2Successful Celebration of De Javier's Alumni-Homecoming

Hundreds of Alumni from the Colegio de San Francisco Javier, Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte, formerly Xavier High School, attended the celebration of the Golden Jubilee Alumni-Homecoming.

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One of the Activities of the Homecoming
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Alumnus near or far from other faraway places has gone home to attend the celebration of their beloved Alma Matter.
The 50th year Anniversary of De Javier was conducted last October 28-29, 2000. It was highlighted with the presentation of the present students added with a little bit of spice like parlor games and dance party in the evening.
Some alumni was awarded for their continued support for the school and for the scholars not dimension the development of the school itself.
Rev. Fr. Philip E. Alicayos, Director of Colegio De San Javier, express pleasure and gratitude to the Alumni President Dr. Jose 'Pepe' Mante and to the officers who work hard for the success of the celebration.
Dr. Jose Mante delivered a thankful and inspirational message during the celebration to all the alumni who participated in the celebration.



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