Dapitanons all over Chicagoland flocked  to  Lone Tree Manor Banquet Hall to celebrate  the annual fiesta of  the city’s patron Saint James, last Sunday, July 22, 2007.  Around 350 people attended the affair, some from New York, LA etc. It was the greatest event, ever,  It was for the culmination,  the last  day  or the 9th day of a novena intended for the purpose of commemorating Saint James day.

The concelebration of the mass by Fr. Manny Recera-celebrant, Fr. Manny Duterte and Fr. Rey Pardillada-cocelebrant

Lone Tree Manor, Niles Illinois

As it has been a belief and a practice for many, many years,  a 9-day prayer activity (novena)  was observed to commemorate  His Day.  Dapitanons in Chicagoland did just that.  Believe it or not,  those 9-day prayer activities were full filled and each day seemed to be a fiesta in itself.  One day of each consecutive week was spent for a novena,  Each novena day  went along with a mass,  to accommodate  those Sunday masses that anybody could have missed.   To top it all,  each host prepared sumptuous food.  Thanks to the following sponsors who hosted those 9-day   prayer activities,  who took time in making these novena prayers possible for everyone to participate and they are:
                1)       Cagbabanua family -  hosted the first day of  novena prayer
                2)       Demet & Mary Ann Adasa-Nalzaro- the second day of  novena prayer
                3)       Lagrimas Sorronda, Stephen & Angie Hamoy - the third day of 
                      novena      prayer
                4)       Egi & Bebot Cunanan, Marichu Ocupe - the fourth day of  novena

5th dqy Novena hosted by  Nixon & SY Flores & Jingle Acaylar picture shown with Elvie CDD prexy.

      5)       Nixon and Sy Flores, Jingle Acaylar - the five day of  novena prayer
6)       Cyril and Carol Ruiz - the sixth day of  novena prayer

7)       Rey and Lucy Sygaco & family - the seventh day of  novena prayer
8)       Dan and Mary Ruth Narvaez - the eighth day of  novena prayer
9)       Circulo de Dapitan in Illinois - the ninth day of  novena prayer

As what has always been,  the 9th day is always the celebrated one.  It was indeed a spectacular one, pointing it out mildly.  The mass was officiated by our beloved priests: Father Manny Recera, Father Manny Duterte and Father Rey Pardillada.
After the mass was the adoration to Senor Santiago,  Loudly, you can hear the patronizes hailing St James with , “Viva, Senor Santiago, Viva”.  The induction of new sets of
Circulo de Dapitanon, USA officials also took place. The newly inducted official is headed by  Elvira Cagbabanua Rudas  as President.

Induction of Officers - Inductee Fr. Manny Recera

The evening added an attraction where a HARA SA KINABAYO 2007 had to be chosen. Ms. Ana Victoria Bustaleño garnered an overwhelming lead and thus was crowned the HARA SA KINABAYO 2007 by by her parents Troy and Ma Lou Hamoy Bustaleno assisted by Hara sa Kinabayo 2006 Emily Samarinta. She was also presented with a sash by Marlon Bustaleño and Maribel Cunanan  and the bouquet of flowers was presented by Kristelle Cagbabanua. The first runner-up was Essa May Adasa dela

Ms. Ana Victoria  Bustaleño


3rd runner up Ms. Usame Villarino, 1st runner up  Ms. Ezza Adasa dela Cruz, Hara sa Kinabayo 2007 Ms. Ana Victoria Bustaleno, & Ms. Crizia Jalapadan 2nd runner up

Cruz and crowned by her parents Vicvic Adasa and Allan Olarte. The sash was presented by Demet and Mary Ann Nazario and the bouquet of flowers by Stephanie Hamoy. The 2nd runner up Maria Chrizia O. Jalapadan was crowned by her parents Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Jalapadan and the sash was presented by Mr. Noli Saldon and Mrs. Lucy Sygaco, the bouquet of flowers was presented by Ms. Keyselene Mata. The forth runner up  – Ms. Usa Mae Villarino was crowned by her parent Jimmy and Daisy Villarino, the sash was presented by Mr. Aurelio de Guzman and Mrs. Jocelyn Nalzaro, the bouquet of flowers was presented by Chelza Jalapadan.

Ms. Mari Kristine Adaza Miss Dapitan

Ms. Mari Kristine Adaza was also presented as Miss Dapitan candidate to the ZAMNAI ‘Miss Hudyaka Zanorte 2007’ which will be in December ZAMNAI Christmas Party. Mr. JR Moore Nalzaro was serenading the Hara sa Kinabayo and a  Pilipino dance was preformed by the Circulo de Dapitanon officers. There was also raffles towards the end of the program with 5 IPODS  given away and  5 Balikbayan boxes courtesy of Zugbu International.

When the last number  was called,  it was of course the dance for all.  The dance floor was filled with those dancing shoes  going with the beat and the rhythms  provided by the DJ until there was no more but hit the road.  Ah, what a night!!

IT WAS INDEED A MEMORABLE NIGHT FOR EVERYONE!!  “Viva, Senior Santiago, Viva”  (Daily Dipolognon)


Troy and Marilou Bustaleño crowned their daughter Tria as HARA SA KINABAYO 2007 at the recently concluded Senor Santiago fiesta patron saint of the City of Dapitan. Philippines, at Lone Tree Manor banquet hall.. Around 350 people attended the celebration some come all the way from New York just to attend the fiesta.




Father Manny Recera officiated the concelebration of the Mass together with Father Manny Duterte and Father Rey Pardillada as co celebrants


Adoration "VIVA SENOR SANTIAGO" movie


The final novena (9th)




in photo l to r: Rachel Artajo Adaza, Elvira Cagbabanua Rudas CDD President, Linda Lim and Evelyn Reyes Bonjoc


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