had been spent but still remains unoperational.
3. Atty. Joseph Lester Patay – Human rights lawyer of the year for having handled high risk human rights cases in Zamboanga del Norte and Misamis Occidental.
4. ZN Medical Center – Ghost hospital of the year as it remains occupied by ghost as there are no admissions of patients. The City government still refuse to issue an occupancy permit.
5.  Mediatrix Homes – Developer of the year. It has dramatically changed the city’s landscape.
6. ZN registered voters – Commodity of the year as they sell their votes ranging from P500 to P1,500.00 each.
7. Habal-habal – The most convenient and popular public transport of the year.
8. Cicer Binghay – The longest running “pornographic” writer of the year.
9. Lee Plaza – Investor of the year for investing several millions in its ongoing mall construction.
10. Cellphone – The number one source of quarrel between husband and wife.
11. Nathaniel Patangan – Lone survivor of the year.
12. Gov. Rolando Yebes – The most outstanding he . . . he . .  Bachelor of the year . . .

Happy New Year to All! (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


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Press Freedom Editorial
Happy New Year

As the year of the pig plods towards the exit, the year of the rat comes marching in gracefully. If we were to believe the Social Weather Stations recent survey, 91% of the Filipinos still believe that there is much hope rather than fear for 2008. 2007 may have tragic moments though. The rift between the city government and the provincial government over the sand and gravel issue, and recently over the ZaNorte Medical Center occupancy permit is something to reckon with.

The twin storms Lando and Mina battered the lives of many people here, and raged against the city feeder port - causing it to collapse. A few sprawled over their own blood as motorcycle-riding hitmen pulled their trigger without qualms or twinge of conscience. The list could be long and tragic. But 2008 could possibly offer a better life ahead, we hope and pray. 2008 could have no better song than You and Me Against the World for Mayor Belen and Governor Lando... and no better adage than Forget and Forgive.

While conferences for climate change have fired our world leaders, we hope the same fire could burn in the hearts of our local leaders as well. We hope for better families and better children and more progressive society as more men work for a better world. Minus the illegal swertres; Minus the long distance prostitution that even married women indulged in through the internet; Minus the child abuse, crippling economy and high fare rates, overpriced commodities; Add continued supply of rice to our school children; Add more elections which could get businesses going; Add more work, more prayers, less talk, less dreams, less useless spending. And we shall have a prosperous year ahead of us!  Happy New Year to all! (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 11)


Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665. Email: freedom_nandau @yahoo.com





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