Dynamics of Mountaineering
By Ligaya B. Tomong

“Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but foot prints”, in other words, “Leave No Trace”. This is the mountaineer’s creed that is known worldwide and is the driving inspiration being pursued and put into practice by individuals engaged in mountaineering in Dipolog City.

Mountaineers religiously observed the said doctrine in order to preserve and conserve nature that they consider their second home next to their dwelling in the city.

Long before Dipolog Outdoors Society, Incorporated (DOS) was established in the city, there are already people who climbed to the mountains and enjoyed much peace and tranquility while in the forest under the big trees shelters. It was fate then that led them to meet with their fellow backpackers and outdoor lovers and found out that they are all tied in one aim which is to promote mountaineering not just to the youth but to all the people from all ages.

“Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but foot prints” - Mountaineer’s Creed.

DOS is composed of different unique individuals who worshiped going outdoors and was formally organized in 1997 and is now an accredited program and sports oriented group by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Registration Number G1997-00373.

Since then, DOS has have organized several expeditions in different parts of Dipolog as well as in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte and other nearby regions.

Mountaineers religiously observe strict discipline in order to preserve and conserve nature.

The group had gained a number of memberships and is currently growing day by day. To become a full-fledged member, the requirements are simple; one must undergo adventure trips with them, which they regard as one major climb and two minor climbs that the group will specifically distinguish. DOS Officials also clarified that the group is also after of the “attitude” and “good character” of the applicants in such a way that they can easily fit in with the other members of the group.

This years set of officers comprise Mr. Freger Reyes as President, Engr. Basil Gonzales as Vice President, Atty. Hans Barbaso as Treasurer, Mr. Alfredo Balisado as Secretary and Mr. Renan Agustin as Auditor.

In the month of February 2004, the group had organized a camping trip in Sitio Pamansalan, Barangay Diwan of the city of Dipolog, about 40 participants joined in the adventurous exercise.

Right after the Dipolog Outdoors Society, Incorporated was established in the city, they then realized their fate led them to aim one goal, which is to promote mountaineering not just to the youth but also to all the people from all ages.

After the campsite was set, DOS officers and members conducted their lecture on Mountaineering Dynamics. They openly proclaim their aim in organizing mountaineering, which is to discipline mountaineers that are responsible not only to the environment but to the locals and to themselves as well.

The group also shared their ideas to the participants based on their experiences in mountaineering for several years now with the strong belief that knowledge about the said sport should not be monopolized or controlled but rather be opened and released to everyone specially to those individuals who have passion towards it.

Photo shows Engr. Basil Gonzales hard at work in lecturing the “Climb Preparation” for the rappelling sport activity.

DOS members also discussed to the participants the Dynamics of Outdoor Skills which includes the four very important points such as “Climb Preparation” by Engr. Basil Gonzales, “Equipments” by Chevalier Dangcalan, “Trail Movement” by Renan Agustin and “Camp Management” by Carlo Amatong.

“Climb Preparation” is all about planning and organizing a climb and a healthy life style.  Mountaineers should live a very healthy lifestyle and must avoid drugs and smoking, mustn’t drink too much alcohol, have a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, must observe proper sleeping time and most of all he or she must be physically fit.

About 40 participants joined the February 2004 mountaineering trip that DOS organized in Sitio Pamansalan, Barangay Diwan of the city of Dipolog.

Engr. Gonzales said that when a certain group is planning for a climb, they must conduct a pre-climb meeting where they can discuss their objectives and their desired destination.

The group must tackle their purpose in going for a climb and they should agree among themselves if they will go there for fun, for exploration and simply to let their visitors enjoy the spectacular view of nature.

Familiarization to a target area is a key factor for a successful climb event, that is why they assemble an exploratory team that will survey the place by knowing every little detail such as the means of transportation, fare and even ask permission from the local leaders for safety.

There are a number of pointers that should be taken by a group who wish to venture into this kind of sport. Some of these pointers are kindly revealed by the DOS officers and their advice are; the group should ask for proper permission or official permits, the current peace and order situation in the area, if there are any available water source, the tracking distance, observation of terrain conditions and the itinerary should be based on the exploration to be conducted.

In any kind of climb organization there is a need for a team leader who will be the decision maker, a pacer, medics, trail watcher or the sweeper and the manpower that will put control points in the access routes.


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