Mary Delcy Adriatico Mallari and Cotillion Partner Kevin Trujillo.Mary or Ate Madel as fondly called by Aeia gave a great contribution to the event, an event planner in the making.

Seven footer John Maurer and Katherine Radasevich

Gregarious Rose Cherubims: Benedict Nazario Adriatico, Kristian Paul Adriatico Daarol, Adrian Maurel  Isip de Guzman, Clayton Hans Adriatico Labeau

Little Debutantes Arabella de Guzman Mallari and Allison Lauren Adriatico Labeau, who attended with parents Elcyd and Alma and Scott and Claire

Cyd Adriatico, Aeia's Mama Bebe pictured with Granddaughter, Arabella

 Elcyd Mallari,wife Alma and daughter, Arabella

Aeia's childhood friend, Althea de Guzman, the upcoming 2008 debutante.

Families brought together, the De Guzman's and the Mallari's

Mama Bebe and Tito Hector (Hector Fernandez), carrying Little Debutante Arabella, Aeia's Oak Brook Parents in her High School days when Mom and Dad were in Ohio. Mama Bebe is believed to be the culprit of Aeia's weight gain and considered a "cool" Aunt by Aeia's friends.
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