AUGUST 11, 2007


Augustus 'Ater' Sienes
Survived by his 2 sons Reyglenn & Ging and Remchile Sienes & Maryann
Grandchildren: Raprap, Annann, Dindin, Erika, Rhea and Riyan
Brothers and Sisters: Napoleon, Alexander+, Lerry, Douglas, & Suerte

In the picture: Lerry, Edith, Felinore and Suerte

From L to R: Reyglenn, Eddie Artajo, Lerry Cruz, Felinore Sienes,    , Suerte Sienes
Ben Esturco, Neria Relampagos, Rem Sienes and Maryann

The memorial was held at the residence of Jerome & Alice Sienes at  Lee Street, Skokie, Illinois

Mass and last day of the novena was performed and the mass was celebrated by Fr. Carlos Llagas of Cagayan de Oro diocese.

First reading performed by Felinore Sienes

Second reading by Ging Sienes
The communion..
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